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Anybody else want to see sq2000 to make comeback?


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What would it take? This is the design i would love to build if it was available. Still cannot decide between cozy and velocity. Does anybody know what was the reason behind the bankrupcy of kls? I find it to be the best looking 4 place cannard out there. Was sq2000 evolution of cozy or is it completely new design? Would it be nice if maybe one of builder assisting firms would overtake production? I know economy is slow right know for any huge number kit sales, but dollar being so weak lately would open huge export opportunities outside the us. just a few thoughts

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I don't know much about the SQ2000, other than what I've read on this forum. Do a search for "sq2000" on this forum, and you'll learn quite a bit about the design. The SQ does not seem to be an evolution of the Ez's, although builders websites should be able to show some differences.


So, the SQ2000 factory has gone under you say... I didn't know that, so I guess I don't miss it (the SQ). There are other good plans and kit based 4 seat canards out there. If I were in the middle of building an SQ, I would surely miss the factory support. This is a common argument for building from plans vs. kit.

Andrew Anunson

I work underground and I play in the sky... no problem

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With regard to the Kis, the market sorta dried up.... The owner also had a lawsuit and judgement against him for one of his kits not performing according to his advertising. It was a really crazy kind of lawsuit but he lost and they cleaned out his bank account. He should have put the "your performance may vary" disclaimer. The net is that he was too weak financially to continue on and sold out to Pulsar. Rich Trickel is the man and it would be hard to find a more honest and trustworthy individual.


However the Kis kits are still available and the original owner now works for the Pulsar people and the kits are now made in El Salvador.


Not a bad little plane. And the tail is in back... <g>

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Oh, BTW there is a Kis Super Cruiser on eBay now with about 2 days left on the auction. An estate sale with a totally unreasonable price. I messaged with the seller who is totally clueless on the difference between costs and selling price. But sooner or later reason and the market will prevail on this one... But I would put a real aircraft engine in it before flying...

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With regard to the Kis, the market sorta dried up....

Tom, the mention was about K-L-S... as in 'KLS Composites', the one-time owner of the SQ2000 kits. KIS looks like a completely different company...

Jon Matcho :busy:
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Does anybody know what was the reason behind the bankrupcy of kls?

Just a correction. KLS was not in bankrupcy. KLS was the company formed after "Glassic Composites" bankrupcy. KLS was renamed to Advanced Composite Design and was still in operation last year I talked to Stan Montgomery. Haven't chatted with him lately. You can get more info on my SQ2000 web page http://www.abri.net/sq2000/default.php


SQ2000 is not basically different from Cozy or LE. But its the coolest looking canard fuselage. I get stares and questions everywhere I fly. And I love that entry/exit from the ground.


The main problems I found with the SQ2000 were the Infinity style retracts (caused me a failed gear landing) and imbalanced ailerons.


I fixed the retracts with some proper reinforcements and fixed the aileron imbalance. Remaining problems were typical of homebuilt construction.


AFAIK there is a complete SQ2000 kit available - phone (435) 730-2911. Thats the one I would get if I started again.

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