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  1. dust

    blended think tank

    Quite the contrare, my rule is to take advice I ask for. In this case I attempted to pay for it. Marc, you are a piece of work and i don't miss reading your dribble one bit. On the plans internal structure of the junction, mmmmm, i guess you don't remember it very well as you only attached 2 vert stabs to 2 wings, I on the other hand have done it 4 times(on two planes) and remember the internal structure, it was the second crappiest foam we use, the carve-able disintegrating one. I wrote this one in your style, sorry it was not as good as you could have insulted and demeaned, I have to try to do it, for you it comes naturally.
  2. Well, the lunch, so i am told, came off well plenty of food, except chili, plenty of people meeting people, that is the purpose. BIG thanks to Doug and Mrs Doug, Neverquit (Greg), Steve, Ed and the others that pulled it off. Wish I was there - next year. On the money end (preliminary) - spent 480, had 425 from last year, collected 575, 525 carryover to next year. The Lunch will continue! Mike aka Dust
  3. This years lunch enjoy take note on what will and what will not be there
  4. Sure am glad i am no longer involved in this bickering but here is the rest of the story. A FULL accounting of last years money has always been available, to any who asked, except Nick! He asked not for an accounting, he asked for the money. If you remember the meeting saturday night - he also took credit for the lunch as he did in his various emails to various groups. The lunch last year was a PIA to get volunteers for, TWO people volunteered for potato salad, one I volunteered because i had done him a rather large favor and i felt him bringing some potato salad was a 2% payback for my favor - he complained incessantly and tried to cancel many times. The other person also tried to cancel on bringing the potato salad. I new we would run out of salads cause only two volunteered but I did not feel i should contribute any more as i was already bringing kowality dawgs for 150, 15 or 20 lbs lbs of home made tuna salad (not store bought like both potato salads were) donuts, coffee. and much much more - 1/2 of a large pickup bed. MMMM, i also stopped on the way for a 100 dollar beer run cause those already at RR called me, course when i got there they were happy to drink it, but no one popped with a nickel! All together i spent about 250 to 300 bucks, without the beer run. this year was going to be different. EVERY penny of the collections is still in the wad that i got it in in my closet, except for maybe the pop money that i reimbursed the pop guy for. The effort and aggravation on trying to get volunteers was not worth it and i was just going to do it. The money in the closet was going to fund it. Because of circumstances beyond my control, i cannot make it this year and no one with a vehicle that can haul the load has appeared. Greg and doug have volunteered again. SO, it looks like the lunch is cancelled until next year. Maybe someone will step up, doubt it. Enjoy your bickering and stories of what you think happened, i won't be reading them.
  5. I don't miss this crap at all - you read what you want to read and don't read what is said. I have said it many times before - one last time Nat said to me I built the cozy from the scrap bins at 3m, go buy other fabric if you like and just use bid and uni where called out for. if you cannot find 8 oz weights then add up the weights, i believe his example was 2 layers of 4 oz = 1 layer of 8 oz, that is what I did, I being Nat on the cozy 3. As far as the uni that i bought in the beginning - it is really good and really bad stuff. I love it and Hate it. If you use it where there are flats or gentle curves - it is fantastic, fibers are always straight. Lays down near perfect every time. If you try to use it on joggles and tight radius's - it is crap and it will ruin your day and your part. I use it on every part that i can as it is very easy to work with, if it takes the shape easily. I prefer having two styles of uni as the stiff one is so easy to make a near perfect part. Call Nat - check it out - he misses the builder calls, or at least that is what he tells me. Now you are free to ignore what i wrote and make up what i have said - enjoy
  6. Heh, Heh Heh - a buddy told me of this comment - figured it was worth a reply - one reply is that I am very glad Marc does not visit my forum - it is a nice and informative place without him. As far as BS - obviously you NEVER called Nat to verify my statement. He will Verify it as it is true. He built his entire cozy 3 from the scrap bin (his words) from 3M when he worked there. Yes - consider the source, a reliable one - me, just the facts, wether I like them or knot. Adios
  7. I just can't believe you justify yourself by trying to say that John Slade and I started a new forum for John Slade to make money. Just absolutely ludicrous Your view of life is twisted, so what exactly is my bad intention, as it was i that started the new forum.
  8. see http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net/showthread.php?t=187&highlight=templet enjoy the build dust
  9. I guess I'm a little different, i try to say the truth in a positive way. I have accepted all forums, mail lists and web sites. What I have learned over the years is that the written activity on the forum will come from new bees, wanna bees, a few builders and fewer flyers. Lots of people will read the forum, few will post. The reason is quite simple, once you start building a cozy you lose your fear of building and most of your desires to modify it, you just want to keep going and you are able to because the plans are so darn complete. I have no axe to grind, started to use a mattock on roots, so now only have to file it to keep it sharp, no more chips from rocks in the ground. Don't want the old posts, just made a funny about your statement on the forum when you took it over, as i had made a large number of the posts, in the beginning it was frustrating to "start over" but that feeling is long gone. As always Enjoy the build Dust
  10. See http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net/showthread.php?t=359 I have no axe to grind. I have a mission. My mission has been clear since the very first post i made. Support newby's in writing and in my shop, building an airplane from scratch/plans or a "kit" is an intimidating venture. I don't have time to support them here and on the other forum or on the mail list and as a matter of fact, jon asked me to stop posting so much here when he took over the forum, well, I did. I do stop by here and see new members and questions being asked and nary an answer coming forth. That was the reason for my post, i want prospective builders to see a LARGE active support network, and if you notice, i gave more support to marc's group than the other forum, it is, I believe, more active. And hey jon, you didn't like version 1.0 of this forum, just download all of the posts and send them to me and i will put them on the other forum, no problem. As always Enjoy the build Dust
  11. This message is to those new users of this forum that are unfamiliar with the history of this forum and may wonder where all of the posters went that used to support and post to this forum. Because of things that occurred to this forum, the people that supported it from the inception to a few months ago, left and went to a new forum. We are still there and are ready, willing and able to support any questions you have on building a canard/foam/fiberglass airplane. The active members of that forum represent a large variety of builders and builder/flyers. Jon, you seem to be a nice guy, but, this forum has effectively turned into your personal web page of you building your plane and builders new to glass and canard construction deserve better support than is here. If someone has a question I highly recommend coming over to the new forum or joining Marc's very respected and supported mail list-serve http://www.cozybuilders.org/ for cozy mail list of Marc J. Zeitlin http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net/ for the forum where 99% of the previous people, and many new one's moved to. If you read many threads started by me and contributed to by me, you will see that my desire is just to help newby's learn what plane and specifically foam and fiberglass building is all about. That is the spirit in which i am posting this thread to address. I am not telling you to dump this forum and never come back, i am saying that there is a large community in two other places that are there to support you on deciding what to build and answer your questions during the build. Building a cozy is easy and fun and it takes a long time. And as always enjoy the build Dust
  12. Still around, just moved forums, email me and i will tell you where, invite to build is open to all, not just michiganders, free lodging, food, pickup and delivery to/from airports.
  13. Minor Points I decided to start a new forum, I invited John and Largprime. I worked very hard on this forum for a long time to make it a place to be. Jon, when YOU took it over, you made it quite clear YOU don't like me or what I brought to the forum. I found out last week that you own the forum and that no attempt was going to be made to bring this forum up to the standards I want to be associated with and I decided to leave and start my own. You said - guerilla attack on the forum I will disagree, using the complete list of all members of the forum as of three or six or whatever months ago would have been a guerilla attack on the forum. We chose not to do that. That was just a PIA announcement. BTW, I have been complimented that it was a very polite announcement, i worked very hard to keep it that way. There are many posts here that I made and I plan on copying, I wrote them and I will copy them, i will also copy the answers as I desire. Glad you recieved the supplies, cmon over to [pirate URL removed by admin] if you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them, as you know, I specialize in helping newbys out, as always: enjoy the build dust
  14. No, i think it is a structural and functional matter. One of the reasons for the air brake is to lower the nose for landing. It is not structurally designed to be a speed brake enjoy the build dust
  15. Fighters and mooneys have speed brakes, we have an air brake. I believe that a speed brake can be deployed at almost any speed and we have a low ias in which we can deploy the air brakd enjoy the build dust

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