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  1. Cozy1200

    Berkut Kit

    Nice work Tony. Please forgive my memory, but I thought you were selling the project?
  2. Cozy1200

    Wood Parts

    I used Australian Hoop Pine as it is an approved substitute for Spruce. It was available locally and cost about $30. It was marginally heavier, something like a few percent.
  3. welcome to the club. My cozy is a long way from flying, but it's still fun to see. I'm on the other side of the state in Portland. You're welcome to come anytime. I just received supplies for CH9.
  4. Not that I endorse or approve such a thing, but I guess it was just a matter of time until that happened.
  5. Concidering the cost and availabilty of used aircraft engines in oz, that could be a really good price. But then again, the exchange rate has been good in recent months and it would also be a good time to buy one from the us.
  6. FYI. I tried to buy from them, but with the new laws and taxes, it didn't work out. Had I been a Canadian, they seem like it was more feasible. Definitely give them a call.
  7. Brunch Quiche Lorraine or Frittata Orange/Almond Biscotti (made with Grand Marnier) Dense (thick) Hot Chocolate Fruit/Yogurt Parfaits Afternoon nibbles Pickle Wraps Tray with Deer meat, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Another cheese like blue, Crackers Baked Brie Dips: 1. (Amy) Artichoke Olive crustini 2. (Anne) Deviled Egg Dip 3. (Mom) Spinach artichoke dip Dippers: 1. Baguette 2. Carrots, Celery 3. Taco Chips Candied Pecans Warm Christmas Punch Believe it or not, Amy wanted to make it a simple cooking day, as we're eating supper with some friends. Merry Christmas you all.
  8. After the Hurricane Katrina, many states adopted new building codes requiring a single header to go completely over both doors clear to the wall. The single header may to be put in anyways. So structurally one door and two doesn't matter. If this is the case, building the center column to be removed is very doable. Maybe not easy done, but you'll be doing it rarely. If two single doors are required, then simple get wider doors. They're available in about any width and height you want. Heights are avialable in 3" increments and widths in about anything you need, but normally 1 or 2 foot increments. I don't know you'd need to get a cozy on it's wheels, but on an incline should be doable.
  9. Spodman needs to get some credit in there somewhere... After-all he supplied the grog.
  10. It's my first Thanksgiving in the country for 3 years. For some reason last year they still wanted me to work on Thanksgiving day. Being thankful for what I have. Life, Love. Now I just need to get full employment.
  11. Bob, you are truly doing spectacular work. I can't wait to see some parts pulled from the mold. I've been following the thread, but don't recall. What type of glass, epoxy, internal structure system are you using?
  12. chip brushes from Harbour Freight. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=4181 They normally have them on sale for $6.99. I use them probably 6 times until the get too stiff to be useful... or I forget to clean them. I only use white vinegar to clean epoxy related stuff. I keep a small plastic mixing tub (with lid) about half full with vinegar. When done with a brush, I jab the bristles a dozen or so times in the bottom to help brake up the epoxy covered bristles. Then let them soak while I clean up the rest of the tools. Then I wrap the brush in a paper towel to dry for a couple days. I probably have 4-5 brushes in various uses at any given time. A couple drying, a couple ready to be used, a couple hard as rocks because I forgot to clean them. whoops. I use lots of Z fold bathroom style paper towel. Years ago Mom picked up a ton of that stuff from a business that was going bankrupt.
  13. I don't recall ever having air in a layup that showed up at black spots. Possible contamination?
  14. I bet you used a router on your bulkheads too! I know a lot of people say it's too much work, but I never said that the only way. I use the tools and methods that I'm comfortable with and have used in the past.

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