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    In my mind I have been a pilot all my life I always new that I loved to fly

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  1. That's a nice looking nose Stuart
  2. Jack, Very glad you made it out alive. Sounds like it was a close call. Sorry you lost your plane she was a work of art. Erick
  3. How does it work if a builder finishes a plane that was lets say 80% complete? Could they get the repairman’s certificate? I think the general rule is 51% must be built by the owner but there must be ways around this?
  4. Just wondering??? Would a VariEze be a good canidate for a 13b rotary engine?
  5. Here are a few pics of a canard I believe its a berkut with f-16 style split speed brakes on each side of the cowling.
  6. I really enjoyed the story. Good motivation for those of us still building.
  7. Craig, I and some other builders have also eliminated that part in order to have more leg room under the panel. The seat bottom is cut short by an inch or two just under the thighs. This gives more room to get legs under dash. I of course have no idea if this was the previous builders intention or just a mistake that would be easy to fix if you wanted to make it like the plans. Here is a pic of my instrument panel:
  8. So assuming I can't find a “Top Gun” to volunteer. What might it cost to hire a professional test pilot for the first flight?
  9. Thanks for the help guys. Lynn you got any pics? Steve what about yours?
  10. I am now working on my canopy just applied Discoat similar to Spraylat and have my trim lines in place. Sanded the edges and now ready to start building the frame. I have a question for the experienced FHC builders with the seperate gull wing door for the rear. How do you cut your canopy at the rear, is it a straight vertical line? Or must it be slanted to avoid interference when transitioning open or closed? In the pic I put a red line where I intend to cut
  11. I just read this article on MSN here is a piece of it: "The company that built the airframes for both racing planes, Florida-based Velocity Aircraft, has been acquired by Rocket Racing and will operate under the aegis of a new subsidiary called Rocket Racing Composites Corp. Velocity will build a new line of private planes as well as the airframes for future Rocket Racers." The entire article can be found here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24100365 Not sure but it sounds like Velocity has been purchased by Rocket Racing Composites Corp. (After posting this I found it is already being addressed elsewhere on the forum).
  12. To each his own. I don't like the way the phoenix looks it has to many vertical planes.
  13. Wow! I'm not saying a cozy can't be build for $20K but it sure seems like it adds up quick with every order from ACS running at least $500-$1000. The trick is to not tell the wife how much anything cost.
  14. Drew, I think I bought mine at Home Depot and I am certain I paid not more than $15. Here is an even better deal at this web site for $6.96 http://www.hermanscentral.com/product/14-2679.cfm Now way in heck I would fork out $40 someone is on some good stuff.
  15. I plan to have an inflatable copilot to make my calls for me.

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