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  1. igubal® flange bearing EFOI This is good to know for future reference.
  2. I had never heard of this model until this accident. Facebook video of N13VT when new; https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=353970912332862 Kitplanes article It appears it offered in both piston and turbine, N13VT was a piston model. Accident report Velocity V-Twin, N13VT: Fatal accident occurred February 16, 2021 near Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport (KJVL), Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin
  3. I believe that's the one I bought a year or two ago. It's the same picture that I saved. I'm going to do lights as well, all LED and very basic electrical system. I haven't really done any planning/research but I'm considering a battery and solar panel, just like the original design.
  4. when an airplane was for sale the owner mailed pictures. I was going thru some boxes and found these photographs of a couple of Varieze's I inquired about thru Trade A Plane in the early 80's. I don't remember the exact prices, owners or locations but I believe the first ten pictures (polaroids) were of a Varieze in New Mexico and the owner was asking around $3500. for it. The last two I don't remember. If you know the planes/owners/history please reply.
  5. I'm in the market for a pair of CG control sticks, front and rear. I loath going thru the order process with CG. I just want to buy some sticks without download, print, reply, back and forth hassle.
  6. Looks like this one went down in the California desert after losing engine power. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/search?updated-max=2020-08-14T10:40:00-04:00&max-results=1&start=22&by-date=false https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Results.aspx?NNumbertxt=N2ZE
  7. 'Sticky Stuff Dispenser' Model SS-ADJ I bought it used from The Spaceship Company a year or so ago and completely rebuilt it. Not used since as I decided to dispense by weight rather than volume. Specs can be found here Michael Engineering Model SS-ADJ this pump is 100:17 - 65 ratio range (adjustable) pistons are 3/4" and 3/4" asking $175. plus shipping or local pickup in middle Tennessee
  8. As a former machinist these wing attachments would not be easy to fabricate. The setup would be time consuming and by the time all is said and done I'm guessing you would have $600. - $800. depending on the shop rate and material cost. I'm not saying it can't be done but you might as well make five or six pairs afterwards.
  9. Update; I got a voicemail from a product specialist at Endurance Technologies, he said to immerse the product in hot water and if it didn't return to a liquid that they would send me a replacement. So, I got a large pot of water to almost boiling and set the container in it for about 30 minutes, presto! it's as good as new. Lesson learned.
  10. I ordered 5 gallons of Ez Poxy and 1 1/2 gallons of hardener back in April of this year. I'm just now getting around to using it. I have three cans of hardener, two 83 (medium) and one 87 (slow). The 87 is for construction of the strakes. I opened the 87 can first and it had the same color and consistency as apple butter. It was about 60 degrees in the garage so I thought perhaps it just need to be warmed up. Then I get to looking at the label, it has a manufacture date of 2014...hmmm. I take it in the house and get the can nice and warm, still I could turn it upside down and the hardener will stay in the can. I pick up a can of 87 and shake it, the contents slosh around as in liquid form. I go to the manufacturers website, Endurance Technologies, it seems Ez Poxy has a shelf life of two years from date of manufacture, it's also stated on the pail of epoxy. The 5 gallon pail has no date of manufacture, just a "Lot" number. One can of 83 hardener has a date of manufacture of 11/30/16 and an expiration date of 11/30/17 (1 year ??) One can of 83 hardener has no dates at all. The can of 87 hardener has a manufacture date of 04/06/14 (no expiration date listed but assumed to be one year, right?) I contacted Aircraft Spruce the day before Thanksgiving via email, I was told a product specialist would contact me, four or five days later no contact. I followed up and Josh Solis contacted me, stated he was reaching out to Endurance Technologies for answers. He said the product was good for 1 year from date of shipment, sent me pictures of invoices and PO numbers where Aircraft Spruce had ordered the product from Endurance. He said it was my responsibility to verify product condition on receipt and so on and so forth. This was last Wednesday 11/29/17, still no answers. This is my position; The 87 hardener was 2 years expired when shipped, one can of 87 only had 7 months of useful (shelf) life remaining. I will take the hit if I have to and buy another can of hardener from Aircraft Spruce because I am committed to using EZ Poxy at this point but I doubt very seriously I will do business with Aircraft Spruce again. Am I right or wrong?
  11. I think that is a splendid idea. I joined the "Rutan LongEz and Varieze" Facebook group mainly to gather all the information possible. My gripe with Facebook is they run script every time I log in and after a few minutes my browsing slows to a crawl, like a dial up crawl. I have to recycle my browser to stop the script.
  12. This sounds like a raw deal at best and at worse a scam. If your group is so successful and wealthy why don't you just buy yourself a airplane? They can be had for as little as a measly $15k.
  13. Please contact me if you have one or know of someone that has one for sale. Thanks! dover1525 att net

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