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  1. My son is graduating in May with an Aerospace Engineering degree and he worked as an intern at Scaled Composites this past summer. He really enjoyed the experience designing and working with the composite projects while there. This is a perfect project Ez we can go through and refurbish. It is a flying Long-Ez with 1200 hours. The previous owner has helped a friend build a Long-Ez in the 80's. He decided to start one as well, but decided getting it in the air was more important than the fine details of bodywork. We will work though it as I did with the VariEze to clean it up and update as needed. My son has his pilot's license too, so I am sure he will claim one of them eventually. 🙂
  2. Just two weeks after the completion of the restoration and flying of my VariEze (N40LC), I decided I needed to find another canard. I brought this Long-Ez home yesterday and will begin sanding for a restoration this weekend. It had been flown 1200 hours and has many desirable extras. I'll post updates as I get into it.
  3. I received this from the seller. Seems like a great VariEze for the price! Yellow Varieze N650LB $21,500 Cash 1368.0 hrs on Airframe with current annual 394.1 hrs on Lycoming 0-235 L2C since major overhaul by Premier Aircraft in Troutdale OR (I have paper work for overhaul) 994.4 hrs on cylinders since new 211.4 hrs on Catto prop (2700 on climb out) 949.5 hrs on Hertzler prop (cruise prop 164 mph true @ 2500) 2500 on climb out 207.1 hrs run on Older wooden climb prop which I ran for test hours and first hrs on plane Last flown on Oct 30, 2020 I have had the plane to 206 mph straight and level, and 240 mph in a descent. Trio Auto pilot - wing leveler AND altitude hold, climb, and descend also. Icom A200 radio with internal intercom Two light speed headsets. One never used. Transponder - Garmin GTX327 Heat muff on right exhaust. Heats pilot area fairly well. Not sure on back seat heat. Rear stick not currently in plane but slips on for passenger use. Landing light Position lights Electric Primer - use boost pumps to prime for 4 seconds Electric starter Mags on engine 394.1 hrs Impulse mag 4371 SN - 13090222 Right mag 4370 SN - 13071730 EGT gauge sticks at zero - need to tap it and then works fine Fresh oil change Compression check - all in the 70’s / 80 Brakes are ok Tires are ok Oxygen tank holder is on back of pilot seat Garmin 196 runs the autopilot Auxiliary fuel tank with new aux fuel pump. Easy removal. Seat belt holds it in. Plugs into cig lighter socket for power to boost pump & fuel gauge. Aux tank holds 23 gallon, special shape to keep correct CG empty or full. I usually run premium no alcohol auto gas in it. Oxygen system with two canulas, oxygen bottles, and filler hose. Folding bicycle that fits in the back seat when the aux tank or passenger is not in there. Seat belt holds it in place. Mag timer & compression tester Two stands that go under wings to support plane when working on brakes, tires, bearings, etc. Back up mags that work fine. Hours unknown. Impulse mag 4371 SN - 05041437 Right mag 4370 SN - 04060242
  4. I started my trip back to MN today. Flew from Covington, TN (M04) to Washington, MO (KFYG) to Ames, IA (KAMW). Visiting my son tonight, then headed to KLVN in the morning. These are unbelievable flying machines. It will be tough to get back into my Cherokee 140.
  5. And a landing. Not great, but down safely and no parts fell off. This was my 5th solo landing. landing.mp4
  6. Short in-flight video. Very fun to fly this thing! in_cockpit.mp4
  7. Flew my VariEze solo today for the first time. What a rush! All of my 350 hours of flying experience is in Cessna 172's and Cherokee 140's. It was a natural transition to the VariEze from the RAFE Speed Canard. I completed 6 hours of training from RAFE founder Ryszard Zadow. The attached picture is Ryszard congratulating me after my landing. I will upload a few videos in the coming days.
  8. IT FLIES! After 10+ years, N40LC took to the skies again today piloted by RAFE founder, Ryszard Zadow. Ryszard reported that if flew great with no major issues. It was very exciting to see it in the air after 10 months of work getting it ready for it's "2nd" first flight. N40LC has 570 hours on it from the original builder, Lynn Coltharp. It's last flight was in 2009. All systems checked out well and tomorrow I will take it up for my first solo in a canard. I have been training with Ryszard in the Speed Canard for about 6 hours. I will report back on the experience! N40LC_Takeoff.mp4
  9. Let me know when you plan to load it up. I can come help. I am a short distance from KFCM. I trailered my Varieze to the Jet Guys (Robert Harris and crew) in Covington, TN last week and spent a few days there doing some upgrades, the condition inspection, and transition flying training with Ryszard. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience there. Also tons of parts. Good resource for the midwest area canards.
  10. My Trip to Covington, TN (Jet Guys & RAFE) This will be a little long, but I think the detail will be good for new Ez owners who may want some insight on the resources available before/after you make your purchase. Jet Guys I connected with Robert Harris at Jet Guys last November when I had narrowed my research down to 2 VariEze's for sale. In the first conversation, I knew that I was talking with someone VERY familiar with canard aircraft. He gave me good advice on what to look for and offered feedback on the flying qualities of all the various canard models. I purchased the Lynn Coltharp VariEze (N40LC) in December of 2019. My plan was to complete all changes I desired in the remaining winter months and then get it down to Robert and his crew for a full inspection and condition inspection in the Spring. COVID-19 altered the plans for the spring and the summer months flew by fast. I was finally able to trailer it down to Covington last week and spend 3 days working with Robert, Mike, Steve, Bob, & Ryszard. I received a tremendous education! The Jet Guys are methodical in their inspection process and pointed out a few items that I needed to consider. We added heat shields to the brakes/gear legs and swapped out my original push-bar landing system with the wormgear mechanism. All other systems were inspected and adjusted as needed. I assisted with all tasks to continue learning about my VariEze and absorb all knowledge I could from these guys. They all fly Ez's and have been working on them for many, many years. In addition, they almost guaranteed to have or be able to make ANY part you need for your aircraft. Mike fabricated a few bushings, brackets, and linkage plates quickly when needed. My VariEze had been painted just before I purchased, and I had added several items in the engine area (starter, remote data box, etc.). It needed control surface rebalancing a new weight and balance. Robert, Mike, Bob, and I went through this process. Empty weight was 713 pounds, but needed an additional 22 pounds in the nose for balance (in the first-flight performance box). After just 2.5 days, we had completed all tasks and the plane was ready to go for it's "new" first flight. RAFE If you are a new Ez pilot, you need to go fly with Ryszard Zadow at RAFE. Aside from his great restorations of donated Rutan aircraft, he is a tremendous flight instructor. All of my 350 hours of flying time has been in a Cherkoee 140 or Cessna 172. I decided before purchasing my V.E. that I would not attempt to fly it without proper instruction. Ryszard uses the Gyroflug Speed Canard as the training plane. It has dual front/back controls. Ryszard worked with me to change my style of flying to be a safer pilot, especially in the pattern. Ryszard, as a former military pilot and now commercial pilot, stressed the verbal announcement of the checklist items (even when solo) at all critical portions during takeoff and landing. I was a little rough at the landings. With an approach speed of 80-85 knots all the way down to 1" above the touchdown zone, it was a bit different than the Cherokee. It took me 10-12 landings before I could grasp what is needed. I still need more training before I will fly my VariEze, and our plan is to connect in mid-to-late October to cleanup my rough spots. My VariEze will be flown by Ryszard at that time as well on a test flight to shake out any adjustments. He will be able to relate the differences to expect when I go for the first time (hopefully) on that visit. Conclusion It can be tempting to go at this alone without help or instruction. Many (or most) have done this with no issue. I had to trailer my VariEze 12+ hours from MN to TN to make this happen. I never questioned the value of it prior to going, and now after the fact, I realize it was the most important money I spent overall for this plane. If you go to Covington, you will see a minimum of 20-30 Ez's in various states: parts, in-construction, rebuilding, or completed flying examples. Every hangar door that opened contained several Ez's. For a a person who is absorbed in wanting to learn everything I can, it was an extremely valuable experience. And as a bonus, you will work with some of the nicest guys you will ever meet.
  11. Hi Tristan, I bought a VariEze in December and have been reworking it over the spring & summer. You should get some good feedback on here with this question. I can give you the key items I was told to check in terms of the airframe: 1. Wing attach fitting corrosion. 2. Main gear leg stiffness (have to lift both wheels off the ground to check this). 3. Weight. From there the rest is similar to any plane (engine, panel, control cables/rods), etc. There is A LOT of information in this forum under the VariEze section: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/forum/305-varieze/ It's suggested to download and read through all CP's (canard pushers) in regards to the VariEze. I spent a considerable amount of time researching before I visited a few VariEze's for sale. I believe I found a very good build (also completed in 1980) with 570 hours. The previous owner had kept ALL documentation, receipts, pictures, and notes of his project. Good luck in your search! Brian
  12. A couple of VariEze's on Barnstormers: https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1602493-Varieze.html I sent a message asking for pictures but no response. https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1599238-Varieze-Project.html This one is fairly close to me so I went to have a look a few weeks ago. Looks to be in decent shape from a construction standpoint. I couldn't check the main gear stability. Could be a good base, needing engine, panel, electrical, etc. Registration is N6411Z.
  13. Evan, I believe this is still available. It is a short distance away from me here in MN, and I checked it out last November. I believe Marc Z. has some background on it too. I was considering it, but decided on a VariEze instead.

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