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I see that a chap named Ashton (no relation) is planning to build a Twin-engine EZ using two Aeromomentum engines.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/25741482604/  He has the engines and posted a pic if his idea so I guess he's pretty serious about trying it.  I wonder if this fellow has read up on the previous efforts at twin-engine EZs?  

http://forum.canardaviation.com/showthread.php?t=2139  http://stargazer2006.online.fr/derivatives/pages/twin-ez.htm  http://forum.canardaviation.com/showthread.php?t=5252
They have not been very successful AFAICT.  His two engines appear to weigh 185 each _dry_ (pic 2), then there is the weight of watercooling X 2, extra structure to support the engines, extra mount, cowl, and prop.    Maybe he's an aeroengineer and has it all figured out but I suspect it will suck up hours of work and then prove a costly mistake.  Why am I writing this?  In the hope that he will stumble across TwinEZ in a google search and study what has been tried before.  Or maybe we have some FB members here who will link to this.

Google and the forums have preserved a wealth of canard pics and discusson over the years but it appears to me that half the people posting on FB are not aware of what's there and what has been attempted before.  The first URL above says it was reengined as a single.  I don't know what happened to the second airplane.   The 3rd URL airplane was bought by our friend Zubair Kahn who rebuilt it as a single and crashed it.

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Not sure why a person would do this. A LOT of extra work for no real increase in safety or reliability (single vs twin safety statistics are clear).

The Aeromomentum engines are interesting though, I will watch the AM20T with interest (260hp at o-360 weight).

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Better get more rudder - this will flat spin like a saucer with only one engine.

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