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Picked Up My Cozy MK IV

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I just trailered a Cozy from Minnesota to Allentown

Not a trip for the faint of heart,  Snowed most of the way.

Basically rolled the Cozy  onto the trailer on   its wheels  and tied  it down built a few little jigs to hold the canard and the wings tied them down and rolled down the road took most of the day to set of the trailer and load .

I did not get permits I tried most started were very cooperative they are not expensive top 25.00 but PA just said they cant help me so I decided to roll the dice this  did not present a problem, Pennsylvania gave us a little bit of a hard time but eventually let us go. if you ae sweating it go for it but you wont need it passed plenty of cops on the way with no issue 

The worst part of the trip was Chicago there was tons of traffic (1PM Sunday)  and drivers weren't very cooperative  don't go through Chicago at any costs avoid that city 

FYI all toll booths  have an extra wide toll lane at the far right, even if its closed go there and get somebody n to let you through 

after almost 1200 miles of driving got a little trailer rash on one of the wings but otherwise unscathed 

Hope I never have to to do that again but it was an epic journey and thanks to all that helped  out 







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True it’s a little rough but it’s all there and it has been flown 55 hours 

Im gonna do a little bit of work and fly it as much as possible needs mostly finish work 

everything works on the plane 

once I fly it a bit I’m thinking at least 100 hours it’ll get finish panel and paint 

got it cleaned up a bit and it’s in my garage now 







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4 hours ago, Evan said:

Im gonna do a little bit of work and fly it as much as possible needs mostly finish work

everything works on the plane

Ummm, I'm pretty sure you were informed that the engine needs a rebuild - that there's substantial corrosion inside, right? There's no way you should fly that engine in it's current condition. And that corrosion was diagnosed a couple of years ago, so it can only have gotten worse (corrosion never fixes itself...).

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I still setting up the garage 

I am putting heat in and better lighting 

I am pulling a cylinder first apparently the story is a cylinder was pulled and they borescope they had didn't work so the mechanic said he felt rust on the cam.


I will inspect myself along with a friend of mine that  works directly for Lycoming as a service tech  aircraft mechanic, I'm in good hands 


thanks for worrying about me Marc 


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