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  1. mquinn6

    Re-do... part 2

    Nah Jon, moving out of the house and into the hanger... ­čśë I have a good size shop and right off my house and spend MANY hours in it now restoring classic/antique cars. I am fortunate to live 3 miles from my regular airport (but will be way too short to fly in/out of until a) I get REAL good at shorter takeoffs (and more important landings) with this slick plane b) cool temps (but know someone that is pretty active on a similar airport with a LongEZ (but he ONLY flys himself and not will full tanks and NEVER on a warm/hot day).. Probably a good thing that I do not have it in front of me - it gives me great time to read and learn. I know when I first get it - I am hopping in with the front level and making jet noises (probably for 4-5 hrs.).
  2. Ok, After a messed up situation of buying a LongEZ boat at OSH 2 years ago at the flymart - and then have someone STEAL it... I kept looking. Ran across a VariEze (the guy that sold me the LongEZ said he would keep his eye open for me - Thanks Trevor). Spent many days talking with the seller and getting as many picts as possible (the seller seemed to be pretty knowledgable about these birds and I felt he was not with holding anything. Took close up picts of things I asked for - as well as "issues" that he had found (and he wanted me to be aware of prior to buying). Know the wing attach concerns - hoping since the plane was completed in 95 - that the builder had taken extra precautions to ensure goodness in this area! Picts clearly show a coating - and zero corrosion. Will have a LOT of eyes on this when I get it to my shop to start the punch list! Have a guy in TX that does airplane parts hauling - and he said he will work me into his next trip up to my area (Charlotte). So if anyone needs anything from around the Dallas, TX area or somewhere between TX and Charlotte, NC let me know and I will get you in touch with him and we can share the transport costs! (and I can get my project sooner!). I will start a new thread and look forward to anyone providing feedback (and warnings!) as I get her back together. Thanks for having me!
  3. mquinn6

    Sales I've seen

    The previous owner was VERY concerned about this (he has only had this for 2 years). As the corrosion issues were really identified in 88 and this project completed in 94 - it appeared that the plates had been alodined and no surface corrosion on any parts. There did not appear to be any gaps in the glass around it. - and from all indicators this has been a central TX plane - and hangered its life (or so the story goes). I had him take a 1000 picts (not as good by far as up close) - and did jibe with what he had told me. Seller said he had it inspected before he bought it. I definitely plan on rounding up some of the local talent (pizza party) inspection once I actually get my hands on it to see EXACTLY what I have gotten myself into. (Kent Ashton lives close and I hope to involve his scrutinizing eyes for certain!). Thanks for the reminders of the limits! Would love to figure non-destructive testing (unlike https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cozy_builders/POwl1duvBOE) to get realistic numbers - but will comply with Uncle Burts limits unil that is possible! Yes - I fit. Have sat in Long and Vari and several variations. The seller was over 6' and weights more than I do and he fit comfortably in this.. (as each one can (is) built a LITTLE differently). I will start another thread to share progress and looking thru the forum, people are not shy to point out things that I may miss!
  4. mquinn6

    Sales I've seen

    Thanks Kent! I took the plunge on this one in Dallas. The guy was very friendly and helpful - he just realized he has so much other things in life happening that he will not get to it in this lifetime. if anyone has history on N350W - I would greatly appreciate it. Got the FAA generic stuff - even tried contacting prev owner (a Dr in TX). the fun begins (when my shipper gets it to me)
  5. mquinn6


    Better get more rudder - this will flat spin like a saucer with only one engine.