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  1. These are some impressively wide runways! Maybe they do things differently out in Arizona?
  2. Mine was modified with a spring-loaded locking mechanism so that the rod didn't have to be swung to the right and interfere with your right leg, as shown below.
  3. I just did this a couple years ago on my VariEze. I didn't bother installing the spring. The pushrod system didn't have it and I haven't felt a need for it. YMMV. I may have a source for the worm-gear hardware if he hasn't already sold it. I will check ...
  4. Where does it say that? I only see a useful load listed but it doesn't state what MGW was used to calculate it.
  5. Hi Ron

    Yes, I am in Pukalani.    Got away from the cold in western WA.

    It is really good to hear from you.

  6. Immediately ... the sooner the better. You want it to soak up any excess epoxy from the previous layer.
  7. Is there a write-up somewhere on the procedure to build a gear leg attachment like this?
  8. Between $0 and $1500 (and even infinity for those A&Ps that refuse to do one) depending on who you use/know. Are you based at Tappahannock? Just talk to Jim Evans or Fred Wimberly. Do you know them?
  9. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess the final report finally came out after more than two years! I talked to pilot shortly after the accident. He was based near me. Luckily, he recovered from his injuries.
  10. Not sure why that would be true?
  11. I don't see a fully dimensioned drawing of NG23 in the plans. But, you can remove what you have and use this figure from the plans as a guide. To remove the bolt, you will have to cut a hole in the side of the nose.
  12. Do you only wrap at the leading edge since the trailing edge is sharp? Or do you put a small radius at the trailing edge and wrap it there too?
  13. You would like to go to a canard event every weekend, but I haven't seen you at Rough River once. Going this year?
  14. Why not just tinker discretely with the hangar door shut?

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