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  1. Thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated! Kenneth
  2. on the Infinity web site, James mentioned they infinity gear set that they are NOT usable on velocity due to differences in the spar. Can you guys explain the differences between a Cozy IV spar and a Velocity spar? On another note, If Voidhawk9 is correct on the 'out of stock' thing, is there anyone else who make canard landing gear or that can be applied to a canard? thanks, Kenneth
  3. I"m an avionics inspector. I agree with Kent Ashton and sixfivelrp. Wiring is a source of many problems in homebuilts. Intermittent problems can be a nightmare to track down. Try to take photos and document as well as you can what is there now by tracing the wires. Then redo all wires and connections with the use of Bob Nuckolls guides and schematics. Bob has provided complete wire diagrams that should cover most options. The reason there are no wiring diagrams in the plans is there are SO many was to skin a cat when it comes to wiring and the front panel. When buying a homebuilt, you can only hope that the builder has documented what they did (and why) in all phases, not just wiring. The builder may be able to clarify some things like this. If you can contact the builder, he/she may have a schematic (even a rough one) that could provide assistance with the wiring. It's always worth the time to ask. Good luck in your project. Kenneth
  4. Thanks for explaining. Didn't make sense, but I'm not thinking of how to be malicious. Yes, it is nice to spot a canard. I just spoke with someone who has flown in that aircraft. I really enjoy the small community, neighborly feel.
  5. I was quite a ways away looking head on when I started this post earlier today.. Turns out it was William K's Cozy IV. N9WK, A nice example of the Cozy IV. Looks like he flew in to BDN from Colorado via Jerome JER.
  6. Unable to edit my post for some reason. I meant "take a 'peek'". I would think a post could be edited to keep one from using the wrong word and looking foolish.
  7. Hey all, I just spotted a Long EZ across the runway. I wondered if it was anyone from this forum. I'm unable to see the N number from this angle, but if it's still there later I'll take a peak. I was hoping to say 'Hi' and maybe take a look. Kenneth
  8. Thanks Kent, I've been scanning every web site I can find. To be fair, all canards are fair game at this point. I am not on the Cozy_builders group yet, but plan to get myself added to that group this weekend. Also, I'm not looking for the highest priced, or lowest priced. I'm trying to find the balance between fair price and quality of documented work done. Seems I've picked the year to start where due to Covy, everyone has decided to get into the building game or get back into the building game. I am certainly not in a rush. I'm more the methodical tons of research guy.
  9. Good point. Some people are enamored with the idea of super fuel economy. Fixed costs are killers. While I can respect that, It's not my main goal. A little more weight capacity would be nice and a lot more practical for being able to take another person and full fuel. The legs on an EZ are better by several hundred miles. I was excited because I found a Varieze for sale, but it's 2 states away and the seller has not followed through with pics. I've found out the aircraft is poorly documented due to the death and loss of documentation of the original builder. I think my first choice would be a Cozy, so I think I'll pass on this aircraft and just keep looking.
  10. I bought the TERF CDs. I am quite disappointed in what I got for the price. Scanned 1970-80s documents that you can find online. Also, they can't/ don't sell licenses or serial numbers. It's for 'historical reference' only.

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