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  1. Cheers Andrew - damned if I know how I missed them!
  2. Inflight adjustment was technically the wrong term but describes what I'm wanting - the cockpit design rules out any adjusting mechanism that requires someone to get down amonsgst the pedals and undo nuts & bolts or pins etc - you would only ever want to work down there if you really needed to (and are very flexible) so I am wanting something that can be adjusted forward and back by a small electric motor attached to a threaded rod or something similar. I've seen plenty of adjustab;e rudder pedals is aircraft that use hydraulics to operate the rudders but hadn't seen a cable system that had that convenience.
  3. Oops sorry should have mentioned that I am looking for inflight adjustable ones
  4. I had a look on their website before posting but didn't find any - will email them. Cheers!
  5. Has anyone fitted or found a set of adjustable rudder pedals that work with a cable control system like we typically have in Canards?
  6. Does anyone know which of the homebuilt canard wings has the largest surface area? (ignoring the tip) out of Long Ez, E-Racer, Cozy etc? (not including Velocity)
  7. Has anyone purcahsed a set from Infinity lately? Just wondering what the lead time is etc currently?
  8. Someone (possibly Marc) mentioned somewhere recently that there were several new canard aircraft designs that people are working towards making commercially available. I know of the single seater that Revel Aero are working on, but what else is (possibly) coming?
  9. Plans are very much still for sale from Shirl Dickey, and landing gear is available from Rock at http://www.eraceraircraft.com/
  10. Going the other way - how easy would it be to convert an E-Racer to dual side sticks?
  11. RSD

    Stretched Long-EZ

    Dave Ronnenberg didn't work with Burt on the Berkut but was a good composite guy, I'm not sure whether Shirl worked with Burt for the E-Racer? I'm starting a 14 day intensive course in carbon fibre at the local college soon, that will give me some more grounding, and probably networking opportunities with composite engineers etc. After that I will evaluate where I think that I'm at and then make some decisions. Something that I'm conscious of is that there are very few people these days starting to build Canard aircraft from plans. If the homebuilt canards are to continue then somehow we need to come up with a kit solution that the average person can build in about a year like an RV. Hopefully a solution can be worked out because the long range, speed and anti-stall features of a canard mean that there is a need for them.
  12. Just a quick note to say that despite all the noise in here I do appreciate the effort that KA goes to in order to locate these various for sale canards and then post the details on here for the rest of us - just a pity that he hasn't found anything yet that ticks the boxes for me😁
  13. RSD

    Stretched Long-EZ

    LOL! Can of eels maybe?😃 I should have said that it flexes less easily than fibreglass, and stands up to pressure compression better - especially if the shape is a sphere. I'm waiting on a set of plans to arrive then will see how it looks.
  14. RSD

    Stretched Long-EZ

    I'm certainly nowhere near Burt and am a long way from being there. Carbon fibre is stiffer so won't flex under pressure and therefore change volume/buoyancy. A lot of subsea things that are used to maintain or adjust buoyancy are made from carbon fibre for this reason, and the less weight the better.

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