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  1. Asking $75 or Best Offer. Attached is a detailed breakdown on these parts & their retail price, where I could find it. Probably retails for total of about 170-200. Hardware.docx
  2. For Sale, Massive collection of aircraft grade nuts, bolts, washers, bushing, rivets, etc... All neatly organized and labeled in three cases. Retails for hundreds... best offer accepted. Includes: Item Number / Quantity: AN525-10R8 (73) AN525-10R10 (2) AN525-10R12 (5) AN-525-10R16 (1) AN-525-10R24 (1) AN 526-832R14 (2) MS24694-552 (14) MS24694-554 (16) MS24694-565 (2) MS24694-566 (1) MS24694-S70 (~10) MS24694--S74 (5) MS24694-S101 (5) MS24694-S105 (4) IO-32 Allen head set screws (2) AN3-4A (2) AN3-5A (12) AN3-6 (1) AN3-6A (14) AN3-7A (28) AN3-10A (8) AN3-11A (37) AN3-13A (23) AN3-16A (2) AN3-20A (4) AN4-5A (8) AN4-7A (12) AN4-10A (12) AN4-11A (2) AN4-13A (4) AN4-14 (4) AN4-15A (3) AN4-24A (8) AN4-30A (8) AN4-41A (2) AN8-21A (8) AN8-23A (4) AN960-10 (~100) AN960-10L (~150) AN960-416 (~13) AN960-416L (~64) AN960-616 (4) AN960-816 (16) AN960-816L (35) AN960-1016 (2) AN960-1216 (4) AN970-3 (22) AN970-4 (29) AN970-5 (2) AN310-3 (2) AN310-4 (2) AN315-3 (10) AN316-4 (4) AN316-6 (2) AN363-820A (12) AN365-524A (1) MS21042-3 (~120) MS21047-3 (60) MS21047-4 (6) MS21069-13 (4) MS21069-14 (10) MS20426 AD3-3 (1/4 lb) MS20426 AD4-4 (~25) MS204270 AD4-10 (1/4 lb) BSPQ-43 (~125) BSPQ-44 (14) MS 20913-21 (1) SS1032x1/4 (2)
  3. For Sale. A wide canopy, from Todd Parker I believe, custom sized for a wide Cozy (mine was going to be 45" wide. $200 or best offer. I had already cut the canopy bubble to size to my plane, but it should be adaptable to most other wider cozies. The rear is cut at a 15 degree Here are some dimensions and pictures as I measured it on the box this weekend. ... Bear in mind of course, the material is very flexible until installed, so you can most likely cut, or trim edges to adapt it to any wider Cozy MkIV build, and possibly even to a stock 42" wide build. (For example, if you squish the width, it will bulge higher and vice versa, or you can fix the height to your desired build and trim the bottom edges to match the necessary width.) Length tip to rear cut line: 48" Width: Approx 41-42" Height: Approx 22" ** the extra "cut off" end is included, which you'll need to fabricate the rear turtleback windows. ***Note - this will need to ship via freight, unless you can pick up in Arlington VA, 22205
  4. Got a lot of emails on these - sorry but they SOLD almost immediately.
  5. For sale: 2x wing root spherical bearing kits, with clecos. $50 or best offer.
  6. For Sale - LEZ-LL0 retractable landing light kit. $50 or best offer.
  7. For Sale, 2x Infinity Stick Grips. $75 or best offer These include all the parts, wiring and switches pictured below, but are not//not wired up yet. So save about $225 and do it yourself!

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