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    Built a Longeze 15 years ago ready to build a new plane

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    Finished building wheel pants

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  1. I have not been on this forum for several years. But I wanted to report that I finished my plane and am now flying it. I guess you never finish it exactly you just fly and work on it. I am presently building wheel pant got a couple more weeks to go. Wanted everyone to know what great airplane the cozy is and it is fun to Go places Steve build on
  2. There is a place in the wing root linkage for the ailerons that if you build it stock you will have to put the bolt head down. It rubs on the bracket if you dont. I dont like this but have decided that Lock nut will probably hold it on if installed properly. STeve
  3. One more question????? Why change all this stuff the plane works fine the way it is designed. I built and flew a Longeze it was just fine with the gear bone stock. Are you trying to reinvent the wheel??? Its your time and your money. STeve
  4. I have a couple of questions for you. How much glass will it take to strenghthen your spar to take landing loads? Will Moving the gear to the spar move your gear location Aft? If so this will change your rotation speed.Have you consulted and engineer to make sure it is all strong enough? Those are question you probably should look into. Just my .02 STeve
  5. Kent Ashton has a pump for sale right now on the forum: http://www.canardzone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13050 If the cost of an epoxy pump is too much for this project you better start building model planes because it gets a lot worse. You will be broke all the time trying to scrape up money for the next project. STeve build on
  6. The type of epoxy you use is a personal decision. I Use eze poxy and am pretty happy with it. I am a cheapskate and it used to be a lot cheaper than the other epoxies. Now it is almost a wash. I am set up for it and all I have left to build is the strakes so I am sticking with eze poxy. If I was starting new I probably would use eze poxy still but the mgs stuff shure makes pretty parts and is supposed to wet out a whole lot better than eze poxy. If you dont want to spend the money for a pump use a scale they are cheap. STeve building on
  7. Big Steve

    Berkut Kit

    Using CNC is cheating:irked: I only say that because I am jealous. STeve build on
  8. Once again it is time for an update. I have something new to show and tell. I just saved myself a pile of money by building my own motor mount. It is my first attempt and it turned out pretty good. I got better at fitting the tubes as I went. My heliarc ran like a champ. Now I have to install it to the fuselage. But first I have to finish my oil heat under the right passenger thy rest and install the back seatback and cover up those ugly holes in the center section spar. The first picture is the mount in the jig. The second picture is the finished mount. My thanks go out to the Cozy girls for some tech help and The late Tony Bingalis's book firewall forward. STeve building on
  9. Big Steve

    Wing Filler

    Steve: My plans are in the shop and it is to cold to go out there right now. But this is what I remember doing on my longeze. Put a piece of foam in the gap and glass over it. Then cut a really nice straite line and then take the wing off and glass the inside of the cut out foam eze as pie right??? Steve build on
  10. Big Steve

    Wood Parts

    I built my Longerons out of select douglas fir. It is stronger than the spruce called out in the plans but 20% heavier I sacrificed a couple of ounces so that I did not have to pay $100 shipping There is an article on the net that talks about different woods and there use in aviation. Do a Google search. STeve build on
  11. phil said: This lovely material is called urethane I probably spelled it wrong. build on STeve
  12. I took the cut out for the nose wheel to work. Nobody has been able to break it yet. STeve:D
  13. Big Steve


    [quoteHow far should one go ? ] You have to difine your mission and build the plane to suit it. These planes were originally designed as long distant day vfr sports cruisers. The Original varieze Burt said to put a solar panel on the top so you did not have to have an alternator to save weight. It was hand propped. Since then builders have added everything under the sun to increase versatility and the ability to fly anytime they want. They were not designed as heavy weather IFR machines. So tell yourself how you want to fly and build to suit. I am building a day vfr cruiser as light as I can make it the only redudunt Item will probably be an airspeed and an altimeter. A hand held radio and Gps. I dont want to fly in the clouds. I just want to go flying. STeve build on
  14. Jerry: To late tonight to call I will try and get ahold of you this week I have some questions. STeve build on
  15. I welded 3/4" long welding rod pieces to the heads of the screws then cut a slot in the plywood for them to fit. Covered them in Flox Might be considered Rube Goldberg but I bet they dont turn. Steve building on

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