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Repairman's Certificate


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But it is built by the owner. First the owner builds 80% then the owner builds 20% = 100% ... :)


Now don't heed my answer too much! Things work differently in South Africa, we are allowed to hire help. :cool:

I live in my own little world! but its OK, they know me here!

Chris Van Hoof, Johannesburg, South Africa operate from FASY (Baragwanath)

Cozy Mk IV, ZU-CZZ, IO-360 (200hp) 70x80 prop

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Anyone can get the repairman's certificate, regardless of how much they actually built. There is no such thing as a 51% rule that applies to a Repairman's certificate.


To qualify for the Repairman's Certificate, you must be the "Primary builder and can satisfactorily prove requisite skill in determining whether the aircraft is in a condition for safe operation". This is generally done by providing builders logs, photos, etc of you, in close proximity to the plane as its being built.


The Infamous 51% rule applies to the FAAs ruling on "Kits". In order to qualify a Kit under the Amateur built catagory, the Kit cannot preassemble more than 49% of the aircraft.


As for the Amateur Built catagory, the majority of the aircraft must be built by "persons who undertook the project solely for educational or recreational purposes". It doesn't have to be the same person. it could be many people, as long as they're doing it for "Education or Recreation".


If you can't prove this, then you will likely end up with a more restrictive "Exhibition" or even worst "Restricted" class of the Experimental Airworthiness certificate.



You can download a copy of the rules and application from my web site. Look under:




Scroll down to:


AC 20-27D Certification and Operation of Amateur Built Aircraft




8610-2 Airman Certificate. and/or Rating Application




F16 performance on a Piper Cub budget

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I was awarded the repairman's certificate for the Cozy IV. It was a painless process to fill out the application and provide documentation, photos. The certificate allows you to maintain the one airplane and sign off on the (annual) condition inspection. It will save you many thousands of dollars and make your EZ much more affordable.

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Is it possible to get a repairman cert if your not a builder,without becoming an A&P, I was able to get the original builder to do the annual inspection,who is no longer near me to do it, now its going to cost an arm and a leg to get an A&P if I can find one willing to do it. Any info would be very helpful.thanks the rebel.:rolleyes:

Rebel Wallace

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Per AC 20-139 Section 8....


"Commercial Assistance on Incomplete Aircraft. Commercial assistance does not include the instance where an incomplete aircraft is sold to another builder and the second or subsequent builder completes the aircraft. In such a case, the work performed by the first builder will count toward completion of the major portion by the second builder. The second or subsequent builder should obtain as much detailed information and documentation e.g., logbooks, material receipts, pictures, etc., from the original builder as possible. This information will be helpful in the FAA’s determination for the major portion requirement of the aircraft and eligibility of the subsequent builder to meet the requirement for repairman certification under section 65.104. The second builder may not be eligible for a repairman certificate under section 65.104, unless it can be shown to the satisfaction of the FAA that the individual has the requisite skill to determine whether the aircraft is in a condition for safe operation."



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