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  1. Just imagine what it would look like on the end of a p encil!
  2. I bet there are a LOT of the EZ that have just sat and neglected to reregister - so the number from BMC could be off a bit. Would be nice to be able to get the "fell out of registration" list and ping them! I think people get excited and fly for a bit - then have other things come up in life (children, grandchildren, no-work, etc...) that puts a damper on their flying... then after a year or 5, they keep thinking they will get back into it - but there is no motivator. 😞 I am a fan of Mike Patey. They are working on a "program" to connect newer pilots to these "old farts" - and offer to partner - or rent their planes (with hope that this remotivates the "old farts" as well as brings joy to newer pilots). This would even help the "unable" "old farts" to get back in the air - share some war stories, and be a positive influence on a younger pilot. This idea also helps share the expense... as the EZ insurance is going up 30-50% (and probably going to continue to trend this way for the next unknown amount of time!). We have 3 planes at 28a that should be flying. I am connecting with them to find out the why - and the "hey, would you be interested in flying it again" movement with the above mentioned mindset... Think globally - act locally...
  3. washing with purple power will turn aluminum to corrode in short order. Could have been a PO that washed it and did not get it all removed and sat their for weeks or longer! Even Simple green warns about using around aluminium - they have a special "aircraft" concoction that is "safe". M.
  4. I use the autoleveling laser. can set it above (or below to have less eye contact) and measure up with a story pole. can set it right up on the firewall or nose as it does a 360 projection (for those with tight hangers).
  5. Is that the GU canard on the first LongEZ? I pinged the guy in VA if he has "complete" build logs. Will let you know what the response is. It is a good price for how much work goes into that! Would want to weigh it to see if it is not over resined
  6. As I read thru this - I just saw a little old lady that could not see over the panel and just a tuft of blue grey hair visible from the side windows... (I am certain we have all driven our cars behind this view...). Glad she is ok. IF she was flying by the numbers (airspeed and decent rate (yes vsi has a lag time)) she should not have landed up like this. This is (should) be all configured well before final and the "view" is the only thing that she should have worried about. I suspect low airpeed causing geater decent rate - and exacerbated by pulling back on the yoke to "keep the view"... Just an armchair quarterback - but I think about this every flight I take (and I am not NEARLY as old and grey (yet)....
  7. A Vari WITH A/W... (sans engine) https://www.barnstormers.com/listing_images.php?id=1599238
  8. does look crude, but it has AW! LOL! Has at least one flight on record https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N345R and still "in good standings" with FAA https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/Search/NNumberResult but without build log books - one can only asses the build from the final layer. As Kent says "little crude"...
  9. Looks nice! If I was not ending my contract with BofA in 3 weeks I would consider going up and looking at it!
  10. I can tell you having "A/W" is a BIG requirement when looking at these planes!!! Along with a GOOD inspection by someone that knows what to look for (no matter how many hours on the plane!). Ask me how I know!
  11. we put a LOT of faith in Drs and Mechanics... They are human beings - and NOT always looking after their customer as much as they are looking after the thickness of their wallet (or usually worse - the way to pay off the debt that they have dug themselves into). Guess we all agree - do your homework and get second opinions (or third for tie breakers 😉 ) We live in the world of a LOT of data - we have to sift thru it to find the information relevent to our situation! (big fan of Mike Busch too! sometimes he does come across as being a bit overconfident - but I guess that is what experience and being in the lime light causes..) I know I wished I got second opinions (and listened to them) on some of MY bone head decisions!
  12. This study somewhat explains it https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1260/1756-8293.7.3.301
  13. I had thought of something like this to increase climb cooling - but retract for cruise for "normal" NACA behavior. I theorize that when NACA is hit by air in climb it actually turbulates the air and becomes a block of the opening and decreasing cooling efficiency in climb.... Hey - this is all speculation - but this picture does depict kinda what I was imagining (but having it articulate). M.
  14. I personally like the raffle method. Everyone interested throws in 50 bucks - and when 4000 are sold it gets random picked. This way one can "sell" an airplane for $200k - and the buyer only has to pay $50....

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