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  1. Shazam had no idea.. if I was to have a guess at it from what (little) I know of music, I would say that it sounds like a composition by Yanni.
  2. do you have a link to the video? I can try running it through Shazam (music recognition softare)
  3. A pee tube? Seriously? Time to do more research. Then again, I have a bladder like a camel. edit: Oh man.. why did I google this. http://soaringweb.org/ART/pee.html
  4. I recall reading somewhere that deep stalls are possible (however unlikely) to recover in these aircraft... something about trying to 'throw' the aircraft over using combined rudder and aileron inputs. I could be wrong though. The lesson from all this is: Pay CLOSE attention to your CG limits, stay within them, and fly inside your tested 'flight test' envelope.
  5. I completely agree. In addition, I'd like to see an 'errata' and an optional modifications section, possibly for each chapter. I'd like to get together (virtually) with several of the community leaders and try to lay the foundations for this so we can start getting useful data into the public's hands ASAP. ~A
  6. I can't say that I am, but I am donating the hosting for the Wiki. So if you'd like to send them to me, I can get them online.
  7. I was one of the folks stuck in Chicago's Union Station for over 22 hours. In the cold (literally). In the dark (figuratively). And fairly discontent. Amtrak REALLY dropped the ball on this one. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5ifTg_yfYpAykFLdY6fVBnb3NeMZAD958N4DO0
  8. Hey.. those sound perfect. Would you be willing to contribute them for use in our builders guide rewrite?
  9. It's unlikely that I will make the plans available again in their entirety. Trust me, I wasn't even CLOSE to done with them. I may make certain parts of them available (cover page design which was completely my work, the license agreement, and a select few other pages). Actually, I completely disagree. Choosing to release something into the public domain (giving up your rights to it) is completely different than retaining your rights to something and not choosing to enforce them. Again, I want to stress that I think that this should be a full rewrite. For twofold reasons: 1. To respect Burts rights as the author of the original plans, we must make something substantially different. 2. In the VERY remote case that he has a change of heart and decides to start enforcing his rights, we would all be on the hook for violations. In order for this project to have maximum value, we must not be viewed as, or accused of being thieves or copyright violators. That being said: Let's move FORWARD!
  10. 1. Marc, I can't thank you enough for getting to the bottom of this for us. It certainly helps to clarify the path which lies ahead. 2. I am utterly stunned about the TERF CD's. There will be some VERY hard questions for the owner of that company from this community. I do not envy him. 3. I without question will trust Marc's word over TERF's, as he has never given me a reason to doubt him. Period. Unless they produce a signed, legally binding contract giving them authorization to redistribute the plans, I have no reason to believe them. 4. Since BURT is the holder of copy/distribution rights, I will honor those, and continue on with this project as a full rewrite. I'm truly sick (Influenza), and exhausted, otherwise I would write more. Still... absolutely stunned. I have no words
  11. Domain name is already set. I need to have a talk with Jon M and the other people heavily involved in the project to see how they want to handle ownership of the domain, etc. I would be glad to donate it to the project somehow, but I guess the site has to be owned by an entity (a person or legal entity, llc, corporation, etc). Other issues that need to be figured out are liability/licensing, etc. How do we move forward with the project, in essence, giving our work to the community, but preventing liability issues...
  12. I have the Wiki set up, but the domain name registration hasn't gone through yet. I am also in the process of setting up the project management portal as well. If you want a preview of the Wiki or Project Management system, please send me a private message, and I will send you the testing URLs. I have not enabled security on it yet, so It's not quite ready for public exposure.
  13. I agree, I feel that the chapters should be kept in the same order, and leave it to the builder to decide if they want to deviate from the plans order. The reason we would want to keep the chapters the same is that any updates or safety/airworthiness advisories will specifically reference chapters in the original Long/Cozy, etc. If someone can provide compelling reason to drastically deviate from the original order, then I'm for it. The website you mentioned appears to be 'parked' at godaddy, which means someone already owns it, and we can't use it.
  14. Not exactly... http://www.dscinet.com/eZ80/OpenEZ/ Thats more what I am concerned about. Been around since 2002, last update copyright 2002-2005.

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