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  1. Thanks Kent, I've been scanning every web site I can find. To be fair, all canards are fair game at this point. I am not on the Cozy_builders group yet, but plan to get myself added to that group this weekend. Also, I'm not looking for the highest priced, or lowest priced. I'm trying to find the balance between fair price and quality of documented work done. Seems I've picked the year to start where due to Covy, everyone has decided to get into the building game or get back into the building game. I am certainly not in a rush. I'm more the methodical tons of research guy.
  2. Good point. Some people are enamored with the idea of super fuel economy. Fixed costs are killers. While I can respect that, It's not my main goal. A little more weight capacity would be nice and a lot more practical for being able to take another person and full fuel. The legs on an EZ are better by several hundred miles. I was excited because I found a Varieze for sale, but it's 2 states away and the seller has not followed through with pics. I've found out the aircraft is poorly documented due to the death and loss of documentation of the original builder. I think my first choice would be a Cozy, so I think I'll pass on this aircraft and just keep looking.
  3. I bought the TERF CDs. I am quite disappointed in what I got for the price. Scanned 1970-80s documents that you can find online. Also, they can't/ don't sell licenses or serial numbers. It's for 'historical reference' only.

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