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    Rebel Wallace
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    Lake Havasu Az.
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    sport pilot CFIS weight shift & ACL
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    helicopter pilot during vietnam era been flying ul since 78

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  1. REBEL777


    I am a CFI for light sport ASEL, WSL, WSS I never hate going to work:)
  2. Sorry I didn,t see your email link, pics are on the way
  3. I can't seem to upload any pics on this forum. If you email me @ rebel777@frontiernet.net I can email pics back thanks Rebel
  4. Verieze for sale SN 806 N45884 day VFR. cont. 0-200 769 hrs. SMOH fresh annual warnke prop also Prince P Tip. B&C alt. & starter. Have all original plans and news letters. 20K firm.
  5. ]Rebel, I haven't recieved the antenna yet. I do have a battery up front in the nose, I tried the foil tape on the gear leg but with problems, my hand held talked further than panel mt. the floor area under my rear there is no metal or wires.will let you know if it works. I installed the same antenna in my VariEZe. I am still in the Re-building phase, so I haven’t flown with it yet. I did however connect it to my hand held ICOM, and it worked fine. The antenna looks like is should work very well in our applications, however it was designed for Ultralights. The instructions are very clear on the fact that you need to avoid all metal and electrical wires. I did my best at minimizing this concern during my installation put I could not avoid the antenna from going behind the battery. I hope that’s not the cause of your problem, because if it is, I am going to have the same problem. Please post something when you figure out the problem. Ghost
  6. having problems with comm ant in my varieze. just purchased a miracle air whip and just wanted to know if anyone out there has installed one of these ant. and exactly where did you put it. any info would be appreciated
  7. just ordered that lt. wt. starter. ps I discovered the pinion gear shaft was broken in half on the back side of the gear. thanks for the info on b&c specialties. the Rebel.
  8. anyone have an 0-200 starter gear laying around you don't need I just fried mine. has anyone come up with a new type of start sys for the 0-200. Any info would be apreciated very much the Rebel.
  9. well this flying thing is just a lot of fun for me and I just love the old P-51 look and my engine temps are AOK here in the Havasu heat with updraft cooling, and as for speed it goes a lot faster than my ultralight weight shift which is liquid cooled,so chill out guy's:)
  10. I have an 0-200 also all my temps are within normal range. CHT temps are regulated by air flow across the cyl. heads. I had a cyl head problem on first flt. I found the baffling around the back and bottom of engine was letting most of the air flow out and not thru the cyl. EGT is regulated by fuel air mix also octane rating of fuel I run 100 ll it helps keep the egt a little cooler than regular car gas.as for as oil temp. I run with amsoil synthetic racing and my oil temp is ok on a 120 degree day here in lake havasu. I do have a problem in colder air temps with the oil it takes a while to get the oil up to op temps. Hope this helps the Rebel
  11. thanks for the info I will check our EAA chapter I think we have a meter.
  12. I just installed a new Icom A200 radio in my veze and am having a problem with transmitting any distance. I originally had a portable icom with a remote antenna behind the pilot seat in a vertical position and it worked ok but still would only transmit aprox 25 mi. so with the new radio I installed an antenna on the bow leg but it won't even reach out 10 mi. any sugestions on how to get more range. In my earlier yrs. we would attach linears to our CB radios to reach out and touch someone. is there such a thing for vhf radios. thanks the Rebel
  13. looking for an old trt 250 for the push buttons and gear for changing the code. mine works fine except the first number will only go to 3. appears the gear is worn to the point where the gear wont move the number anymore. no one has any parts for these anymore.
  14. I sold life ins. for a living the worst type of life ins is whole life it is the most expensive. also if you borrow from the so called savings you are borrowing your own money and whatever you borrow you reduce the value of the policy by that same amount. Its the biggist ripoff ever invented by ins companys what do you think they built all those huge skyscrapers with. using your money and letting you borrow your own money back, such a deal. your best bet is a level term policy which is about a third of the cost and take the money you will be saving from the whole life policy and invest it in your own choice at least you won't be borrowing your own money back. The Runnin Rebel
  15. PS. I do have the knowledge to do my own annual, but wan't to be legal with FAA.

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