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  1. OK. I'll respond once, then I'm outta here. First, lets get the chronology and the motivations straight. Nick & I started this forum 18 months or so. Up until last week I was one of the main supporters of this forum as a new improved medium of communication. Last week Dust asked me if I could dump all his posts. I saw nothing wrong with it, since he owns them, (and I now read that Jon agrees) but felt I should run it by Jon rather than just do it. Not having messed with the new version (to save treading on each other's toes) I asked Jon if dumping the posts to a text file would be an easy task. Jon responded with something of a tirade in his PM which ended with the question "What am I missing?" Disgusted with his protective attitude, I responded simply "Pretty much everything". At this juncture I had no thoughts of starting a replacement forum, or of launching my corporation so early. I had planned to wait until I have the 40hrs flown off and would be ready to travel for business. Big mistake. It is just this sort of attitude, and downright insulting behavior, that made me decide that the forum under Jon's command (word choosen carefully) was not something I wanted to remain involved in. I founded this place and built an airplane. Jon strolled in 6 months ago and, to my knowledge, hasn't even made a bulkhead yet. Who knows best what is better for the community? The internet has added tremendous tool for airplane builders, and the more we can centralize the information the better. This said, this medium is not about copyright, control, power or ownership. It's about helping other people have as much fun as you're having, openly and honestly. As an administrator I could have cut off Jon's account, or Nicks, or Marcs at any time. Would I do it? Never in million years. Why? Because it would be wrong, and it would be an in-your-face insult since it pretty much says "I think you are going to deliberately damage the forum in some way. I don't trust you, and I'm cutting you off before you can harm us". If had a problem with a "co-administrator's" behavior I would speak to him/her about it and discuss the issues openly, not simply cut them off without any warning, email or phone call. My mistake, I suppose, was that I thought I was working in a team. I think it is this kind of "leadership" that we're over in Iraq fighting against, but that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. Anyway, when Jon objected to dumping Mikes posts, and then cut me out like a bad apple, Mike suggested that we make a new forum and do it our way. At that point the idea made sense to me. We needed a server, so I ordered one, brought forward my corporate annoucement and allowed Mike and LP to install the forum under it. As was said in the email the guys sent, enough is enough. I think we have created a happier place with, as Joe P would say, good karma. Many people who had gotten fed up of the BS here have apparantly "come out of the woodwork" to join us. This will be my last post on this forum. If anyone wants to know how my exploits are progressing they know where to find me. As for you, Jon. I wish you the best. You are embarking on a wonderful journey. I hope you complete it, and I look forward to flying alongside you in a Cozy formation one day soon - Just not too close, if you don't mind. Regards, and may the winds always be at you're back (except during takeoff and landing) John Slade
  2. Steve, if your airplane building is as efficient as your writing, you'll end up with a 400lb Cozy that goes Mach 4.
  3. Steve, Go to rst engineering and get their copper foil antenna kit. http://www.rst-engr.com The RG58 is old spec. You need the 400 stuff from http://aeroelectric.com I'd get 5lb of micro too. You'll use it. Not sure what the 929 and 814 parts are for. Presume you want to cap the lines. You could always just use some of the al tube and flatten it. If the mk1003s are nutplates, you'll need about 100 of then everntually. You might consider getting some pour foam to insulate the whole thing before you cap it.
  4. AH the EFIS/One I gotta get me one of those (one day). I think the EFIS/One uses capacitance probes. I think they recommend a particular brand which works well with their unit.
  5. I'd recommend that. Its always better to have a way to confirm critical information. Actually SEEING the fuel gives a nice comfort level, especially as you get used to the (probably non-linear) electronic readings.
  6. Good points, Rui. I'm told that the stock '91 Mazda turbo is very durable. There's a Swiss company ( Myriad or something) using it on their firewall forward package. I think the compressor wheels are welded to the shaft by some special electronic process on all turbos. I looked at a turbonetics unit on the web today - $2300 +. Rebuild cost on my unit is about $600, so I think I'll either get a replacement stock unit or have mine rebuilt. Seperating the oil & coolant supplies would make sense if this were a common problem, which I'm hoping it's not.
  7. Hmmm. Interesting. I just checked that "some" oil was coming out of the feed line. I'd like to know how much there should be (for when I get a replacement).
  8. True enough. I'll withold judgement till I do.
  9. For those who are interested, I made my third flight today. There's a write-up on my web page at the end of http://kgarden.com/cozy/chap29.htm
  10. I have capacitance probes. The calibration screw on mine is VERY sensitive and the readings need more adjustment. I noticed the right gauge was reading zero today. I'm glad I had the sight gauges to confirm the fuel status.
  11. Makes sense, but how often do you do that? I haven't used my parking brake since the plane left the patio. In retrospect I think I'd have left it out.
  12. Jon Macho said "Nick has since turned over forum ownership and responsibility to me." Now that's something I didn't know
  13. > Last night at the Sun & Fun Cozy hot-dog roast I spoke with someone (I forget who) with a new teeshirt. It had a picture of a rotor with the words "A bunch of Wanklers" above it. Gotta get me one of those! The event was a big success. 50+ people and 5 hours of non-stop Cozy conversation. Good food soda and beer at $5/head. MUCH better than the Red Barn. I lost count of the number of people who said they were planning to install a rotary in their Cozy. I met at least 5 who are already working on the installation, and even a couple who are considering taking OUT their Lycomings in favor of a rotary. Seems like we have a trend.
  14. Sounds like a good idea to me. So... how do we implement such a scheme? Perhaps a "best practice" would be proposed, then rated by others. If it gets a high rating it gets in the list, otherwise not. I'll discuss it with Jon at the Cozy dinner tonight. I'd be interested in reading you're "other musings"
  15. I've been to S&F (by road) every year for 6 years. Each year there have been less canards there than the year before. It's not a matter of how many Cozy's there are, it's a matter of how many still want to pay $5 for a lemonade and listen to screaming warbirds all afternoon while unsupervised little kids jump on their pitot head, and EAA charge them for the priviledge. My Cozy is flying now, but I doubt it will EVER visit Lakeland which is 45 minutes flight time. Aside from all the above, the place is a bee's nest of different speed traffic with a high potential for accidents. http://roughriver.org is the place to see canards. More every year. 70+ last year.

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