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  1. AeroCad now says they will build some wheel pants for the 15/6:00x6 tires. I plan on waiting for those.
  2. The intake tubes wouldn't fit and I had to make bumps for them. I think the C1C has different tubes. I also had to make an adjustment for the fuel servo and air filter. If it were on the other end of the manifold I wouldn't have needed to do that. I used the plenum from Velocity and had to make a big bump on the left top for that. The C1C would have worked better
  3. Lynn, I guess Jeff Russell called for that on the AeroCanard to get lots of braking. It's got big double pluck Clevelands. I think Grove has some pretty hefty 5:00x5's now and I might have gone with them if they had been available when I bought the 15/6:00x6's. I bought some 6:00x6 wheel pants from Sam's Aircraft. They make the small Lamb size, regular 5:00x5 and the 6:00x6's. Gary Hertzler designed them and they are reasonably priced. The ones I got are huge however. I think I will put them on until I find something a little smaller. I got the airplane painted now I've got to sell the LongEz to buy all the Avionics. I wonder if mine will be the first SX flying. John
  4. Zolatone doesn't need a primer on glass but it does last longer if you put a clear coat over it. Lasted 14 years on my LongEz. Using it again on my AeroCanard. It is really the best way and yu need a pressure pot to spray it.
  5. We just painted the fuselage and wings on my SX AeroCanard. We will paint the top and canard this week, hopefully. Is anyone else close to finishing an SX? I have an IO-360 A1A mounted. The cowl doesn't fit that engine very well and I had to make some bumps on it. I think a C1C engine would fit better. It would have the fuel servo toward the firewall. Also on the A1A the intake tubes hang down a lot and I had to have bumps for them. Now I have to prepare my LongEz to sell so I can afford to buy some radios and an EFIS etc. I have a Herzler prop.
  6. Does anyone have wheelpants on their AeroCanard 15/6;00x6 wheels? I was told by Sam James of Holy Cowls to split a 5.00x5 wp and add the necessary spacer in the middle. Sounds like a lot of work to me. He has 6.00x6 WP but says they are just enormous.
  7. I am building an AeroCanard with a IO-360 and I am using the Velocity plenum and two Naca type ducts on top to feed it. I didn't have room to make a real Naca so mine are shorter and steeper 12degree floor. I opened up the front to 3 " to try to get more air. We'll see how it all works. Sorry I have picts but can't seem to attach them.
  8. I've tried flying my O-320 Long Ez from a grass strip and it's just not a good experience. You get a lot of drag from the grass and basically have to bounce the nose to get it into the air. There is no prop blast to raise the nose with the elevator. Get another airplane if you only have grass.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I also talked to Todd and of course he says he can't make it. However he will make the side windows for me at a big savings. I have a completed FG top with all glass in and Al is going to trade it for the SX top and I buy the glass. The folks in Calif that make the fancy W/S claim theirs doesn't stink and is made with "aviation glass". I'm a little tall and used to flying airplanes with bathrooms and kitchens so I like all the room I can afford. I do hate to redo the top though.
  10. I'm thinking of trading in my FG top for a SX top. It looks like it will have more side to side head room and more height also. Al says the same. It could be a bit more draggy. Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. I think Rutan's airfoil guru is the one that came up with it. I've got one so I'm one that is all for it.
  12. I don't know how many are being built but I for one am building the kit. I have all the big parts done. The fuselage is on the gear and I have rebuilt and pumped up an IO-360 hopefully to about 220 HP. I also have a Siver Bullet prop. Just finishing up a hangar and house and hope to get back to work on it in a month. I'm at Mt Royal Airpark south of Palatka, Fl. I'm flying a Long Ez I built.
  13. I'm building the AeroCanard from the kit and it has been a good experience. Jeff has been very helpful and available. I built a LongEz before this. The AeroCanard has a little more room and I figure the more the better. It really doesn't mean any more work. I wouldn't even bother with the Cozy plans. You're going to spend enough money as it is what with CNX80, EFIS, Auto pilot etc. You know your going to want all that stuff.
  14. Wil, I, too, am building an AeroCanard. I'm building from the kit and have most of the big pieces done. I'm moving now and will build a house and hangar to complete the project. This will put me out of commission for a few months though. I'm in Ft Lauderdale now and I am moving to Welaka, Fl which is about an hour drive south of Jax.
  15. It's not really too complicated. . Al at AeroCad is going to set up facilities to make the AeroCanard kit. I believe he is an engineer at Boeing, so he should do it right. Jeff at AeroCad/2 is going to provide technical support and sell the plans to build an AeroCanard from plans. If you want a kit call Al. If you want advice or the complete plans call Jeff. I'm saying "complete plans" because as you all know the plans are available on his web site minus the templates. When you buy a printed set of the plans from Jeff you get the templates and his support in building the airplane. I think I should get on the payroll here?? I just want to see the AeroCanard continue. We are a small group right now.
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