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  1. I know this doesn't relate to the pin itself but I looking for information on the related bracket (drag brace?) where it is "bonded" to the strut body. It looks like it was soldered or brazed rather than welded maybe "Alumaloy" or similar. I have heard that these have come loose. Does anyone have any experience welding these; removal of anodizing, contamination of weld due to aluminum brazing, etc? Why did JD chose to not weld the assembly? Are they made from 2024 or 7075 (not weldable)? Yes I have tried to get a hold of JD, no he has not responded.
  2. I am currently working on the CAD model. If you want you can contact me at carbonx@icloud.com
  3. I am building a Berkut without the kit. The fuselage will be carbon triax and made from a one-off CNC foam mold. $4224.00 for the complete Berkut package with jigs.
  4. I am building a Berk-EZ. Receiving wing cores from Eureka CNC next week. Shooting to start fuselage Jan or Feb next year but need to settle gear for that to happen.
  5. I was hoping to see JD at Oshkosh but he did not attend. Phone goes straight to voicemail, no response to emails directly and I get what looks like an auto response when using the on site web contact page. I had another forum member contact me who is in communication with him but I have had no luck reaching him.
  6. I am still looking for a set of Infinity retract landing gear for sale. New / used / or damaged / just the struts / installed or laying around any condition. Infinity Aerospace is not responding to calls or inquiries since June. Any leads or referrals appreciated. Richard
  7. I am looking for a set of Infinity retract landing gear for sale. Thanks Richard
  8. I know this was some time ago but wondering if they are still available?? Looking for a set of these please let me know if you have any leads to anyone who has them and interested in selling. Thanks, Richard rrmanceau@yahoo.com 619 729-8861

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