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  1. Very nice. And nice of you to do so. =) Boy, some pics of Franks BerkEze would be cool to the max as wallpaperz! I posted some here on the zone a while back. Thats a vote from me about a worthy aircraft...and those pics..wow..absolutely fantastic. If a guy could always SEE his retract equipped bird while he was flying it that would be reason enough to do them! Otherwise.....=/ Jacks amazing new bird will make your "cover" when he is up and flyin' it! =)
  2. Edge 513

    Day # 1

    Sounds like herding cats...maybe you should change your name First I have herd of (sorry, had to use that word) using plywood for bulkheads....kinds puts the word bulk in bulkhead...but hey who am I to say anything...I've got a 110# heavier engine....
  3. I think when Skyview fully fleshs out their features and can do what the GRT does at two-thirds the price...they will be untouchable. Is there anyone who sees a reason why they can't? I thought MGL was the 12" screen for me 2 years ago...built my tilted panel to accept it, glad the Skyview is the same depth. 90 percent sure I will go with them Additionally, I was kinda leery about the ease of use factor with the MGL Odessey and the reports on the SkyV are music to my ears...thanks for the review for those of us who didn't get to Oshkosh.
  4. Edge 513

    Day # 1

    Goatman. Contact Todd Silver for you custom canopy. You might want to ask him rgarding size and tallness. The taller it is the more abrupt the front of the bubble...so you should make it taller so you can lower the front and get a nice swoopy transition. IMHO. Btw..seems we could just as well say "fish-man" as goatman
  5. You might contact Steve Wright who is on the canard aviators mailing list. His StaggerEZE is a departure from the canard norm as I remember, and he had the info to determine his decision. FWIW.
  6. You goofball. I figured from the caption, you had misspelled Corona, and you did. I also figured you were saying you would be happy to help down somebodies frig full of Corona's... ...am I right? heee, Hawwww!
  7. Yea Chris, tell us your impressions. It looks great in pictures...only to get better and better. Time will tell, but I am sure interested in the Skyview system. In two years it should be fully hatched and flying all the feathers.
  8. How about 3/8" divinylcell...I need about 480.00 of that according to ACS? I'd like to spend less if possible. =) Anybody know of a "Foam-R-Us store or "Foam Depot" out there???????????
  9. Looks kinda like micro slurry under the BID.
  10. I like Marc's point about Beagle's value in selecting a worthy canard. Would you buy a yacht without a valuable and comprehensive survey? Beagle has steered some away from troublesome choices, or at least informed the buyer of what they were looking at. After that the buyer has the informed decision. I dont know if "a little diligence and research" is maybe comprehensive enough to formulate a REALLY good profile of the DETAILS in a high performance canard type aircraft, but maybe for some it is. Just an observation.
  11. Theres a really nice guy at Jacks airfield that has a Cozy IV running the 6.0 tires. I am hoping Jack will chime in with what kind of pant the guy has on his plane. I remember they look like widened Featherlight wheelpants to me. Personally, i think the FWP are really shaped attractively. I recently asked if anyone on the mailing list knew of a major aero difference between the Klaus wheelpants design and the FPW design, but nobody answered. It wouldnt be any big deal to widen some existing pants at all. Theres a lot of handwork fitting and mounting pants anyway. Whats a little bit more work to get them custom to your liking? NBD. The "big double puck Clevelands" dont absorb the kinetic energy that the Matco's do. And the Matco's are attractively priced, I think for a 3 puck brake. My .02
  12. I like Bill's leg fairings. Very nice. Now about wheelpantz. Does anybody know if the Featherlight wheelpants are much slower than Klaus' pressure recovery pants? Sorry to hijack a bit. Search the forum back posts. Marc, as I recall, brought up some very good points about many Vari's flying over designer gross in the past.
  13. The BEST Bill. Just the Best. You have a real talent at articulating the feeling and thought of the experience, and the reverence for those, and those things great. Thank you.
  14. I have a pair of Featherlight cowls that I need to sell, since I have realized I just need to build custom ones, rather than try to cut and paste them into fitting my 540. Perfect condition. Cozy Mark IV top and bottom cowls. Contact me at 831-392-5300 to discuss.
  15. I was just looking at those pictures of Franks plane again a moment ago. And there just is no denying it. That airplane is the sexiest looking plane with a prop on it, bar none. No danglies look so fassssst. The baggage podz are part of that "snarky look". I dont think this thread should go on about the Igear aspect. Frank got his working great and that is super. Please guys take the bones that you are picking and pick at them over in another corner.
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