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Hi my name is Brian I'm new here. I'm in the process of purchasing a Drangonfly partially completed kit. I'm a big fan of Rutan Designs and would like to build a Long. Don't have the $ or infrastructure for that right now but maybe soon. I'll probably build from the Open Source Long plans. I saw someone post that "they" probably don't want a bunch of Long airplanes flying that havnt been built with Liscensed plans. Burt has said that he is happy to see his designs being built and that his view is that copyrights and lawsuits are stifling to development of aircraft. Thus Open Long aircraft should be ok with him. I'd think as long as they are being built and flown in a responsible manner. Anyway I plan to check out what a lot of is going on here, ask questions, learn a little maybe and comment on you're achievements.


In that Spirit




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Hello all!  Aspiring Canardian here.  Been knocking around in Cessnas forever, but it's time to be movin' on up!  After looking at VEZ and LEZ, and actually having wife try the LEZ on for size(thanks Larry!), I think I have arrived at a Cozy IV.  For all of you living the married life, you know, it's "happy wife, happy life!"  For that reason, looking for someone in the Denver area with a Cozy that we can check out up close and personal.  Need my better half on board for this little venture.  Anyway, a ride would be fabulous(glad to pay our way), but if we could even sit in one to see how it feels, that would be great!  Also looking for an EAA chapter with some like minded flyers....If anyone can help, please shoot me a text, will call you right back! John Wilcox 720.217.1893

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, looking for someone in the Denver area with a Cozy that we can check out up close and personal. 


If she like to fly, she should love the Cozy!


Wow!!!  Lucky You!!!   

You are actually really close to a lot of canard activity (including Cozy activity).  Do an internet search for Freeflight Composites and then contact Burrall Sanders (the owner).  They are close to you in Peyton, CO.  


In addition to being on this forum, join the Cozy Builders email list (its a Google Group managed by Marc Zeitlin).. this will give you access to a list of more than 700 members... many in your area.

Andrew Anunson

I work underground and I play in the sky... no problem

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