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  1. Do you do special low volume orders Tony? If so, what file format do you need the CAD done in mate? Cheers, Bruce.
  2. The project is making great progress! When can I put my order in for one? Have you decided what engine option you will finally use yet? Cheers, Bruce. Australia
  3. Thanks for the support Darren and see you at the Muster Let me know if you are ever in the city as I live and work (and build) here. Bruce.
  4. Great to hear of your services Darren. If you are thinking of building an EZ, don't miss the Canard Muster Do let any canard people you are in contact with know as well Darren. Cheers, Bruce
  5. I recently bought the Sky Ranch Engineering Manual directly from Sacramento Sky Ranch from this link: http://www.sacskyranch.com/pubsem.htm I have found it to be an absolute bargin for the knowledge and technical information on Lycoming and Continental engines for the $21.95. Hope this helps, Bruce.
  6. You sure you cant stow-away in a wheel well of an A380 or something Drew? Much warmer here than at home too You will be there in spirit mate, and we will miss your great photography as well!
  7. G'Day all, The 2nd annual Australian Canard Muster will be held at Wangaratta on the weekend of 6-7 March. Building on the success of last years event, we hope to gain representation by both builders and especially fliers from more of Australia this year. There will be a timed event over an approximately 100nm triangular course, so come along and see what performance (speed/fuel consumption) you can achieve. I'm sure that alone will generate some technical discussions over the BBQ. Note, there may be an RV or two that also participate, so let's show them what we can do The following website is where you will find all the details and ipdates on information and planning: http://canardmuster.webs.com/ Please pass the word to any Aussie Canardians you may know (or anyone from overseas in Australia at this time), and I hope that we can make this even more successful than last years event, and a great step up for next years event as well. Cheers, Bruce.
  8. This might be a trivial point, but given the surface areas we are discussing here, what is the weight difference between both techniques? I recognise that Lynn's approach requires less effort (you get flying sooner) with no difference on quality of finish, but is the trade-off an increase in weigh, and if so, how much? How much heavier are these hi-build primers compared to dry'ish micro? Merry Christmas all, Bruce.
  9. So Lynn, you don't subscribe to the Cory Bird method at any stage of the finishing process?
  10. See post 5 on the link below: http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?p=136419 Hope it assists, Bruce.
  11. Mike I don't think anyone is suggesting that Paul Lipps explanation is incorrect, just that the data hasn't been viewed or comparitive data reviewed (Elippse prop and conventional prop tested on the same aircaft under the same conditions). One thing that may make a difference with the Elippse prop design on a pusher is that it (if I understand correctly) generates more thrust closer to the hub than a conventional prop does. Our aft mounted prop's do not see the clean air that tractor configured aircraft do. The airflows into our prop's, especially near the hub, will not be as clean as for a tractor aircraft (with our conventional cowls). Just my two bob's worth.... Bruce.
  12. Although not scientific in method, it is worth noting that the top biplane racers at Reno are using this prop design with another adopting it for next year......... When discussing this with the top biplane team at Reno this year, they suggested that it was their winning edge. I'm sure time will tell with Paul's design. Cheers, Bruce.
  13. Great effort Dave and congratulations on your awards and especially for carrying the canard banner Hopefully you and James will both turn heads next year at the race events. Cheers mate, Bruce.
  14. They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. Lest we forget...........
  15. No substitute for plenty of ponys in the back Wayne...... Of course your 'face-off' would have to be a virtual one as there aren't any other 360 Ezs in OZ. Then we get to standard flight trial conditions and methods....... hmmmmm

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