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Plans for Verieze wiring of instrument panel


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My husband recently purchased a Varieze and is rebuilding the aircraft.  The owners manual does not have any information on wiring the instrument panel.   He has an elderly A&P working with him but the wiring is a jumble and looks like tangled spaghetti now.   I would appreciate any help or information any members can provide on this situation.     Thank you.

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What a helpful spouse!  🙂   It is probably best to tear all the wiring out and rewire.  It's likely less work than trying to splice into what is already there.  The main source for wiring homebuilts is www.aeroelectric.com (Bob Nuckolls) which has wiring diagrams, tips, and a great instruction book that will explain aircraft wiring.   http://www.aeroelectric.com/

See "Getting Started" on this page  http://www.aeroelectric.com/articles.html

His book is well worth the price   http://www.aeroelectric.com/Catalog/pub/pub.html   but he has lots of good reading on his website

Nuckolls is also good about answering questions on the Matronics Aeroelectric List which can be linked from the same site.  For now, read Bob Nuckolls's bookclean up (remove) the old wiring, collect your solder, stripping and crimping tools and examine the "Z-" diagrams from Aeroelectric with your A&P and figure out how you want to wire the airplane.  Come back with more specific questions.  Good luck.

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I do test stand wiring for a living so I second the idea of removing the old wiring and starting fresh. It will probably take No more time and you will have the piece of mind of a robust electrical system. Not to mention will know every aspect of it while you create the schematic.

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I"m an avionics inspector.  I agree with Kent Ashton and sixfivelrp.  Wiring is a source of many problems in homebuilts.  Intermittent problems can be a nightmare to track down.  Try to take photos and document as well as you can what is there now by tracing the wires.  Then redo all wires and connections with the use of Bob Nuckolls guides and schematics.  Bob has provided complete wire diagrams that should cover most options.  The reason there are no wiring diagrams in the plans is there are SO many was to skin a cat when it comes to wiring and the front panel.  When buying a homebuilt, you can only hope that the builder has documented what they did (and why) in all phases, not just wiring.  The builder may be able to clarify some things like this.  If you can contact the builder, he/she may have a schematic (even a rough one) that could provide assistance with the wiring.  It's always worth the time to ask.

Good luck in your project.


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