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WANTED: Long EZ Long Nose Plans

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There were actually two versions of long nose plans. One by Sam Kreidel, one by Ronneberg/Cobb. The latter I give a $5 check to when I sell the $10 plans, plus postage. About 50 people have copied them and the plane looks so much prettier. You should have seen my first nose...


I think my current Dave Lind Long EZ nose is close to the Ronneberg nose - hit me if you want photos of Ronneberg noses.


But don't wait for me to look for messages on Canardzone - use Canardfinder@att.net



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I used the Dave Lind copy of a copy template and made my nose. As you can see from this picture it took me a couple of times to get it right. This part of the plane is the only part that is totally free hand. And for some people it only takes one time to get it right...for me it took 4 times to get the right shape. WELL...I am happy, (finally :confused: ) with this result.


Tom McCormick


Almost done the nose section.

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We're purposely staying out of the composite components market. There are already vendors making some good parts, if you want really good premade canards, spars, wings and winglets contact Dennis Olemann in Iowa, he makes the best, he uses our metal, minimal fill and finish required.


CG Products


Cozy Mk-IV RG 13B Turbo

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Can I ask why you have decided not to get into composite components? Is it economic, responsibility, the mess?

Many reasons, first and formost there are really good people like Dennis Olemann already making really good parts at reasonable prices, he is also a customer of ours for the metal parts involved. Why compete with that?

Second, I am allergic to the epoxy now.

Third, its too much work for little return.

Forth, its a huge pain shipping those kind of parts.

Fifth, for the molded parts there are no ethics in the molded glass industry; one person with some talent slaves away and comes up with good designs and tooling, everybody else buys a set of parts and pops molds off of them. A close friend during the van craze in the 70's was that Alpha person down in Houston. The dealers would send him the first year model they received, he'd mask it off and come up with all of the original glass, he's the guy that came up with the U-shaped rooftop spoiler etc, almost all other glass on the US market was ripped off from his parts..pop offs. Same for the boat industry, a lot of the same hull and several "new" decks. He died young from chemical exposure so where was the reward? Sorry for the rant.

We're in the metal business because its something we can do reasonably well

and can automate and then fine tune the processes. All the time spent on design, making tooling and programming can be recovered if we make more than a handfull of parts. That cannot be done for composites (easily)(or without a lot of mess)

We also do this so that we can have the best parts available to put in our own plane.

Lastly, we do this because of all the businesses and professions we have done in our lives this is more fun, interesting and the customer base is a real nice bunch of people.:grouphug:

...Chrissi & Randi

CG Products


Cozy Mk-IV RG 13B Turbo

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Can I ask why you have decided not to get into composite components?

It is very difficult to get into that market especially in a plans built aircraft market. Look at some of the kit prices for velocity, Berkut and the like. Everyone wants them to get into that market but they are not willing to pay the price when it comes down to it.


A lot of the quick build RV kits are assembled in the Philipines where labor costs are lower.


Then you have to deal with the lasting criticism of those who are not even customers. Not something I would venture into.

T Mann - Loooong-EZ/20B Infinity R/G Chpts 18

Velocity/RG N951TM

Mann's Airplane Factory

We add rocket's to everything!

4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, 14, 19, 20 Done

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