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  1. I have decided to put my Cozy project up for sale. I have realized I won't have time to finish it due to my recent job change. It is complete thru chapter 5 and some chapter 6. It includes plans, fuselage jig, Sticky Stuff pump, Chapter kits thru 7 (minus some cloth) you can see all of my progress pics in my previous posts. I used MGS epoxy for the entire project so far. I will include any and all tools and materials related to the project. Asking $1500.00. I can be contacted at 205-478-9466 (leave message), or email at Killerb1971@hotmail.com. Thanks,
  2. The first pic on the left is when I first flipped it over. I waited untill the tub was upside down to do the back side of the seat back so it was easier to lay down the tapes. That pic was before I taped the seat back. Right now I am waiting on the pieces of the heat duct and support brace to cure so I can cut them out. I am taking the aluminum plate for the fuel valve and the plywood triangles to work tonight to finish them.
  3. I had an encounter at my local airport a few months ago. I was just on my way to work and decided to stop my EKY (Bessemer, AL) my home airport. As I pulled up to the FBO parking lot, I saw the outboard section of a wing. My jaw just dropped! I walked up to the tarmac and there stood Chris Hutchinson's (sp?) 540 powered Cozy MKIV w/ retractable gear! My first "real live cozy encounter". He wasn't there, but I left my number on a business card to have him call me when he could. He was there on business, and wasn't able to call me till he got back to the airport to depart (when he got my card). By then I was at work and couldn't leave. I did talk with him for about a half hour or so. What a beautiful bird! Nice panel too! I was late for work that day. I lost track of time while drooling. I cant wait for Rough River!!!!!!!
  4. Bad news is I am running out of epoxy. I ony have about 1/3 gal left in the pump. That wont get me too far. Maybe I can get the heat duct and support brace done with that? Glad I'm only an hour and a half drive from ACS east. I just hope the MGS 285 is in stock.
  5. Moving right along on CH6. Making some good progress. Having a blast doing it!!
  6. Well......after a long break from building, due to my daughter being here for the summer, I finally have the initial tub put together. All corners are at EXACTLY WL 23 and all points are 0.0 with the digital level, and it is exactly 101.75" This has been an inspirational point for me. I am really fired up to build now. If the finances permit, I may have it on the main gear for Christmas. My initial goal was to have ch 7 complete by then. Here are some up to date pics. One of which is my 9yr old daughter (and future pilot)inspecting my trial fit.
  7. Thanks Phil. I try to get into the garage to do at least something every day. Even if it is just preping for the next step or organizing/staging materials. It keeps me motivated. The build process is very satisfying and rewarding.
  8. last night I repaired the air bubbles using a syringe (sp?). What a neat process. Its like an air bubble eraser. I know its better to not have the bubbles in the first place, but its better than leaving them there. Today I removed the spacer boards between the longerons and cleaned up the surfaces of the longerons to prep them for glassing. I also pre cut the 8 4" layers of uni and rolled them up. I think I will attempt the plastic peel ply method on this one. More to come later this week......hopefully.
  9. Completed the 2 layer uni layup last night. WOW, what a time consuming layup! I read in peoples web pages that it took them 7+ hrs to complete. It took me abut 8 hrs. My friend Gene came by to help with laying the cloth. we had quite a time keeping the edges of the cloth butted together while working out wrinkles and bubbles. My neck and back were killing me at the end of the layup. I finished at 2am this morning. I realized several hours later that I forgot to add the peel ply below the longerons. I believe I caught it in time. I used the hair drier and some extra epoxy to wet out the peel ply. Thank God for slow hardener! All in all it came out pretty good, but could have been better. I have a a couple of air bubbles in the fuel gauge and control stick depressions. I'll have to fill them. I'll get to the uni layup on the longerons this week.
  10. The photo you included looks exactly like what I have. I am getting ready to do the layup this week. I marked out my 30 degree angle lines on the foam as a guide.
  11. Plans say if using the Vance Atkinson gauges, make a 2" flat rectangle depression and make it 7" long from the base of the spacer foam (end of the taper). I have read that I should make the depression a little longer than the 7" so I can set the hole at the bottom right at the base of the tank. I went about 7 5/8" deep just in case. All of my edges are tapered so the uni will lay in good. All surfaces are sanded and corners rounded for the uni to lay correctly. Before doing the uni layup, I just want to verify with the group that the measurements on the fuel gauge depressions are correct, or will I run into problems? Better to know now while it is easier to fix.
  12. Made some more progress today. Making good use of my extended weekend to play catch-up from my 2 months of not doing anything. Anyways...., it always feels good to be moving forward.
  13. OK, now I feel stupid. Its been a few months since I read chapter 2 and 3, and forgot all about that page.
  14. I know they usually give you BARELY enough foam to do the chapter. Is there a specific way the sheet of foam should be cut for best efficiency? I have been looking through archives and web pages, but have not found any specifics. Just want to make sure I dont shoot my self in the foot!

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