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Greetings from Roseville, CA.

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I blame it all on my daughter...


The EAA has a very fine program called Young Eagles in which young people can be introduced to general aviation with a short free introductory flight. Now most get seat time in a spam can or similiar craft. But not my daughter, no no no. She has to get her very first flight in a Long EZ compliments of Tim 'Wizard' Sullivan.


So now I am contemplating if I might want to build one of these unusual planes. I built and flew R/C aircraft for many years and even went as far as passing my private checkride in 2000, although I have not flown since. Seems the wife has issues with flying :(


So I guess I am looking for a bit more education. I would like to understand the building process better. I have some composite experience on the models but figure there are some notable differences. I would also like to buy some gas and splat some bugs to see if the flight dynamics might be for me.


And I plan on doing a whole lot of reading... cheapest education I have found.

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Re: Greetings from Roseville, CA.




I went to High school just north of you in Lincoln. We used to run buy the airport when we went for long runs. I have never been back to Lincoln airport since I graduated but when I finish my present project I plan on going there in my plane.

Make sure it is okay with the wife before you start a very involved long term project like building a plane. Lots of guys trade their wife for a plane, in my book that is a bad trade. For most of us building is an addiction that keeps us at home or at the airport you wont meet nicer people than homebuilders in general. Welcome Steve build on.

Steve Harmon

Lovin Life in Idaho

Cozy IV Plans #1466 N232CZ


Working on Chapter 19,21

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Don't know what airport these folks are at, but Paul Stroub has N776TB and lives in Roseville, as does Keith Hallsten with N585V - both Velocitys, but hey, any port in a storm, right? :)



I think one or both of them fly out of Auburn and are members of the EAA chapter at Auburn.

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Keith is building a Velo XL-FG and lives in Roseville. He belongs to the Auburn EAA #526. I am also a member of that chapter and we meet the second tuesday of every month usually at 7pm, but during the summer there is sometimes a bbq that starts at6. Feel free to come on by, everyone welcome...even to the bbq.


I'm building a Velo XL-RG. I don't know of any EZ or Cozy builders in the chapter, but there are three Velo guys, one is flying. We would be able to answer about 90% of your questions. I am also in Folsom...so was Ron Springer until he moved to the dark side.


The Cozy is probably closer to the EZ in build techniques, since it is from scratch. The Velo is from a kit, so some techniques are a bit different. You can come by and see my Velo in progress anytime. jprock@rocketmail.com


Jack Prock

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