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  1. Doesn't that just mean I need a bigger hanger?
  2. I do but unless you're in OZ I doubt I'm the closest person with a set.
  3. I read some of our search/rescue agency's reports, and they're normally finding people in 1 day, though some idiot didn't have a PLB on him but was in mobile phone coverage (so lucky there) so it only took 2 days. So at this point, enough supplies for 1 day seem fine, and 2 should be plenty I'm not sure when they'll start looking here, but I have a registered PLB and I know they'll start looking about 14 minutes after that goes off. Now to get back to CAD'ing, and get time on a 3D printer
  4. TMann, motorcycle camping definitely, I don't get why people need to carry a full kitchen/bed/shower/tv/whatever with them when they're camping. On a good day I fit everything into or on a backpack As to the survival gear: CASA legislates that I need to carry survival gear if I go into certain areas, which cover about 2/3 of Australia, and include a lot of the places I'd like to visit. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2009C00093 Specifically part 7 and Appendix III. Unfortunately, as far as I can find, they don't legislate what and how much. Marc, I did that and came up with some lovely numbers, if it's just me and full fuel, I should have 131kg spare Wai! (japanese happy sound) Does anybody know what happened to some of the projects which were started round updating the Long-EZ? I know people were working on updated plans, some guy was building wings, another was building bodies. Did they get anywhere?
  5. How much baggage capacity does the Long-EZ have? I've seen baggage pods, but with 2 people, a tent, other camping gear, food/water for 7 days, an ELT (the food/water is because most of Australia is inhospitable desert and if you crash you'll need it) I figure it won't be enough. Am I being unrealistic with 7 days of water, especially with modern rescue services? Possibly. Do I want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere without it? Never!
  6. Thanks everybody I'm not going to let this discourage me, the mockup is still sitting out on the balcony, awaiting a 2nd go, and Andrew's comments about how I could use the longerons on a real Long-EZ are helping There was a Long-EZ parked on the grass at Moruya airport when I went for my TIF, next time I'm down there I'll see if I can find out who owns it and try it out. The teen goes to the dentist in a couple of weeks, maybe I should try the chair out just to see I agree that proper upholstery, not just a small cushion and plywood would help a LOT with me be comfortable relaxing in the chair. I'm definitely glad I built the mock-up, I get to find all this stuff out now
  7. Well, I built a mockup fuselage today, based off John's 3" width stretch CAD files from ez.org, and I can't say I'm a fan of getting in and out I may be able to get used to it, but it is making me think of Plan B. The fuselage is plenty wide though, and it's comfy when I get in, but reclining at 45 degrees isn't, and would put a lot of stress on my neck I'm also not a fan of headrests, they never feel right. https://www.flickr.com/photos/22013977@N06/albums/72157675277656811
  8. It's good to hear that you're making progress Kent And yes, this website is pretty much yours now The cowling looks nice and I hope your hot testing goes well.
  9. I'm so interested in this, why must you tempt me to go to Oshkosh TMann? It's a LONG way from here.
  10. Hi Tori, I'm in the same area and I saw a couple canards at the airport once, no idea about them though. Good luck with your search
  11. Welcome Nothing built yet but a few bulkheads in CAD, gotta lay them out and spline myself up a fuselage next
  12. I certainly wish I had, but I was too busy trekking the world and enjoying it.
  13. Photo's, used my nice DSLR to take photo's of the drawings
  14. The CAD program is Fusion360 Ultimate. I got JG's drawings, obviously I haven't studied them enough as I didn't see the 1/10 scale. So now I just need to retake the photo's with a ruler in there as well and it should be so much easier than counting all those tiny little boxes. Drawing this up in CAD is part of the 'research required' I got the tiny 3 view from the internet a while back, and yes, that's why I got JG's package, much better to make things from The source was the Berkut site from the WayBack machine.
  15. With the berkut io360, what's the length from nose tip to firewall? I've got a CAD program, I've got shots of the 3 view on my computer, I just need to scale them now

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