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Cozy MK IV Ride!

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Hi Builders

As I was returning from the local lumber yard the other day, I was wondering to myself how would I ever get a look at a Cozy MK IV ( never mind a ride) where I live, without traveling to one of the big fly-ins. I live in Northern NH in a small town 1300 residents, anyway I thought I'd go home by the airport (BML)to take a look at the corporate jets that are sometime parked there, when I rounded the conner I couldn't believe it but just in sight there was a Cozy or a Long EZ winglet by the FBO. So I tried to contain myself and go have a look. The owner and builder was there (Al Sweeney Cozy # 048 Al's a very talented pilot).So I told him I was building a Cozy MK IV and was working on it now, I just needed something at the store and drove by airport. We talked for about about an hour and he showed me all kinds of things about the plane. Then he said I'm busy until Sat. with family things and to call on Sat. and we'd go for a ride :D All I can say is Wow!! what an Airplane. We flew around the area for about an hour doing low approaches and fly bys down the runway at 180 kts and then climb outs and some climbing turns, steep turns and He let me have the airplane for while. A thunder storm was building to the west so we had to head back to BML an put #048 in the hanger. What a Ride :cool:!~!!

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I had an encounter at my local airport a few months ago. I was just on my way to work and decided to stop my EKY (Bessemer, AL) my home airport. As I pulled up to the FBO parking lot, I saw the outboard section of a wing. My jaw just dropped! I walked up to the tarmac and there stood Chris Hutchinson's (sp?) 540 powered Cozy MKIV w/ retractable gear! :envy: My first "real live cozy encounter". He wasn't there, but I left my number on a business card to have him call me when he could. He was there on business, and wasn't able to call me till he got back to the airport to depart (when he got my card). By then I was at work and couldn't leave. I did talk with him for about a half hour or so. What a beautiful bird! Nice panel too! I was late for work that day. I lost track of time while drooling. :) I cant wait for Rough River!!!!!!!

Rob Wiehl


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As long as we're...


I decided to drive into KLMO (Longmont, CO) for grins. Saw an open hanger with two wing tips sticking up. I aint no dope, that's a canard. Found a fella up near the line watching the planes, asked if the open hangar was his canard. Turned out to be Curt Boyle (strider on the forums), we yacked about his VE for an hour plus before he told me he was building a Cozy too. Then we yacked for an hour about that :)


I could be wrong, but Canard drivers are the friendliest people in aviation.



Rick Hall; MK-IV plans #1477; cozy.zggtr.org

Build status: 1-7, bits of 8-9, 10, 14 done! Working on engine/prop/avionics.
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I photographed my nephew's wedding in Green Bay (WI) this past weekend, and at the reception my wife reminded me that one of the Groom's other uncles (on the other side of the family) was homebuilding a plane.


I walked over to chat with him, and over the roar of the DJ's sound system he said he was almost finished building a Cozy MarkIV.


My jaw dropped. The very plane I'm planning to build!!! We agreed to visit him next month to see if the MarkIV will suit my co-pilot.


Meant to be....it's just meant to be...the universe just cleared me for takeoff...

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