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  1. mquinn6

    VariEze Trailering

    @Ratdog - wings do come on and off easy - and just need a quick disconnect on wiring and single disconnect on rudder and aeleron... HOWEVER - without a GOOD wing support jig there is a good chance of damage of the connection point... Riggers would work - but I would not consider this a trailerable regular activity.
  2. Ah, Kent, you are playing with statistics (aka fire)..... 1% due to failed wing attach, maybe 40% due to pilot error or some other build (engine) problem... The "risk mitigation" is that if you can control what caused (in your example 2 in 100) by better inspecting, testing, or training... then you have LESSENED the risk... BUT, a known issue with known consequences NEEDING to be addressed (and seldom correctly done maybe?) is that .01-1% that Marc is concerned with...
  3. LOL Marc - when one cannot remember (realize) how great your life really has been - "midlife crisis" = makes up for that... Yours (maybe) happened when you left Scaled to do your own thing...? Per the risk thing - I think death rate of Covid is 30% (per CNN) of all US citizens and that is caused by just waking up in the morning and being alive - so 1% ain't bad... LOL!!!!!
  4. Sounds like Marc is getting ready to go thru his second mid life crisis and is thinking about buying a Vari.... LOL! My Vari was started in the 90s and this was a well known concern - they went thru great measure to protect/seal... I worry about it wicking of ACF-50 (it has some spectacular wicking ability - can put a dot on a sheet and it creeps on its own. Not sure of what that stuff does to resin... (I love it on my tin planes, cars, and motorcycles!).
  5. @Ratdog - best way to test alodined part that I found was with a multimeter (not visually) as far as a NDT
  6. before the internet - bbs - each had their own phone number!!! Still have my Mac Plus (and it still works) - and a 56k modem - if the internet ever goes down....
  7. 115hp was the ORIGINAL spec on the longez - Density altitude (assume mg is 30.15 and dp at 69.1) = +2000 ft so how well does the LongEZ perform (climb, takeoff or landing?) - would review this video Every airplane will be a bit different - but you can see thrust available drops a LOT - and lift is reduced a LOT.. So would test at different LONG airports on a particular plane (and in our case build the POH specific to that airplane)...
  8. Ok... looking at my current baffles and reading thru as much as I can - but nobody is really mentioning dumping our cool fresh air OVER HOT exhaust before going up to cool the cylinders. I have had some challenges with exhaust tape on some cars (rotting out the exhaust (even coated)) as well as degrading and putting fibres where I do not want....... What do others think?
  9. wonder what is going to happen to aviation when they finally discover the long term effects of covid-19? https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2013/07/09/200506488/after-fda-approval-drugmakers-often-miss-study-mark I was not aware that they required MRI after a melanoma removal... Lathering on more sunscreen.... M.
  10. Yeah, I talked to a guy that was selling a longez and he said he had bunch that had no idea what they were looking at - and landed up chewing up the guys time... I would suggest to put "educated interest only" (like someone who has actually read some of this site and knows what they might be getting into. Sellers complain that (like this listing is 14,000) - that they go "will you take $2,000? (and they have not even asked any questions or came out to look at it!)). And, at least he has the log for the engine 😉
  11. http://www.cozybuilders.org/Canard_Pusher/RAF_inspection.pdf the corrosion inspection is NOT trivial.. See above doc. the corrosion of concern in between the skin and the aluminum - so only real way to inspect is well... pretty challenging...
  12. Didn't Burt have all the VariEze grounded? LOL!
  13. Just imagine what it would look like on the end of a p encil!
  14. I bet there are a LOT of the EZ that have just sat and neglected to reregister - so the number from BMC could be off a bit. Would be nice to be able to get the "fell out of registration" list and ping them! I think people get excited and fly for a bit - then have other things come up in life (children, grandchildren, no-work, etc...) that puts a damper on their flying... then after a year or 5, they keep thinking they will get back into it - but there is no motivator. 😞 I am a fan of Mike Patey. They are working on a "program" to connect newer pilots to these "old farts" - and offer to partner - or rent their planes (with hope that this remotivates the "old farts" as well as brings joy to newer pilots). This would even help the "unable" "old farts" to get back in the air - share some war stories, and be a positive influence on a younger pilot. This idea also helps share the expense... as the EZ insurance is going up 30-50% (and probably going to continue to trend this way for the next unknown amount of time!). We have 3 planes at 28a that should be flying. I am connecting with them to find out the why - and the "hey, would you be interested in flying it again" movement with the above mentioned mindset... Think globally - act locally...

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