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    Drag racing my whole life, getting my PPL and building my current project an SQ2000

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  1. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    Project is now sold, thanks everyone!
  2. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    Now on Ebay auction for the next 7 days......
  3. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    8/15: OK, I had a deal going and it fell through so, its back up for sale. Nice head start project for someone. Get in touch if you are interested. Thanks ~~~tg~~~
  4. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    8/6: Dropping the price to $5,500.00! Needs anew home!!!!!!!
  5. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    Update: 7/14 The instrument panel as well as the CG 20B bed plate is now sold. I still have the fuselage project for sale and the new reduced price for everything including the 20B engine mount and the Lycoming engine mount is now $6500.00. Excellent project for the right person. Delivery available!!!!!!!!
  6. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    Update 6/7: Still looking to find a new home for this project. Lets deal! All or part and will deliver for the right deal!!!! Thanks ~~~tg~~~
  7. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    Good morning group. I am putting my SQ2000 project back up for sale. I still have the 20B fresh engine, mount,and monitor also. I will separate it into two sales, one for the firewall forward and the fuselage kit with everything that goes with it. I also have engine mounts for the 20B and a Lycoming. You can see it all on my Facebook page with the sub page SQ2000 on the left side. PM me for details (Not on here a lot) and what I will consider. I may deliver it for the right deal and location from 28025. Thanks ~~~tg~~~
  8. Anybody have any contact info for Andreas Montgomery? I sent an e mail to him and it bounced. It was working not too long ago and the phone number I found is also bad. I am trying to get some prints and parts he has for my SQ2000, so any help would be appreciated and PM me anything private. Thanks everyone. ~~~tg~~~
  9. Thanks Andrew, I am thinking a lot like you. I just want to try to find stuff as much as I can for now. I have seen these parts for sale in the past and it all depends on how bad someone needs to sell the their project as to what they will let go and for how much. I still have some time till I can get my current project done and get the bird set up in the shop to get started on it. Thanks ~~~tg~~~
  10. Hello, I am looking for parts to get back on my project if there are any with this kit or a dead project. I need a front castoring wheel assembly and rear brakes. If you know of any, please PM me. Thanks Tom
  11. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    BUMP! Still have this project for sale. Possible delivery for the right deal. I'm located in N.C.. Possible trades considered. Will separate! Thanks
  12. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    Heads up, starting tomorow, the 5th, the project will be up for auction with a reserve on Ebay for 5 days. The complete instrument panel will also be up for a separate auction with a reserve on Ebay for 5 days. The 20B is also for sale and it is separate and now on consignment in Fl. Private PM's only please as I am not on here much. Thanks ~~~tg~~~
  13. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    Morning all, I just wanted to give this thread a bump to see if there is anyone interested in my project. I am going to be moving to a new shop soon and I would much rather sell it off than to have to move it again. If you have an interest, get in touch. I will work with you on the price a little and may be able to deliver it for gas if you are reasonably close to me. Let's deal. Thanks ~~~tg~~~
  14. magnum

    SQ2000 project

    Thanks, it breaks my heart but it is what it is. I've had one neck surgery for disc replacement and 4 lower back operations. None of the back surgeries stopped the sciatica pain. I wish I had never let them cut on me as it was a big mistake and nothing I can do about it now. ~~~tg~~~
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