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  1. BMC, Was there anything in particular that swayed you away from this particular bird and toward the one that you ended up buying? Rainey
  2. Im curious about TTA&E, asking $, and location... (I've not been indoctrinated into The Book of Face.) Thanks. Peace, Rainey
  3. I wonder if the engine was pickled on this thing? If it sat around all these years in an unpreserved state...
  4. Also on Barnstormers... RUTAN VARIEZE • $12,000 • FOR SALE • 1980's Rutan VariEze never flown. Continental 0-200 zero time engine. Excellent workmanship by a man in Phoenix, AZ although it now has some hangar rash/chipped paint. S/N 417, FAA Reg. N 5584K. Full panel but all older instruments. Transponder and Unicom. Needs weight and balance certificate and new propeller due to age. Located in West Odessa, Texas. Always hangared in very dry climates. Logs. Plans. Please call 307-331-2083 • Contact George Long , Owner - located Odessa, TX United States •Telephone: 3073312083 • Fax: 432-878-7648 • Posted April 9, 2020 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser• Recommend This Ad to a Friend •
  5. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this. I, too, even as a relative newbie to this realm was stunned that he was not more conversant about the spar corrosion issue. When I meet with him, I'll probe a bit deeper... about the spar issue and the missing logs. Marc, over the past year, as I've been reacquainting myself with the online aviation community, I've read a lot your posts in the canard forums and I was hoping that you would reply to this post. (As a matter of fact, a few months back, I was considering another aircraft and I had entered your contact info into my phone for a possible PB exam. I'm happy to read your 2-cents.) Yes indeed, I expected him to be a bit more cognizant about the wing issues especially. Now, thinking back on the conversation I had with the owner, when I pressed him a bit further on the spar corrosion... he told me that he was sure corrosion wasn't a problem on this aircraft. He told me that someone had "run a bore scope down there." I really didn't know what to think about his reply, (because I have no idea what sort of methodology would be employed to reveal the presence or absence of spar cap corrosion) so I just went into listening mode. And my questions begin to multiply as well. Stay tuned. Peace, Rainey
  6. I spoke with the owner and scheduled an appointment for me to give this bird a look later this week. Now to formulate a checklist of items to check and questions to ask... 😀 ☮️R
  7. Hi spoke to him a few days ago on the phone. Here are a few things that I took away from the conversation: 1986 build and approx 650 TT AF&E, C-90 engine, starter, empty weight 535, one of the mains had been damaged and repaired before he obtained the plane; And if I understood him correctly, he did not have the original logs for the aircraft. For the past year, he's been flying his RV, so the Eze did not get flown this summer. He told me me it hadn't been flown in a year; He also didn't seem to know anything about possible wing spar corrosion issues. In the next few days, I plan on going over and giving it a walk-around. Peace, Rainey
  8. Howdy, I got my private ticket in 1982 after watching my cousin piece together an Aeronica champ. One day i fueled up an Eze at the local airport, bummed a ride, and ive had the Rutan bug ever since. i accumulated about 500 h in various ga aircraft and stopped flying in 2000. I haven't flow in 20 years and I'm considering reconnecting. I think it would be really fun (and economical) to fly a VariEze from coast to coast. Peace, Rainey

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