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  1. What about fillers i know some were filled with bondo which doesn't hold up very well . How can you tell if bondo was used and is the only cure to sand it off .
  2. I offered this guy 2k for this “ project “ he said no he had a lot of people interested. No motor mount. https://jxn.craigslist.org/avo/d/horton-rutan-varieze-project/7371167034.html
  3. The bid is going up fast on that Varieze . I wonder if the bidders realize those are old photos when it was put together not the current state in pieces .
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324785527152?hash=item4b9eb9d970:g:pvQAAOSwmBthO8K1 this varieze has been for sale on craigslist forever . I even called the guy about a year ago. He is an A and P and says his wife wants him to get rid of it. I don't know what would be wrong that he can't sell it. If he is an A and P as he says why doesn't he put the wings on and do the conditional ?
  5. In north carolina craigslist only 250$ . Might need a pre-buy inspection 🤪
  6. Ratdog

    VariEze Trailering

    Seems like the sonerai has the best solution with folding wings that can be towed with the tail short distance behind the car .
  7. Can anyone tell me how practical it is to store a varieze off airport . I know rutan designed it so the wings come off easily . Is it practical to do that single handed if you have home made riggers etc . Can i hide it under a tarp in my garage so my wife doesnt know i have it ? 🤪
  8. How can you tell if a part has been alodine treated by lookin at it . ?
  9. How does a longeze preform with a 0290 particularly at high altitude 6000ft airports and 90 + temps .
  10. if you buy an uncompleted Varieze and you still have good access to these plates is there a recommended fix is to make them more durable ? is it just corrosion or is the design a little flawed . It sounds like a pretty dicey procedure with a lot of potential dead ends.
  11. Thanks marc . If i decide to bail out of this deal the worst i lose is a 300$ deposit. I need to know what you know about the corrosion . I dont see it in the photos on barnstormers of the wing roots but i dont really know what im looking for .
  12. Looks like I've bought this project . I will be transporting it on a 16 ft car trailer to Utah in a few weeks . Any advice on how to transport it would be welcome . Sounds like the "only thing wrong " is the nose wheel is completely taken apart and need to install a castering nose wheel which I presume comes with it .
  13. I read the circular many things seems confusing and contradictory. I found this “ Yes, you can purchase a partially built aircraft and complete it yourself and apply for an experimental amateur built airworthiness certificate.Just a couple of things to note: 1) Make sure the aircraft qualifies (51% rule) as an amateur built aircraft, and 2) that you receive construction records to include build photographs from the seller. With these records, you can continue on with the build documentation to show the FAA at the final inspection.Good build records makes it easier for the FAA to make an airworthiness determination. So basically if all that needs to be done ois to fit the cowling on and fire up the engine as long as there is a build log from the previous builder i can certify it in experimental category pass the faa inspection even if i know little about the build and test fly it myself . Then i need an a and p to do the yearly conditional but not the initial inspection or sign off any of my work ? What can you do with a project that has no build logs ?
  14. Im thinking of buying a specific Varieze project and Im confused about the 51% rule and all the B.S. that seems to swirl around the topic on the internet. This project is basically an unpainted airframe without an engine or instruments . I would be finishing the painting , instruments , control hookups ,engine mounting , interior etc. What do I do if I complete it and the FAA inspector says I didn't build enough of it . How can I register and test fly the aircraft and ultimately certify it. Some say the FAA interprets 51% as amateur built not necessarily built by me but built by another amateur . Does anyone know the real story .

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