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  1. mquinn6

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    You might have answered your own question... As "everyone" respected Burt and Puffer - all these others wish to have that same "revere". But nobody has come out a clear winner (they all have their merits - but the community has not aligned with any one). In our encouraged polarized world we live in - I think the midset is that it improves things... Ok - I have no idea - so I am going back to reading the CP and CSA and waiting for the registration challenges to get worked out on my bird before I go further...
  2. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Plane is doing the "cockroach"... Thanks Ken Larson and Alex Becker! They also pointed out several good things (additional to what Kent Ashton and others have on my _list_). Looks like canard elevator was MUCH too heavy. (note additional counterweight!). I was going to pull and balance all control surfaces - this is the only spot where I see "extra". On the plane the ailerons seem to be about right - but testing off is more correct. replace the standard pins with teflon sleave and pins. rudders did not seem to have a bend at the bottom - but it turns out - they are mushroomed and only bent at the top. Alex said many people are using short pins - and using roll pin keepers. I like that idea - but do not want to make mods that slow down first re-flight. All that can be done later - AFTER it flys again! Antenna wire was not RG59 (think) - but will need to test all my antenna - have a local member that has a meter. Too soon to plan the panel - but thinking about not putting in the Loran-C... (prob simple 6 pack and ipad) - K.I.S.S. Gear feel very solid - but to rewrap them - I gots ta cut the belly! Putting the lines down and checking it 100 times. do not want to cut the gear - nor the bulkhead - do not plan on deep plunging the saw (vibra saw). Stay tuned - much more fun to come!
  3. mquinn6

    Sales I've seen

    1983 LONG-EZ RG • $35,000 • FOR SALE • TTAF: 1585., Lycoming O-360 TSMOH: 1456.4, CATO propeller TT: 0 Selling as a project that is ready to be trailered, it only lacks the wiring for a new panel seen in the pictures. The airplane has several modification including retractable gear, nose extension, baggage pods, toe brakes, and new paint earlier this year. The new panel has already been cut out and includes Garmin GDU 375, Garmin GDU 370 AM, SL60, KT76C, and Trutrak GX Pilot. I have gotten to busy to finish the wiring on this airplane and this is the only reason I'm selling. Text or call for log books, information, and pictures • Contact Deven Mullins, Owner - located Locust Grove, GA USA • Telephone: 7707154378 • Posted November 1, 2018 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad • View Larger Pictures
  4. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Thanks Ron - I was up to CP 10 reading thru it (all). I recall something much later increasing 2 more layers (or more? each way due to the springy feeling and splaying when heavily loaded... I appreciate you finding this! I think it will be my next project.
  5. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Thanks for the visit and the look over Kent! It is good to have many eyes on it looking at everything. I remember people talking at RR about MLG layup schedule changed (article in either CP or CSA - but I thought it was only about additional layers to help prevent splaying when near gross. As you were walking around - the list I made was only a half page. I am certain once those are addressed - I will invite you down for further scrutiny - and buy you lunch at least! There are probably 1000 things that I would LIKE to make better - but my goal right now is to get it back in the air THEN start making is _my_ airplane.... Agree - closing the paper trail and getting "good" with FAA is going to be very important!
  6. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Ok, so after a cup of coffee, I realized I was trying to put the other project's wings on the plane... Opps! This worked out better...
  7. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Finally a non rainy day to fit the wings and see what the "big picture" looks like. I think the builder might have took liberties to make this for slower flying - the wing attach points look odd - maybe in one of the boxes is a mod to sweep the wings back like a tomcat in flight? (or maybe I need another cup of coffee....)
  8. mquinn6

    Bendix magneto noise in headset

    Congrats! I am glad you found it!
  9. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Thanks Marc. I have the 109 copies of CP that I am reading thru - I am also glad for any feedback for things people see that I NEED to address and the can flag everything to get a good plan in place. In this example - I would be reading thru - and find "drooping leading edge" is recommended... in an early CP edition, then later on "LE vortilons" trump that solution (for reasons of weight, performance, build effort, etc....) - which might not have been determined until edition, say 89 or so... I leverage the strength of those who have come before and higher precision slide rule..... ;-)
  10. mquinn6

    Bendix magneto noise in headset

    Robert, You also might want to check your wires to the spark plugs. I have seen where you will see a spark in the dark with the cowl off! Check your wire routing and make certain you have no "stray" sparks going on. Only way that I know to check noise is with an Oscilloscope - or a speaker like your headset ;-)
  11. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Per Klaus - he let me know that this bump out is a Rutan suggestion of LE Cuff. He said most builders put them on after wing build - and can be cut off and replaced with the LE Vortilons. I will also go with the TE vortilons as I feel that makes sense... Couple more things for the "to do" list.... (thank you Klaus!)
  12. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    First MAJOR modification found (I do not know why I did not see this earlier) - was rigging to put the wings on (you know, just because it is cool to see the plane in one piece). The builder did F4 LE vortilon (I am guessing)... Anyone know anything about THIS mod? (sorry for the lousy pict - will be putting more up this weekend. You can make it out as both wings are LE down - and you can see the bump out from about midway towards the tip (stops about 6-8" before the vertical fin).
  13. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Special thanks to David Orr who is helping me put some of the missing documentation together for me to baseline what I have. I appreciate people who when asked "X" - they find you the answer - AND they say "did you know about 'Y', 'Z', etc. " because one does not know what they do not know. I am still hunting for ANYONE with first hand knowledge of this plane (N350W). Without anything, I am going on the belief that it NEVER flew (even though there is evidence that it did ) - and am testing everything/anything to verify flyablility. This will include a FULL test flight regiment and documenting POH. I know I am pretty far away from this step, but want to instill that safety is on the top of my priorities list.
  14. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Well - got home (had to tend to another plane first) - but tried Marc's suggestion and lifted the whole plane and tried to move gear back and forth - no appreciable motion. then I mounted the bottoms of the struts and tried to move the fuselage - still pretty solid. will plan to flip the bird (over) - to cut the section of belly and naca inlet and retest gear/fuselage motion with a better way to measure motion as well as be able to see the bulkheads while all this is going on... Now on the list of to-do is to remove the gear is in the near future, cut off the ears, re-uni/bid (I like Ron's suggestion of full wrap - it is the right way). [Check] Raining and nasty out - good weather to read some CP and CSA news letters - and enjoy some tea. M.
  15. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    I also plan on doing the strake extensions for "elbow room" - and ran across this interesting article: https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/33980/what-part-of-the-f-18s-wing-profile-allows-for-high-aoa-flight Not that I want to change the flight characteristics of a tested plane - but curious if someone else has analyzed this beyond the "added 30 kts and increase my AOA by 20 degrees (but I have not finished my plane yet and flown it)".... I will decide to maybe forego any improvements like this until I get the game plan together to what it will take to get the bird back in the air.... It is the kind of scope creep that keeps people from flying!