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  1. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    Fair enough. I like it. I'll consult my engineering friends as well to see if they concur. I f they do I will make them using a ball bearing. I think the NG-6 could be re-machined to be lighter as well. Tony
  2. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    Lynn (Evolultion Eze RG -a two place side by side-200 Knots on 200 HP. A&P / pilot for over 30 years ) Are you out there Lynn? Any answers? Can you give me anymore details as to how you determind the loads for the nose gear. What bearings are you using exactly? Tony
  3. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    the load on these bearings are not that high. How high are they? And how did you determine your conclusion that the loads are not that high?Just so that I may look it up, what bearing exactly did you use? Tony
  4. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    O.K. is preloading really an issue? I think ball bearings are not as good as the tapered bearings for this application, the tapered bearings handle the side loads better, and I think, and (could be wrong) but don't ball bearings have a much smaller contact patch than the roller bearings? I don't think I would use ball bearings. Consequently all of the landing gear components that I have collected in the last ten years, not a single one has a ball bearing in it anywhere, mostly just bushings. (with the obvius exception of the Berkut which I have replaced the ball bearings with bushings. Tony
  5. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    Drew I was going to get rid of it but decided that I would just finish it instead. I'll start posting soon. Lynn I'll be using the tapered roller bearings
  6. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    For my next trick. Billet NG-6
  7. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    Bruce You bet. send a DWG, DXF, iges, step. I'll take care of you Tony
  8. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    Made some hinges with the haas a few weeks ago. I made a few slight changes but otherwise this is the basic design. 11.6 oz. Tony
  9. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    O.K. Where was I? aah Yes. So I had the aileron molds welded up out of 6061 T6. I made them wide enough so that I could build both the left and the right. Pic 1) Here is the aileron sitting in the mold. the forward portion of the aileron is positioned at 70.deg Pic 2) Here is the aileron mold. I'll need to polish the mold before I make a set of ailerons in it. Pic 3) Here is the bottom of the mold where it was welded. I beveled the front edge at 45 deg. then had the trough filled. Pic 4) This is the bottom skin of the aileron. As you can see this mold will make the top and the bottom. Dale and I will be doing some layups this week.
  10. Dave Thanks I appreciate the encouragement/warning. I'm still young and Dale has his Long in our shop. Unfortunately it's a little to late for me to back out now, for an airplane. Who knows maybe if I'm successful I can afford a Berkut that's allready built and flying. Tony
  11. Yup a bummer indeed but. I have to do what I have to do. Tony
  12. I have a berkut 360 kit for sale. Please see my project on this forum for pics in the berkut section. call Tony 702-858-9380
  13. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    I want to say thanks to all of you have followed my Berkut project. Unfortunately I have to part with my Berkut Kit. So with that being said it is now for sale. Please P.M. me for further details. the reason for selling is I'm staring a business and this will be my start up capital. Tony
  14. tonyslongez

    Berkut Kit

    I agree they need to be threaded. I have a few ideas for that very thing. I don't bother with you know who anymore whats the point? He's all over the map.

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