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  1. Ryszard had Tracey Martin at the Oshkosh presentation. She helped me get my VariEze insurance. Tracey Martin Agent, Private Pilot Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) P.O. BOX 32 | Frederick, MD 21705 Ph 301-682-6200 | Fax 301-682-9793 tmartin@air-pros.com | www.air-pros.com
  2. Sean, I would suggest that before you take anything apart, find someone experienced close to you that may be able to take a look in person. You may permanently damage good parts. I put my VariEze on a trailer and took it down to Covington, TN to the Jet Guys. Robert Harris and his crew went through everything and we made few modifications. My VariEze had been sitting for 16 years. If I would have been closer to Marc Z., I would have taken it there. I visited Marc in the summer of 2020 at his hangar in Tehachapi. I learned A LOT in a short visit with him. This was a few months prior to me taking it to Covington and getting it back in the air. Good luck!
  3. I believe most that have a battery in a VariEze have it installed in the nose. I added a starter to mine along with some other components in the engine area. The battery helps for balance. My battery sits on the flat parts of the NG30 nose gear supports. I have an aluminum strap that bolts into NG30 that wrap around the battery to secure it. I made an extension off that strap and mounted my ADS-B out TailBeacon to it. Yes, the ADS-B is INSIDE my fuselage and works great transmitting through the skins.
  4. Looks great Owen! I am in the refurbishment stages of a Long-Ez with an O-290-D2. It had flown for 1200 hours when I bought it late last year but it needed some serious TLC. It is completely stripped down of all components right now and we are getting ready to flip it and sturdy up the landing gear assembly. Once done with that we are going to refinish the exterior. The engine will go back on with all new wiring, hoses, cooling, panel work, etc. Here's the link to my earlier posts: Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  5. As of last night, there were 4 Long-Ezs, my VariEze, and a Defiant on Ez-Street. We met Rick Hall (Cozy) & Ray Parker (Long-Ez) in HBC, and another Cozy and a Stagger-Ez was there too. Ken Swain had his VariEze in the showplane parking area, and another Long-Ez near him. We spotted another Cozy rolling to the North 40. I am planning to capture pics of all we can find throughout the week.
  6. Back to the Oshkosh topic... I flew in yesterday. This was the first time N40LC made it back to Oshkosh since 1988 when the building, Lynn Coltharp, flew it in.
  7. I bought/installed the Fresno kit as well last year. The rubber is much harder than the Lord mounts. They are just using the standard Continental rubber mounts and including the other parts, but calling them Lord.
  8. Yes, I have one with over 600 hours. I think you will find a large % of VariEze's were O-200A.
  9. I had a work trip in TX this week at Ellington (KEFD). This is the home base for RAFE. Ryszard was out of town, but I connected with Richard Sessions (Cozy 3) who gave me a tour of the RAFE hangar and his hangar. Great to see several canards while on the road!
  10. Many of you may already know this... Ryszard Zadow provided me some information for Oshkosh EZ parking. He indicated to go to "EZ Street" (make a sign), to park your EZ with others for display. It is located between the homebuilder building and warbirds. I attached a 2019 aerial pic of the location. Everyone bring your Ez and let's fill up that area. I will be arriving with my VariEze (N40LC) on Thursday the 22nd.
  11. I was right about the same time in Cherokees and Cessnas when I flew my VariEze for the first time last November. I spent time in Covington,TN flying with Ryszard Zadow in the Speed Canard to learn. This was the best money spent in the entire process. I now have about 30 hours in the Varieze since November. So much fun to fly!
  12. I had to remove my roll trim servo. The long side of the control horn broke off and I couldn't get enough throw from the short side. The center attaching screw would not come out. It just kept spinning and spinning. I had to split the control horn to remove it with the hopes that I would be able to use pliers to put some downward pressure on the screw while rotating. No luck. The servo was working great. It had been in place for 40+ years. As most know, the servo is embedded in the foam between the top and bottom skin layers. There is no quick way to remove/replace it. I had to perform some surgery to extract the servo. I have it out now. I am going to stick with the RC servo design, but I am going to make a removable cover to access it. I will post my update when completed.
  13. Some weekend Long-Ez progress in removing the engine, remaining accessories, and wiring. This Ez has 30 years of tweaks and changes that created additional holes, wiring, and quick fixes. We will be patching up openings and cleaning up as we go. The Electroair ignition system shown is an original model from the early 90's. It still worked extremely well with a very smooth running O-290-D2 before we started the rework. The next step is removing the canopy and flipping it over to work on the main gear.
  14. Hi Jake, are you based at KRST? I would love to connect and see your Ez. I am at KLVN.
  15. Under $20K. Aside from less-than-desirable bodywork and paint, it had the electric nose lift, electric elevator trim, electric speed brake, ADSB-Out, Catco 3-blde prop, recent carb and mag overhauls. The former owner was a retiring A&P and documented all the work and upgrades very well. He was still actively flying it up until I bought it and put 1200 hours on it over 30 years. I found a few things that I discussed with him that were not show-stoppers, but I felt needed attention before I would be comfortable putting decent hours on it. The deals are out there if you can assess the condition well enough and be ready to buy. I know that the less-featured (& lower cost) Ez's get ALOT of tire-kickers. If I am fairly certain I am buying, I show up with the trailer and then negotiate based on findings. I am not an expert on inspecting, but confident enough to analyze if there are any major issues. I know that I will be doing a full strip-down when I get started. If I was looking at buying and immediately flying, I would go at it with different approach using the guys who do have the expertise to do a pre-buy (Marc Zeitlin, Robert Harris, etc.). These planes would probably be on a higher cost scale and may not need much work to continue flying. I purchased both of mine as projects, knowing I would be digging down deep and replacing/rebuilding a good portion of the systems and doing significant work on them. I was lucky in that both the VariEze and Long-Ez were very well documented, and I was able to talk directly with the original builders who had also put all the flying hours on them. You will be surprised where you find Ez's hiding. If you are at an airport, just start asking the older guys about them. Somebody will eventually know a guy who used to have one, etc. I have been at my airport for 13 years and NEVER saw an EZ there. Two months ago, I found a 250 hour Oshkosh award winning Cozy 3, that has sat un-flying for 20 years just two hangars away from mine. I found the owner who lives out of the country, have moved it to my hangar to clean it up and store it for him, and am now negotiating to buy it. The engine likely needs a rebuild, but the rest of the plane is in incredible condition. The picture below shows my VariEze and the Cozy.

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