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  1. I can tell you having "A/W" is a BIG requirement when looking at these planes!!! Along with a GOOD inspection by someone that knows what to look for (no matter how many hours on the plane!). Ask me how I know!
  2. we put a LOT of faith in Drs and Mechanics... They are human beings - and NOT always looking after their customer as much as they are looking after the thickness of their wallet (or usually worse - the way to pay off the debt that they have dug themselves into). Guess we all agree - do your homework and get second opinions (or third for tie breakers 😉 ) We live in the world of a LOT of data - we have to sift thru it to find the information relevent to our situation! (big fan of Mike Busch too! sometimes he does come across as being a bit overconfident - but I guess that is what experience and being in the lime light causes..) I know I wished I got second opinions (and listened to them) on some of MY bone head decisions!
  3. This study somewhat explains it https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1260/1756-8293.7.3.301
  4. I had thought of something like this to increase climb cooling - but retract for cruise for "normal" NACA behavior. I theorize that when NACA is hit by air in climb it actually turbulates the air and becomes a block of the opening and decreasing cooling efficiency in climb.... Hey - this is all speculation - but this picture does depict kinda what I was imagining (but having it articulate). M.
  5. I personally like the raffle method. Everyone interested throws in 50 bucks - and when 4000 are sold it gets random picked. This way one can "sell" an airplane for $200k - and the buyer only has to pay $50....
  6. You can get an N number for your motorcycle - just file for the reservation and then associate it to a "serial number". So FAA claims they have no records of ever seeing or reviewing for AW - I even tracked down the local FSDO that Rickey Wilson MIGHT of gotten it done - and no luck! Not trying to be deceitful - just trying to get a plane in the air... Want to warn anyone looking at a plane (like the one mentioned above without AW) - to NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS I !!! Plane must come with proper documents and proper chain of custody or expect "challenges". One can order full documentation for any plane on paper or a CD thru the FAA (it does not even have to be your plane!).
  7. Kent, I have gotten the title straightened out - the doctor signed over the 8050-2 and I have the plane now in my name. I talked w/ the FSDO after it was in my name. He asked if I was the original builder - I said "no". I explained that I had all the chain of custody indicating that their was an airworthy (or they would not have bought it and flown it!). It has been an uphill battle for sure! I have bought the latest "how to deal with the FAA" kit from EAA and have gotten guidance from them to "finish the plane" - "document everything you know" - "pray".... So, have been working on it (but not motivated because of the gap in build logs from before me to the raw materials). The current form requires names of people that built each part - with signature. (did I mention the original builder is no longer alive? 😞 ). FSDO is saying I have to PROVE that it was amateur built... I asked them "of all the Varieze that have ever been registered - have ANY _NOT_ been amateur built?" They said that is not proof. Burden lies me... Have been working on other peoples stuff and flying... Maybe I should just get back to this and finish it... roll the dice with what I have... (Find a DAR that is sympathetic to these experimental minds (might have one)).
  8. Kent - that is how i am struggling (still) with mine. Had been flying and passed hands 7 times - have flight aware dates and locations. No AW is no AW UNLESS FAA has it on file (which FAA shows "none"). Local fsdo said "might as well take a chainsaw to it".... Still not giving up - anyone have build pictures of their varieze that I can look at?
  9. I understand the FAA is working on a method to help keep these older GA planes "alive" by making new (affordable) equipment that we use in experimental - to be used in the GA aircraft (like glass panel and autopilot were examples that were given). I think this is one of the articles about it - https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=88746 I will look thru my notes to figure out what the codename for the project it and will be able to google it and get back...
  10. https://www.barnstormers.com/ad_detail.php?id=1484736&catid=18671
  11. So, what you are trying to say is that those deep gouges on the impellers and surfaces are not "normal"... I know a lot more about car engines than airplane engines - so when working on my O-200 - I have someone shadowing me and looking with experienced eyes. (but using your method of simple research of what new looks like - one SHOULD be able to pickup on the fact that there is something not quite bueno with what they had..!)
  12. No, I think I have heard of that place.... 😉
  13. You might have answered your own question... As "everyone" respected Burt and Puffer - all these others wish to have that same "revere". But nobody has come out a clear winner (they all have their merits - but the community has not aligned with any one). In our encouraged polarized world we live in - I think the midset is that it improves things... Ok - I have no idea - so I am going back to reading the CP and CSA and waiting for the registration challenges to get worked out on my bird before I go further...

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