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  1. Thanks Actually I meant to say that it is near the East end of the inactive portion of runway 26. Sorry; geographical disorientation, wasn't in a plane or on my bike.
  2. That's it but the plane has been moved in the last few months to a position further east just south of the inactive part of runway 8. Near where the banner towplanes park and where planes are temporarily moved for our airshow in August. A more recent picture may show this.
  3. Maybe I was a bit harsh on the "bad example"; I retract that and say "possibly bad example. And thanks for pointing to the site; I did not know about this. Funny, this plane was parked next to the 747 wings that the lady in Malibu used for part of her house. If anyone wants some pictures of this in its "current" state, I will take some the next time I ride my bike at CMA.
  4. It has been sitting outside at KCMA, sans engines, collecting dust for the last 10 years or so... Not that exciting except as a bad example of aircraft design... Blue skies, Tom KCMA (homebuilding capital of the world LOL)
  5. "I dissagree though that you want to have the shoulder harness below the occupant shoulder. " I don't think that I said this... Your new pix make me worry less about your design...
  6. I would be very hesitant about this design. When your plane hits something and stops, the pilot would pivot around the seatbelt and his/her shoulders would slide down the shoulder belts, thus compressing the back. Ideally one would like to have a two padded bar shoulder restraint like the ones that you sometimes see in amusement park rides. If you are going to pull a shoulder strap, it would be good to have it on a much lesser than 90 degree angle from the seats to prevent the slide and compress phenomenon. In my Stallion, I took my shoulder straps out to the spar almost vertical and behind. But that was a high wing. Hope this helps. I read an article about this once but don't remember where...
  7. Could you please post the footage somewhere and let us all know? Thanks Blue skies, Tom
  8. Curious why you are building a canard with dihedral? Blue skies, Tom
  9. A question? After you applied the Jeffco and it dried, was it a shiny color or dull? A good cure is quite shiny and has a lustrous, smooth feel. Mine was very shiny fyi...
  10. Sorry to hear of your problem. I used the Jeffco sealant on my Stallion which held 230 gallons in its wings. I know that because I walked up a ladder 6X with a 5 gallon can to fill and calibrate the fuel sensors. Yes that is over 250 trips up the ladder! Either I was stupid or dedicated. My Stallion had carbon fiber wing skins but lots of fiberglass in ribs and gussets and the spar web and I had no leaks or other problems. Getting to your situation, I was told by some of the "old dogs" who had used Jeffco that it was important to apply while the ambient temperature was falling to prevent air in pinholes from expanding and causing problems with bonding. I followed this suggestion and applied in the late afternoon and we had very few pinholes and this is for a 140 ft. sq. wing. It could be that you had significant outgassing of the pinholes which lifted the Jeffco just enough in enough places to cause later damage.
  11. I intend to add a canard to my next plane; I hope that mitigates my post. Cheers, Tom
  12. My Stallion holds 230 gallons in the wings... This would be a great engine for this class of aircraft; 4-6 place. 200 knots +
  13. Does anyone have any idea of the cost for this engine? I haven't seen any mentions of it nor any word if it will be sold for homebuilts... Blue skies, Tom
  14. Take the dessicant crystals out of the plastic case and put them in a tin foil dish in a toaster oven until they turn back to their original color. A friend of mine is building an Express and his 12 year old son does this task for him...
  15. Ooops sorry about that! Perhaps someone can delete my posts about the wrong aircraft... Watch out for those flying objects..

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