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  1. Greetings Wells, from East Michigan. You are quite an optimist. So I've been told the best way to make a million is to start with two million and make airplane parts or start an airlne. Well, you're in auto central and we both know how that's going. So, I wish you all the luck. Bottom line is if you like doing crafts in a big way, this is it. You get to play wth all the different types of materials and be a mechanic, electrician, and fabricator. Its the best plans built go-fast plane on the market hands down.
  2. HiGeez, Is the fan pushing the cool air through the oil heater or pulling heated air and forcing it to the front? Do you have a duct that runs all the way to the pilot's toes where it counts?
  3. Neverquit

    Day # 1

    Don't worry about the dogs or the luggage in the back. You'll be putting in a roll bar or something anyway, right? I read a lot about the big bubble expanding and contracting with the weather. I think a split in the middle helps control that. Either way, I put a bit larger rear windows in the back and there's lots of view. My kids will be playing on their laptops anyway.
  4. As Mark points out, it could be the photo or your sanding. Find an EAA expert in your area to look the plane over to build your confidence to move on. Making new aluminum plates and repairing that area or a few other areas is way easier than starting over.
  5. That's great! Erland, This beats a biplane or warbird from EAA any day (or month). Keep them coming. I look forward to it. Best photo of Scott's plane in my library yet.
  6. Naw, cause' its too expensive and too hazardous. Haven't seen a new chrome bumper for years. Dennis, if you need something polished though there's still a few around the Detroit area. You can send it to me and I'll oversee the job. Back to waterjet.....
  7. I hate to be the bringer of bad news but it appears we lost a good man and his plane yesterday. Just Google the crash for Calloway, KY. http://www.wreg.com/news/sns-ap-ky--smallplanecrash,0,1712171.story As a tribute to him and his just finished plane, here's some links.: http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/333539L.html http://wiki.velocityxl.com/index.php?title=Image:CIMG0131.jpg You can read his posts if you go to MichaelJ.
  8. Happy T-day to y'all as well. Drew we need to join forces and start a new company. Canardians Drew and Brew, brew pub. Build it and they will come. ..Welcome home. Things only get better from here.
  9. I did, lots of conflict. General consensus, "just another fix to a non-existent problem". Quote from Burt, "do you want to fly, or do you want to build"?
  10. From another thread: Waiter, so why did you move the oil heater from the nose to the rear thigh support? It would seem better for the toes where you had it?
  11. if you have a layup done on a scrap piece how do you look under it? Steve, do your build in the proper order. The seat back layup is much easier outside the fuse. : ))
  12. You're kidding, right?
  13. Naw, Scott took my idea. Seriously, I used to do this router stuff for fun on wood. It just came to me one day. I thought I'd just show it to you for fun.
  14. Personal touches are fun along the way. Nothing extreme here but a simple thing to do when frustration or money issues take over and you need a build break.

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