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B-52H Crash From My Squadron


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I posted this on a Piper Board this morning..I wanted to share with you guys.


Hey Guys, the B-52H that went down was my Squadron's. I saw them all 3 hours before they went down. I knew every guy very well and there are a million questions we have but no one to ask them too. Please pray for the Familes, from the Single guy to the ones with a 4 month old to the Wife that's 8 months pregnant. Thier families and us are in a postion our community hasn't been in for 14 years (our last crash). If you are a praying canard person I ask you to send some up for the 20th Bomb Squadron and the familes of the 6 Officers who lost thier life Monday. It means a lot that you guys actualy care, there are so many people who choose not to let things like this effect them in any way. The Price was very high Monday but we paid with some of our best. Here is some more info





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This is most terrible news. My prayers certainly go out to all the families and friends (yourself included).


A friend of mine was the only survivor of a B-52 crash in Alaska. They dumped their nuke in the ocean. (many years ago)

Mike LaFLeur - Cozy MkIV #1155

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Very sad, My prayers are with the families and friends;


I went through a very similiar incident when we lost an EC-135 that was departing Kirtland AFB, NM (1977). I Had a lot of close friends on that plane.



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I am sending some thoughts to the families as well. Even 10 years out of the service, as an ex-BUFF guy it still causes me pain when one goes down with the crew dogs in it. I hope they find the cause, they are damn safe machines, I came home in one that was on fire. Except for a minute or two of sucking the seat cushion, it ended up a non-event. Sleep in the light guys.

Fly smart - Fly safe

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I'll add mine to the sentiment. Hope to help one cope...

Self confessed Wingnut.

Now think about it...wouldn't you rather LIVE your life, rather than watch someone else's, on Reality T.V.?

Get up off that couch!!! =)


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