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  1. Yes, it is the Kansas Aviation Museum in Wichita. Justin
  2. For those of you who might be interested! Here are some close-up Starship photos. I have larger ones available!
  3. Was that additional support ran horizontally between the upper two mounting lugs?
  4. Anyone mod their O-235 conical mount for use with an O-320 upgrade? If so, what needs to be done, specifically to the mount, to accommodate the heavier motor? I am fully aware of the extrusion strengthening requirements. Justin
  5. I don't see anything about a balance angle either. Let me know if you find something. I am in the process of weighing and balance checking my flight controls!
  6. CP20 page 5 has some aileron weight info for the varieze! It is not specific as to whether it is a limit or for reference only. Justin
  7. I need an El Reno oil filter adapter for my O-200. I also need a prop for my O-200 powered varieze. Let me know what you have!
  8. Would someone with O-200 cylinder experience please PM me!
  9. TMann, I guess that is the question before me. Until reading the NTSB reports, I really had not even considered it. I think I may revisit the idea. Do the facet type pumps allow for fuel flow in the event of failure? Would the pump need to be on all the time or just during critical phases of flight? Justin
  10. I am aware of the need to switch to the fuselage tank in a descent with minimum fuel in the wing tanks. I am just curious where the NTSB investigator found the information that they state in their respective reports pertaining to either a sump or fuel pump in the varieze. Justin
  11. I guess I may need to be more specific. I have yet to find in the varieze plans, the requirement to install either an electric pump or a fuel sump. Am I just overlooking those instructions either in the plans or CP's? Justin
  12. I was recently reviewing some varieze accidents and noticed that there were a couple of statements in the narrative portion of each report that I was unaware of. Can someone enlighten me on the accuracty of these statements. "The aircraft designer specifies that the aircraft be equipped with both an engine driven fuel pump and an electric auxillary fuel boost pump because of the limited headspace between the tanks and the engine." "The early models of varieze aircraft are subject to unporting the fuel tank line when operating with minimum fuel. Later models have a tank sump to correct this condition." Justin
  13. If you have any O-200 baffles laying around and want to get rid of them, let me know! Justin
  14. Thanks T Mann! Exactly what I needed! Justin
  15. Thanks Drew! So when you say "appropriately sized" what does that mean for the ball and stick type antennas? Justin

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