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    I am a blue eyed bag of salt water with a dash of carbon

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    Cozy Mk-IV RG 13B Turbo
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  1. EAA Chapter 180 in Sarasota FL, a 501c3, is selling Cozy Mark IV parts and plans as a fundraiser.  $10,000 takes all.   Contact Jim Faix, President of EAA 180.  941-526-9177IMG_5851.thumb.jpg.5c6016293731c03f88647e17a4a14730.jpg

  2. I'm the president of EAA Chapter 180 in Sarasota FL.  One of our members passed away recently and his wife is donating her husband's Cozy Mark IV wings and fuselage parts to our Chapter.  Do you think anyone would want to buy them?  We'd like to make some money for the Chapter.

    Jim Faix


  3. are we having a canard fly in on *His* birthday at Mojave?  when is it does anyone know specifics?  CH-25 powered quickie is now perfected and ready to clone out.  104 kias @3600rpm, 635 fpm climb, 1.4 gph...-Chris

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  4. Our condolances to Dave and Mike.
  5. Cozy Girrrl

    cs 131

    Had to go check our drawing, ours are 4130
  6. Very sad, I had briefly seen her the last time they showed the Berkut at Osh and later talked to her on the phone about parts, it somehow makes it more personal when you have that thin thread of a once upon a time connection, a face, a voice, inflections, impressions of a personality. I did not know her yet feel a loss still. Seems we lose two or three a year and we can only console our loss by reminding ourselves they were out there doing what they loved the most. Godspeed Vickie, see you in the Summerland.
  7. Nearest thing out there may be on Vance Atkinson's Cozy III, "sorta like" our extensions. No change to flight characteristics at all (its in the dirty air coming off the canard wing roots) maximum comfort appeal.
  8. I quote from our Clickbonds cartoon: "Put vinyl electrical tape on the threads..." (Randi is too cheap to let me use shrink tube) Avoid getting the metal any warmer than needed to shrink the tube quickly. If they are going to be hanging out there for awhile like the ones on your firewall, push a block of foam on them or something to avoid impacting them as you move other stuff around.
  9. Cozy Girrrl

    Spa hole

    Its easy to attach things safely to any part of your spar with Click Bonds. ...Chrissi
  10. Because I can appear to be nice while force feeding peanut butter whereas duct tape makes a tell-tale noise when you rip it off the roll, you might catch the fist one unawares but the rest of them can run faster (than I can) and there is that screaming thing they do.
  11. Its the restaurant/baitshop that concerns me... one of my favorite coastal towns had on the corner a baitshop on one face and immediatly around the corner a sushi bar... now come one folks, there's more to making sushi than putting bait on a dab of rice!
  12. You guys are just figuring this stuff out?
  13. I'd fill my epoxy shoes with Ragu and eat them cold before eating at "The Worlds Best Joint" ...and those kids doing kareoke, take a jumbo sized jar of peanut butter and as soon as one opens their shrill little gob, shove a handful of peanut butter in there, that place is a nightmare!
  14. Basically you need a new mount, nothing in common between the two other than the paint, sorry
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