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  1. CutieDarkFae

    Elon Musk unveiling new canard pusher

    Doesn't that just mean I need a bigger hanger?
  2. CutieDarkFae

    Berkut Drawing Package

    I do but unless you're in OZ I doubt I'm the closest person with a set.
  3. CutieDarkFae

    A Dark Fae's questions thread

    I read some of our search/rescue agency's reports, and they're normally finding people in 1 day, though some idiot didn't have a PLB on him but was in mobile phone coverage (so lucky there) so it only took 2 days. So at this point, enough supplies for 1 day seem fine, and 2 should be plenty I'm not sure when they'll start looking here, but I have a registered PLB and I know they'll start looking about 14 minutes after that goes off. Now to get back to CAD'ing, and get time on a 3D printer
  4. CutieDarkFae

    A Dark Fae's questions thread

    TMann, motorcycle camping definitely, I don't get why people need to carry a full kitchen/bed/shower/tv/whatever with them when they're camping. On a good day I fit everything into or on a backpack As to the survival gear: CASA legislates that I need to carry survival gear if I go into certain areas, which cover about 2/3 of Australia, and include a lot of the places I'd like to visit. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2009C00093 Specifically part 7 and Appendix III. Unfortunately, as far as I can find, they don't legislate what and how much. Marc, I did that and came up with some lovely numbers, if it's just me and full fuel, I should have 131kg spare Wai! (japanese happy sound) Does anybody know what happened to some of the projects which were started round updating the Long-EZ? I know people were working on updated plans, some guy was building wings, another was building bodies. Did they get anywhere?
  5. CutieDarkFae

    A Dark Fae's questions thread

    How much baggage capacity does the Long-EZ have? I've seen baggage pods, but with 2 people, a tent, other camping gear, food/water for 7 days, an ELT (the food/water is because most of Australia is inhospitable desert and if you crash you'll need it) I figure it won't be enough. Am I being unrealistic with 7 days of water, especially with modern rescue services? Possibly. Do I want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere without it? Never!
  6. CutieDarkFae

    A Dark Fae's questions thread

    Thanks everybody I'm not going to let this discourage me, the mockup is still sitting out on the balcony, awaiting a 2nd go, and Andrew's comments about how I could use the longerons on a real Long-EZ are helping There was a Long-EZ parked on the grass at Moruya airport when I went for my TIF, next time I'm down there I'll see if I can find out who owns it and try it out. The teen goes to the dentist in a couple of weeks, maybe I should try the chair out just to see I agree that proper upholstery, not just a small cushion and plywood would help a LOT with me be comfortable relaxing in the chair. I'm definitely glad I built the mock-up, I get to find all this stuff out now
  7. CutieDarkFae

    A Dark Fae's questions thread

    Well, I built a mockup fuselage today, based off John's 3" width stretch CAD files from ez.org, and I can't say I'm a fan of getting in and out I may be able to get used to it, but it is making me think of Plan B. The fuselage is plenty wide though, and it's comfy when I get in, but reclining at 45 degrees isn't, and would put a lot of stress on my neck I'm also not a fan of headrests, they never feel right. https://www.flickr.com/photos/22013977@N06/albums/72157675277656811
  8. CutieDarkFae

    Kent's Long-EZ project

    It's good to hear that you're making progress Kent And yes, this website is pretty much yours now The cowling looks nice and I hope your hot testing goes well.
  9. CutieDarkFae

    Berkut Kit

    I'm so interested in this, why must you tempt me to go to Oshkosh TMann? It's a LONG way from here.
  10. Hi Tori, I'm in the same area and I saw a couple canards at the airport once, no idea about them though. Good luck with your search
  11. CutieDarkFae

    New guy from Flagler Beach

    Welcome Nothing built yet but a few bulkheads in CAD, gotta lay them out and spline myself up a fuselage next
  12. CutieDarkFae

    Declining pilot numbers

    I certainly wish I had, but I was too busy trekking the world and enjoying it.
  13. CutieDarkFae

    A Dark Fae's questions thread

    Photo's, used my nice DSLR to take photo's of the drawings
  14. CutieDarkFae

    A Dark Fae's questions thread

    The CAD program is Fusion360 Ultimate. I got JG's drawings, obviously I haven't studied them enough as I didn't see the 1/10 scale. So now I just need to retake the photo's with a ruler in there as well and it should be so much easier than counting all those tiny little boxes. Drawing this up in CAD is part of the 'research required' I got the tiny 3 view from the internet a while back, and yes, that's why I got JG's package, much better to make things from The source was the Berkut site from the WayBack machine.
  15. CutieDarkFae

    A Dark Fae's questions thread

    With the berkut io360, what's the length from nose tip to firewall? I've got a CAD program, I've got shots of the 3 view on my computer, I just need to scale them now