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  1. Just a quick one, im still working on it, just been a bit busy with moving and buying a tri-q recently been playing around with some fuselage mockups this is one that follows quite a tubular circular shape just something iv been doing while away from my home computer with all the proper scaled and sized drawings being at home, so the fuse is just freehand at the moment
  2. Best thing is, the price i got it for is a mere fraction of the price it would have cost me to build one and i also know some very very good pilots (ex airforce fast jet instructors) who will be more than happy to come fly with me when i first get it and make sure i get used to it safley
  3. Quick update (pun intended i have now bought myself a Tri-Q its been flying before over in the states, but is now in a stripped down and paint-less state for our LAA inspections so the winter is going to consist of repainting, and fitting engine and avionics however the good thing is i will now have an aircraft to play with and fly in while im building the other
  4. I also have them, very good docs
  5. that happened just next to my airfield, in fact i saw the crash site when i went out flying silverstone is just on the edge of the turweston circuit
  6. how did the forward hinge help ?
  7. Id say it makes absolutly no difference
  8. Oh, i dont have any particular need to change it to roncz, all i was intending to do was to plug the roncz and the LS1 canard airfoils into the CFD program and see if and what differences there might be but yes your correct the UK can be quite restricting on mods i guess i will need to have a little think about what im going to do maybe my original ideas where there better ones
  9. well id say not to think about planning to sell any quantity im more thinking of just getting the q200 kit to get the AC built and flying as standard and possibly not bothering doing any extra effort with carbon ect the berkut based thing can run along side (albeit more in the background) as the more deepthought and engineering project while still having something i can build and fly in the Q200 my main fancy for the Q, is the fact its relativly cheap, quick aircraft and fast build as a kit, is the Q really that bad as an aircraft to avoid it ? im just curious if its more about biases and allegences to the long ez design or actually something seriously bad about the Q ?
  10. Thanks for the comments I may have found an unstarted Q200 kit that looks like a good deal im just looking at the shipping costs do you think this is a good purchase?
  11. well yes i understand why the ez type is so popular, but i suspect part of that is the huge amount of builder support they have in the form of the cozy and others yeah i realize they do tend to land very hot, thats a slight concern but hopefully something ill be able to get used too and live with the trade off is that it is a very quick and economical little ac so i believe it would suit me well
  12. Id prefer one as an unstarted kit if possible logisticly it wouldnt be easy to transport a built aircraft from the US to the UK either
  13. yup i know if anyone see's one for sale let me know however ill still carry on with this hopefully i can bring the design back to life plans are already available via quickheads.com so hopefully if a few molded and machined parts can be made available then there should be enough there to build an aircraft
  14. Well iv been thinking a lot about what is most suitable for me as an aircraft and after discussions with the LAA and several people, iv come to the conclusion that building a Berkut style aircraft is not really going to achieve a lot for me, we are limited in engine power in home builds here, also i have opted for a simpler and faster to build design also one that suits and fits the shape and size of my available Autoclave and manufacturing facility's a bit more comfortably also of note is that the long ez/berkut style aircraft has been done to death by lots of people and there is nothing new to be gained for the community, the quickie has not had any parts made for it for a long time and its a shame as its a really nice aircraft so now i am opting to make my aircraft in the style of the old Quickie Q200 I will be looking to use the Wilsch Diesel engine still, and using prepreg carbon for the wings and fuselage i will be using the original design of having the wheels on the end of the canard and not the Tri-Q design also of note is that the Q200 used an LS1 canard, this was the design the Roncz was based from (the LS1 was made before the roncz canard existed) so i will investigate the possibility of using the Roncz airfoil for the canard i my next decision will be to work out the method to build the canard from, whether to use the tubular spar as used in the later LS1 canard, or possibly a rohacell wrapped spar section that is cured in place with the rest of the canard in a closed mold anyway for those that dont know what im talking about here is a picture of the aircraft, the original quickie was a rutan design Started Cad work for the wing
  15. did my first solo flight this morning terrifying but fun at the same time think i need a lay down lol

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