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  1. The berkut had a landing accident or something along that line that I can remember. The guy bought it after the incident. It just got out of Jetguys shop in TN for repairs only. The owner is an interesting individual. Not a canard guy and sees $$$ in my opinion.
  2. No place for politics. I did delete the book of faces from my phone today and its been a lot better. I too thought the world was coming to an end. Then I went to the airport, saw almost every hangar was open people being friendly and enjoying the nice day. Even went to home depot and noticed the same. Thought surely this is a fluke. Drove through my neighborhood and seen almost the same thing. People out doing yard work, waving and being friendly. Turn off your Facebook and news, and be kind to each other. Thanks kent for your updates, easy to get frustrated in this world. But turn it off and look for yourself. sincerely Jamie H.
  3. Just checked my email. I have people interested already. So I guess Im not too far off. Thanks for your concern Marc... Jamie Hicks
  4. Should have guess Marc would be the first to comment. People are funny how they are quick to condemn too. Are you going to condemn its a varieze too Marc? You could just ask questions instead of condemning everything. It has labels since that picture. The nose is only 10-12" longer than stock. It looks longer than it is. Extensive tests were done. What you don't see is the full lower winglets. The mgl is a great monitor. I put it in from other ez guys recommendations. Find another varieze this weight. Then redu the plane top to bottom. Then pay to have someone put a new nose, strake extensions, paint and panel. And tell me how your 25k you bought the origial varieze for is still a 25k airplane? Yes im asking 50. But I will also entertain offers. I have more than that in it. People deserve the right to post whatever price they are asking, just like Marc has a freedom of speech to act like an ass on a regular basis. Cordially Jamie Hicks
  5. Looking for a Vari eze flying or needing TLC. Email me and send me pics please. pilothicks@gmail.com

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