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New Varieze Canopy


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Could someone please advise best place to get a canopy - tinted preferably - for a Varieze?

I've been Googling but there doesn't seem to be anything recent - aside from Spruce Europe for a boggling amount of money!

The canopy on our early 80's build needs replacing.

Thank ya


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You might try this place. www.airplaneplastics.com


It doesn't look too hard to free-blow one. I've not tried it myself but collected info. A pretty simple oven made with kitchen stove elements. See the ones here





Time or money, take your pic. :-)


Ah, here 's one in Oz


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I talked with a aircraft designer/builder to insure that these are the guys that he uses and they are

They were the other source besides Todd's Canopies available for our Canard aircraft.

Now that we've lost Todd, this is about the only other option.


Delegate this one. Trying to make your own is a fool's errand. You'll spend way more and may never have a useable canopy.

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Is Aero Canopy Real?   Here is what it says on their "About" Page: 

In 2023, Jon Doe had a vision for a Aerospace Engineering Firm that would bring innovation into our lives in a way that no other company had done before. This dream came true when AeroCanopy was established that same year. Since then, we’ve worked on many projects with the single goal of providing innovative engineering solutions.

You might notice there are a couple issues here that raise serious questions.  Additionally, it looks like the photos in their store were obtained from a variety of places.


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