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OMG - Not canard related but incredible flying.


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It looks like a fake to me, the landing sequence is obviously interfered with, a whole bunch of speed just disappears at one point.


I'm a bit confused by the whole background of this. www.killathrill.com/start.action is a dull looking clothing line that 'sponsors' somebody called James Andersson in the Red Bull series, yet he always finishes outside the top 12, or gets disqualified. His results here: www.killathrill.com/start.action


I haven't been to a Red Bull race, but I thought there were only the listed pilots participating, it is possible the pilot does not really exist, the whole thing is just one of those very irritating 'viral' advertisements. Which makes Stinky a spammer. Thanks a lot.


Did read about a similar instance in real life, British aerobatic pilot had a lower wing attach bolt failure in a Zlin 526a, landing off an inverted circuit. Wing was still attached, but folded up to 45 degrees if he wasn't inverted. http://www.aerobatics.org.uk/repeats/zlin_wing_failure.htm

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Now I have seen real video of RC pilots landing after losing a wing. It's impressive, but a lot of RC acrobatic airplanes are extremely overpowered.

That was, indeed, an R/C model - and they spliced in a real one at the end. Good entertainment, though!

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... but then a few seconds later it was clear it was fake.

:confused: Wow! That's good to know. I was going to give this a shot this weekend in the rent-a-spam-can (Archer). Might be a bit underpowered.


From what I've read, they are getting 340+HP out of the Lycoming 540 in the Red Bull planes. A little better than .2 hp/lb.


Amazing what theycan get away with.

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James anderson is not a real red bull pilot. Check the Redbull roster. He's not even on it! They are cleverly inserting him at the end of the roster as 'disqualified' at the James Anderson site. Notice the Killathrill sponsor on the website. It looks like a bio for 80's non-rapper Milli Vanilla ICE.


How come he's on the crowd side of the fence in the pictures? Maybe because he's not let in the pilot area???


475 HP engine on his airplane specs?? Gimmie a break!!


The video is a fake.


It's an ad campaign by a company called Killathrill.


Anybody who looks at the actual landing would realize the physics of that plane hitting the ground at speed would have planted it in the dirt and the pilot would be one hell of a lot shorter if not immediately dead! watch this vid of Wayne handly hitting the ground for a comparison.




Anyone notice how super jittery the Killathrill vid gets when the plane gets right on the deck? Notice how short the landing is? Boink!


It amazes me how this hoax has taken off in the pilot community!!!


This annoys me so I'm venting about it. Jeez! How many of my pilot buddies have sent me this going "Wow, check this out!" This same climate has given us the current crop of politicians currently up for election. Doesn't anybody have any skepticism left????


Ok I'm done. Night shift is getting to me. Gotta go find something to break so I can fix it.

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I also saw a new video of bigfoot so I'm I'm convinced he's real now!!! 40 years of re-analysing that one and only film of the bigfoot walking away just wasn't enough to convince me. Iwas just not convinced before!!!


More gratuitous exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good luck voting tommorrow. There's an even chance that your candidate will get elected!

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