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  1. Did you ever get any help? Contact me at canardfinder@att.net if you want a candidate inspector near the project... Beagle, aka David Orr
  2. Defiants - about 165 sets of plans sold, 20 or so have flown. I had one for 15 years - don't know this one, but as a second project for the Long EZ builder, probably pretty good. Do you want me to track it down? Twins have their own issues - with 16 spark plugs, 4 magnetos, 2 starters, there is twice the chance of needing maintenance any one day - but there is a lot of security over water at night with two engines churning along burning 18 gph or less. Beagle
  3. I might have a pair - do you have a photo of them? Communicate by e-mail canardfinder@att.net Beagle
  4. Is this the e-mail you tried for Vance - I get things from him every few days. Nostromo56@comcast.net Beagle
  5. Doing what exactly? I have a lot of good contacts around here - what are you looking for? Beagle, aka David orr
  6. I don't even know who's website that was - do you have a name so I can fix my lists? There is a kind of compressed paper one out of Florida - no experience, with a car type they lasted about 4 years in the sun. Shirl Dickey (E-Racer's) wife, Dorothy makes light weight travel covers for the nose to engine. Chris Wade makes a heavier duty one for the sun - lasts a long time and is quite substantial. There are some heavy Canadian and Danish all aircraft covers that cost a fortune - probably not worth it. Parking outside tends to make ours 10 year paint jobs instead of 15 year paint jobs and probably results in higher avionics costs over hangered planes - but the higher avionics costs are much lower than the cost of a hangar...in my experience. But then I was in the 3 miles from the Pacific environment - planes got wet every night and burned nearly every day for a few hours at minimum. Beagle send me an e-mail for info Canardfinder@att.net
  7. There were actually two versions of long nose plans. One by Sam Kreidel, one by Ronneberg/Cobb. The latter I give a $5 check to when I sell the $10 plans, plus postage. About 50 people have copied them and the plane looks so much prettier. You should have seen my first nose... I think my current Dave Lind Long EZ nose is close to the Ronneberg nose - hit me if you want photos of Ronneberg noses. But don't wait for me to look for messages on Canardzone - use Canardfinder@att.net Beagle
  8. If you don't get what you want, I can usually find the best out there... The sellers aren't all watching the ads for you. Beagle, aka David Orr www.canardfinder.com
  9. Very interesting - I'm very interested - but I know the UK and if I marked out 10% of the year, that's the year when all 10% would be low cloud and fog. Beagle
  10. Would you reply - maybe because I look from my work computer it returns here somehow? This is not e-mail, though. By the way, I see you working voodoo to give rides - I have a lovely Long EZ and will give rides to new folks any time. Beagle, aka David A. C. Orr
  11. Probably already told you this - I have them. Beagle
  12. Too sad - we had rules about going over cities - only when taking off or landing - but it is pretty much ignored. Beagle
  13. Are you content on the license thing? The first half of the Long EZ license is in my old plans and the second half was filled out and sent to RAF in 1982 or so. David Orr
  14. Wolf, you should buy his O-200 - they are very efficient! Beagle canardfinder@att.net

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