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  1. Thanks for the fast answers. I have some acetone so thats what I'll use. You can call yourself a proptologist as long as you use a rubber glove:cool2:
  2. I have to take a pause in my building to move. I have removed the resin and hardener from the pump reservoirs, and I was wondering what to use to pump through the pump to cleanse it? Do I have to take the pump apart to clean it properly? I did notice as I pumped the last of the fluids out that the handle is slow to return to top position and worry that the metering is affected. It is a Michaels Engineering pump with MGS 335. Thanks.
  3. I think you were a little early I'm only in chapter 6, but will try to get there to ogle and gawk and take a million pics. I plan to ride down on my motorcycle (from Westchester County in NY) and camp.
  4. To all this great advice I would add that to answer the OP's question would require a determination of the total potential market for such a product at a potential price point. I'm not sure that the folks on this board represent the target market as many of us are more interested in building than just flying. Folks with the funds to buy expensive kits and parts may not be reading this. Given what we already know about the total market (Velocity and Cozy and all the variants of EZ(e)s, etc I would say the market is not too big (fancy marketing terms) and would be unlikely to support the kind of capital intensive project you are contemplating. I would be hesitant to enter such a market unless the potential buyers was measured in hundreds or thousands, not tens and twenties. Talk to your banker to see what I mean. From my recent visit to Sun and Fun I think there is a lot more interest out there in new composite LSA aircraft, where people are paying $75-$125K for inexpensive to operate, lower performance, no Medical required craft. Maybe you could subcontract for some of that work? I for one would love to buy a Berkut kit today, but I, like so many others, can't afford one. Best of luck in your endeavors.
  5. Does anyone have a web site address for Feather Lite? Do they have a site? Thanks.
  6. No, the web site shows an email of Nostromo56@tx.rr.com
  7. Thank goodness there is a civilian space program. Makes me proud to be a...ummmm......civilian.
  8. Thanks all for the anxiety reducing responses. I feel better knowing that I am not alone in wanting an electronic solution integrated into my flight system, and that there is way to post-install them. Now I can go ahead and do all those layups in the landing gear area with no worries. Thanks! Great resource this board.
  9. I went and bought the Atkinson fuel sight gauges as the plans method didn't appeal to me (trying to see gas sloshing around through translucent fuselage side glass). When the sight gauges came I read up on posts here about installing them and read the enclosed directions. Somewhere I thought I read that the sight gauge depressions that are to be sanded into the fuselage sides (like the control stick depressions) could be omitted at the time of building the sides. I cannot find this reference now and I may have misread it anyway. So that's what I did, and that's what I am now concerned with. I have gone on to finish Chap 5 and have assembled the sides in Chap 6 and I want to know if I have screwed up. Just when and how should I proceed to install these gauges? Do I cut out the glass and foam on the inside and mount the gauges over the hole? Can someone clarify just how I could go about this with minimal chopping up of the fuselage sides? On a similar matter, has anyone omitted the gauges completely and just installed an electric fuel level system as the primary fuel level instrument and how did that work out? Hoping someone out there can help alleviate my anxiety
  10. Wow, no answer to this 2006 question? I have the same question. What exactly is the recess in the top of the heat duct for? Does it povide clearance for the plumbing of the fuel lines to the plans-specified fuel selector?
  11. I'm not Marc, but that is him early in the video. I'm thinking I might want to strap one of those rockets onto my Cozy for the ultimate in Rocket Assisted Take Offs
  12. I may be alone here but I think you are lucky (skilled?) to have had a happy conclusion to such a long flight conducted in the condition you were in. I for one would not have continued flight feeling that bad. I'm glad you are down, but you might want to consider reevaluating your decision making. Passing out after landing is your body telling you something. If I am way off base here I apologize. Maybe I'll reread what you wrote and get some other opinion. Anyway, it's just me talking
  13. Nice, what's the blue tube, a breathalyzer?
  14. A month ago I sent payment via Paypal to the email address on his web page and received the gauges in a week or so.
  15. Interestingly, I ended up using the extra foam to redo the seatback. When I was doing the second side I was sloppy with the epoxy and also weighted the layup down with a piece of masonite on top of the peel ply, and forgot to use plastic to prevent a bond. Well, the masonite was pretty stuck to the seatback and cleaning it up made such a mess that I redid the whole thing. So, it seems that Mr Puffer watches over me and put in the extra foam....

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