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15 hours ago, prestonkavanagh said:

Cozy III with O-320 and log books, in Colorado

I'm not sure if this Cozy III project was previously listed here.  It flew for quite a few years, so it's probably better than it looks in the pictures - see this link:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TDXR4v6CWB-q50KdTmcnuDAkgNwMPmai?usp=sharing .  For more information, please reach out to Mr. Chad Graves at chadgraves7@icloud.com.  He shared with me that the widow will accept $20k.  

Perhaps he has more than one, as he accepted my offer two days ago!

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LONG EZ FOR SALE • $59,000 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • Well maintained and hangared Long EZ in Southern California. Lycoming O-235-L2C with electronic ignition and 519hrs SMOH. Cruises at ~140KTAS at 10K for ~6 gal/hr. Current condition inspection (Oct 23) and current Transponder/Pitot Static test (Dec 23). IFR capable with lots of redundancy. Avionics upgraded in 2019 - Garmin G5 with magnetometer, Val 429 VOR/LOC, MGL Extreme Mini EFIS with magnetometer, Trig 22 transponder with ADS-B Out, iPad mount, Sentry ADS-B in. Not installed but included parts - MGL iEFIS Explorer, autopilot actuators, nav radio. • Contact Daniel Alix , - located Redondo Beach, CA 90278 United States Telephone: 2032461471 • Posted February 4, 2024 

thumbnail_image_1884967_1_1707084424.jpeg?9439 thumbnail_image_1884967_2_1707084426.jpeg?4876 thumbnail_image_1884967_3_1707084429.jpeg?9556 thumbnail_image_1884967_4_1707084431.jpeg?9817 thumbnail_image_1884967_5_1707084433.jpeg?3432
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1999 COZY • $27,900 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • 1999 Cozy 318.3 TTSN Lycoming 0-320 4141.7 TTSN 1641.7 SMOH Sensenich propellor. Owner passed away in February 2023. Update 1-23-2024, log books found! Has airworthiness certificate.Last annual 8-23-2008, compressions 75, 76, 78, 76. Based at Colorado Space Port KCFO. $27,900 or Best offer • Contact Chad Graves , Broker - located Byers, CO 80103 United States Telephone: 303 946 6020 • 303 9466020 • Fax: 303 9466020 • Posted February 7, 2024
thumbnail_image_1879297_1_1704673576.jpeg?3607 thumbnail_image_1879297_2_1704673578.jpeg?9480 thumbnail_image_1879297_3_1704673581.jpeg?722 thumbnail_image_1879297_4_1704673583.jpeg?4153 thumbnail_image_1879297_5_1704673586.jpeg?8100
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On 9/30/2023 at 7:11 AM, zolotiyeruki said:

I don't know whether this one is new or not:

LONG-EZ PROJECT • $5,000 • PROJECT FOR SALE • GU canard, Task Strakes, Plans, Cleveland Brakes. Canopy was done with West Systems, bubble is green tinted. $5000 located in East Tennessee. • Contact Mac McEntire , Owner - located Kingsport, TN 37660 United States Telephone: 4237478140 • Posted September 29, 2023
thumbnail_image_1858757_1_1696012376.jpeg?7236 thumbnail_image_1858757_2_1696012378.jpeg?6545 thumbnail_image_1858757_3_1696012381.jpeg?8736 thumbnail_image_1858757_4_1696012384.jpeg?6319 thumbnail_image_1858757_5_1696012386.jpeg?6207

This one was just reposted.  Is anyone familiar with the builder or the build itself?  It looks like most of the fabrication work is done.  Wings haven't been drilled or mounted, winglets are built but not yet attached.

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LONG EZ • $69,500 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • 0-320 Long Ez with 10” Dynon Skyview Grt mini, Dynon xponder ads-b in/out elect retract. Paint/ 9 • Contact Robert Hutter , Owner - located Bayfield, CO 81122 United States Telephone: 970-769-7326 • Posted February 17, 2024
thumbnail_image_1887351_1_1708210139.jpeg?3225 thumbnail_image_1887351_2_1708210702.jpeg?9917 thumbnail_image_1887351_3_1708211663.jpeg?9079 thumbnail_image_1887351_4_1708212584.jpeg?5331 thumbnail_image_1887351_5_1708212585.jpeg?6954
1985 RUTAN LONG EZ • FOR SALE • 1100 Hours, 0-235-L2C, NACA cooling, wheel pants, kevlar cowling, not flown or maintained since 2006 • Contact Mark McHenry , Owner - located Mclean, VA 22102 United States Telephone: 7038627495 • Posted February 17, 2024
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