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  1. Flying works out well with my 34 kg dog. However, I wouldn't want to take him a plane where he had to sit side by side with me up front. He prefers it in back anyway where he can check my six!
  2. That sure is a convenient feature of the VariEze for drilling that hole ... no spar in the way. It is probably the way to go if I do the upgrade. I mentioned that I have pre-existing wires in the wing, but there are only two wires. I believe they are just under the skin so they are probably microed in and it won't be possible to pull new wires through the same location. There are ways to trace them where you put a tone on the wire and then use a probe to detect it. One unit is as cheap as $25 on Amazon. But, you really want four wires. I could still do it with two but the position lights and strobes would have to be turned on together and the strobes wouldn't be synchronized.
  3. Adding lights is on my list of future upgrades for my VariEze. I have two options: 1) Some wiring was run back in the late 70s when it was built. But, I don't know if the wiring is good or how easily I can determine where it is located at the wing tip. 2) I can do what Marc did above. I assume he used a copper pipe with teeth as a drill??? I also assume I will need to drill a hole through the outside winglet attach layup? Can't go around it, right? Any recommendations on hole size or just keep it as small as possible?
  4. Hi JL07, EZ Ahab (Steve James) hasn't posted on here in over a decade, but he has certainly bought lots and lots of foam. Try reaching him over at his website: http://www.eurekacnc.com/ Ron
  5. I told you! He is a professional plane mover. It reminds me of this meme of him from a couple years ago driving The AeroCanard west as he viewed the sunrise at the California state line. It sucks to have to drive a plane!
  6. Last time we needed to drive an Aerocanard from Maryland to Tehachapi, we had Izzy drive it!
  7. I am amused to see the JHU Dragonfly show up. That one is headed to Titan! But they probably want to fly one on Earth for a bit.
  8. Is the VariEze also in Lancaster? I fly a VariEze in Maryland, not too far away.
  9. See Canard Pusher 43 Page 5 for a mod to the nose gear retract system that I recommend. http://www.cozybuilders.org/Canard_Pusher/
  10. Jerry Gardner has thousands of hours on his VariEze in Sheridan. But, I don’t think he flies it anymore. He kept his plane in a trailer and hauled it to the airport almost every time he flew it. I just posted a bunch of pictures from my visit with him in 2015 on Facebook (Rutan LongEz and VariEze group). I bought my VariEze in Cody that year.
  11. Check out Fresno Air Parts for the best deal on purchasing those ...
  12. These are some impressively wide runways! Maybe they do things differently out in Arizona?
  13. Mine was modified with a spring-loaded locking mechanism so that the rod didn't have to be swung to the right and interfere with your right leg, as shown below.
  14. I just did this a couple years ago on my VariEze. I didn't bother installing the spring. The pushrod system didn't have it and I haven't felt a need for it. YMMV. I may have a source for the worm-gear hardware if he hasn't already sold it. I will check ...
  15. Where does it say that? I only see a useful load listed but it doesn't state what MGW was used to calculate it.

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