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  1. RAFE has both a Cozy and a standard category dual-control tandem canard, the Gyroflug Speed Canard. I trained the Speed Canard with Ryszard Zadow of RAFE before my first flight in my VariEze. I was only a 350-hour pilot and transitioned without issue. https://www.rutanaircraftflyingexperience.org/canard-flight-academy
  2. The RAFE crew have been working on a donated VariViggen since 2019. It had its first flight recently. They are planning to get it to Oshkosh which will be 50 years since Burt brought his first VV. https://www.rutanaircraftflyingexperience.org/post/lady-vi-flies?utm_campaign=7ef949a8-22d6-4956-9905-d1623b4451ba&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=bb9e2642-e6ca-4e9b-9c6c-4a149d452ef0 777b83_01e2808c7b2542f789cf36537c6b1777_mv2.webp
  3. RAFE, Ryszard Zadow. rutanaircraftflyingexperience.org Great instruction. I flew 5 hours with him, then transitioned to my VariEze without issue. I was a 350 hour pilot In a Cherokee 140 and Cessna 172. It is a different experience flying a canard, but very exciting!
  4. Here's the post from the forum: "The O-200 has an odd carburetor spider mounting arrangement. If it's not assembled correctly, rough running and big RPM loss is possible. We've dealt with this before. Here's what I have posted many times: The Continental O-200, as you have in your 150, has a carb "spider" intake manifold. The carb bolts to it and it, in turn, is bolted to the crankcase. The O-200 is different from its older A-and C-series granddaddy engines in that the spider is mounted loosely on the case studs, with special "Lock-O-Seal" washers on the studs between the case and spider and between the spider and castellated retaining nuts. These washers are metal with a rubber insert molded into them, like an O-ring. The overhaul manual says that those castellated nuts are to be turned only finger tight and the cotter pin installed. The reason is that the MSA carbs don't like being shaken, or they'll spill fuel out of the bowl vent and into the carb throat and the engine will run rich and rough. The old Strombergs weren't nearly so prissy, and those old A- and C-series engines had much stiffer rubber engine mounts so the engine couldn't move around so much. With the carb spider a little flexible on the studs, and the rubber hose connections on the intake tubes, the engine can torque-vibrate around the crank while the carb will stay relatively still. I have smoothed out O-200s just by installing the proper washers and doing up the nuts exactly as the manual says. So your mechanic needs to refer to the O-200 overhaul manual and look for that paragraph. This is critical for that engine. The whole carb and spider need to be able to flex sideways a bit." https://www.pilotsofamerica.com/community/threads/0-200-rpm-loss-on-take-off.137511/
  5. Read O-200 overhaul manual, section 16-10. Lock-O-Seal washer and "finger tight" nuts to hold intake spider. Also, do not overtighten intake rubber coupling clamps, just snug. The whole thing is supposed to "float". I had all mine too tight. At certain RPMs or bumps the engine sputtered. Too tight and the carb dumps excess fuel with vibration or jolting. I found this on a C150 forum and loosened mine up and it's gone.
  6. It looks like you have the wing cuffs. Did the previous owner indicate that there were issues? Mine has the cuffs and no fences. I have not noticed any issues at all.
  7. Tracey Martin Aviation Insurance Resources 301-682-6200 office 301-682-9793 fax www.air-pros.com tmartin@air-pros.com I was at about 384 hours and I got insurance for my VariEze with them. I have $20K on the hull and liability. Cost $1588. I had to have 5 hours of time in type and get a checkout by instructor (Ryzsard Zadow - RAFE).
  8. I did not slit it. I just heated and stretched it to a smaller diameter for the leader portion.
  9. My aileron hinges were getting a little loose so I started installing the Teflon lined hinge pins as noted in the CP for my VariEze. I got the materials from McMaster. I struggled with the method described in the CP of slitting the tube, rolling it, and pushing it through. I came up with a different method. You still need to use at least 2x length of the tubing. I put one end in the vice, and then heated that half of the tubing with a lighter while stretching it. It thinned out and retained the rigidity when it cooled. It slipped right through the hinge and then I pulled the stainless pin plus the unheated section through. It worked well for me.
  10. It is sad to see EZ's that have been neglected, just rotting away. They are fantastic flying machines. I was lucky to find two that had been "put away" for 16-20 years, but were at least stored indoors in decent climates. I brought the VariEze back to life after 16 years of non-use in late 2020 and have close to 100 hours on it. The Cozy 3 will be back in the air by this fall after an engine rebuild. The Long-Ez was flying when I bought it, but is going through a full refurbishment with a repaint job. There are likely 100's (if not more) of EZ's sitting in hangars or garages all across the country, just waiting for someone to get them flying again.
  11. I have a Prince P-Tip 2-blade prop from an O-290-D2 Long-Ez. Color is grey. Serial number: 1456P60B71L. It measures 60" in diameter. I do not know what other engines it may fit. I would assume the factory would be able to provide details based on the serial number if you have a different engine. Make an offer.
  12. The prices have gone up for all planes. I was offered a similar value several times at Oshkosh last year for my Varieze. Compare a Cessna 150/152 price from two years ago to today. Getting close to double the price.
  13. I can stop under 2000', but like to save my brakes so it is uncommon. I still carry a bit more speed on final than needed. I am working my way down from the original 100mph I started at when I first flew my VariEze. In the video below, Google Maps measurement says I touched down and pulled off in about 2000'. I was at about 95mph when I straightened out on final. I used brakes a bit, but did not have to stomp on them.
  14. It's been awhile since I last posted on my VariEze in this thread. I have put over 90 hours on it in about 14 months. I enjoy it. I have only made a few changes/fixes to it since I got it back in the air. - I completed the roll trim servo change. - Flew it to Oshkosh and showed it off for 8 days. - At the CI in November, the compression on #1 was low. The exhaust valve guide was worn badly the inspection of the cylinder showed it needed to be replaced. New cylinder is installed. - I pulled the TailBeacon out of the nose and replaced it with a Trig transponder/ADSB unit that came with my Long-Ez project. - Changed my elevator down trim-spring to a little stiffer version. At cruise, the spring was not enough and it just keeps climbing, needing a little wrist pressure. It has been a rough winter here in MN. I have only had it up twice in the last 2 months. I am looking forward to some warmer weather. My Long-Ez project (see below) is slowly coming along. I have gutted everything and have to wait for decent weather to roll it outside to continue sanding. I am going to flip it upside down to redo the main landing gear brackets/hardware. Soon I will create a new topic on here for my Cozy 3 that I acquired last fall. It is in immaculate condition both interior and exterior, but it has not flown for 22 years. The engine is coming off for a rebuild. Hoping to have that back in the air by late summer.
  15. Ryszard had Tracey Martin at the Oshkosh presentation. She helped me get my VariEze insurance. Tracey Martin Agent, Private Pilot Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) P.O. BOX 32 | Frederick, MD 21705 Ph 301-682-6200 | Fax 301-682-9793 tmartin@air-pros.com | www.air-pros.com

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