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  1. Nice Progress! Where can one get the peel ply with lines in it?
  2. Great Video and Crazy Stories of a long time Q1 owner.
  3. I use a 48" Great Planes Easy Touch aluminum extrusion. They are discontinued at this length, but are found used on EBay or rc airplane classifieds.
  4. http://jdfinley.com/quickie-aircraft-documents/
  5. Nice Work!!! Keep us up to date on your progress. Have you got the plans for the Super Quickie mods?
  6. What are you guys going to do for spars? LS1 canard or standard glass?
  7. Contact Aerocanopy.
  8. Complete Speed Brake 100 plus shipping.
  9. Will do, late afternoon or early evening.
  10. https://www.epoxyworks.com/index.php/chopped-strand-mat-and-epoxy/
  11. Use your epoxy. The directions call for using polyester to dissolve the binder that holds the random fibers together to make it easier to handle. When you cut them up you don't have to consider this. You will have a much stronger outcome with epoxy.
  12. Another option is to go to Wal-Mart and get Bondo branded fiberglass mat, then start cutting it up with scissors.
  13. Milled fiberglass will work just fine. It is as strong if not stronger than flox. Not used in Rutans designs because it heavy.
  14. Strake is reinforced on left in board side and is intended for rear seat ingress and egress.
  15. Used to be the home of BJ Schramm of Helicycle and Rotorway Fame.
  16. Countach74


    Wow!!! What a cool mechanism for engine deployment and retraction!
  17. Cnc and Solidworks are a good idea but forget about the diesel. Check out the Raptor on YouTube with an Audi Diesel.
  18. Why not draw them yourself. I have many times took a PDF snapshot copied and pasted into Autocad then traced over the lines and finally scaled it.
  19. Great article Jon!!! Want to try this technique!
  20. Check Cozy girls website. Think they call it low vac.
  21. Also have the Aerocanard plans that use to be on their website. They are Shareware and some of the images are blurred out intentionally so one cannot build from them. If interested let me know and I can upload them.
  22. Look under members gallery. I started downloading them there, but was halted 1/3 the way through do to the size. There is enough reading to get you started. Hope Jon will delete them when the correct file is working.
  23. Think I have the plans on my home computer.

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