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  1. Hello John, Just wanted to say thanks for your input and advise on the Cozy front seat. Think modification of the center console & arm rest was a outstanding idea. Certainly encouraged my perspective on the project. The pictures of Jim Sower and the move to the airport were most interesting and appreciated. I'am sure you were elated with this step. Thanks Chuck
  2. Looking over my Cozy plans while waiting for supplies to start the project. There seems to be a strong possibility that I may not fit in the airplane! There has been a lot of talk about tall people but my problem is diferent. I'am 5'11''tall but my posterior needs a minum of 17''. The plans show 16 3/4'' cleaarance between arm rest & center section. There appears to be some additional room as the armrest curve inward at the lower level about 45 degrees. I'am trying to figure out if a bench seat would work better for my purposes? I recall John Slade writing something regarding a simular problem with a passenger. Just wondering if John has completed this mod and how it worked out? Any input on my problem would be appreciated. Perhaps I could loose some weight while building the project, weigh in at 200 lbs! Chuck
  3. Will be ordering the first apoxy kit next week for chapter 4. Does any one have any pro or con thought on the MGS system 335? I will be building in a year around temp controlled shop for the individual component, later I will need to use my garage for final assembly, non temp controlled. Just wanted to be sure to start with proper apoxy system.
  4. Would like some input from you experienced builder on starting with the canard chapter 10 first. Have my shop set up, need to order supplies to start. Thought the cannard would be a good test of my skill. It looks fairly complex, if I can complete this chapter ok the rest would be a piece of cake! If not, have'nt spent a lot of money. What does anyone think about this subject? THANKS
  5. Does anyone have any data on auto fuel with certain additives causing softing of apoxy used in fuel tank. I have read that auto fuel can be problematic with fuel tank integrity. Looking into rotary engines, like the idea of using avgas or auto gas but neede to know pros and cons. Any input would be appreciated.
  6. Talked to one of our EAA members about his heating system (Velocity XL) Said the nose mounted oil rad was not adequite. The radiator gets hot enough but the high speed airflow over the radiator cool to much for good cabin heat.
  7. Every thing on the right side sounds like good advise and simpler than a stick modification. The down side my be poor visability for left hand patterns. Also the resale value my not be as hight. I will live with these small negatives. Thanks for the input.
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows about any cozys built this way? I am a left handed and need to be able to write & fly at the same time. Any thoughts on this problem? Could set in the right seat but not good for ego or seeing instruments.
  9. Congradulation, Juat recieved my plans a couple of weeks ago.I am in the process buiding a work table and setting up my shop. Hope you enjoy the build.
  10. [John, I had a sessna 210 IFR equipped no moving map. I used a Garmin 195 to supplement IFR & VFR flying, worked great. You can also use it to practice and set up trips at home before the flights. Think you would get a professional piece of equipment at very good value. Go for it. Chuck Mk IV #1146
  11. I've just order my plans last week for the mrk4,after a year of procastinating. I was reading Al Wicks article on his cozy with a Suberu and a constant speed prop. Just like to know anyones thoughts on a light weight constant speed prop with a rotory 13b on the cozy? I sure Nat would discourage this change.
  12. FYI Just bought a sears special, table model 9inch bandsaw for $59.00. Will not have delivery for a month, so can't rate it. The price was outstanding! Last item needed in my shop before starting my Mrk4 project.
  13. Thanks for the input guys. Yes, I did enjoy working on the cozy 3 project. Just about out of excuses to start my project, will let you know when I have a plan number:) Chuck
  14. All the reasons mentioned are quit good,I can relate to most. However,I beleive age can be a factor,will be 66 in june. Figure will be 69 years old by time the project is complete. I've flown for many years and currently hold a private license with a instrument rating. However,flying very little now because of cost and dont like renting. Flew a company owned cessna 210 when I was working full time. Helped a friend build a cozy 3 a few years ago and have belong to the local EAA Chapter for many years. I really want to build a cozy 4 but feel my be to old to fly by the time its compled. Perhaps I could build it for a investment to sell if to old to fly. Could lose my medicial easily at that age.I have been procrastinating about this project for a year,need to move on or start it! Just like to hear some thoughts on starting the project at this age. Thanks in advance for your comments.

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