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    Cozy Mk IV, Partenavia P64B, Aeronca Chief.

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  1. FWIW, when clocked at the 2 : 7 position with # 01 @ TDC, you will miss the pulse, but the residue will always be there to a greater or lesser extent ... it's in the swirling air. The pulse itself on the other hand will kill a prop in the not too distant future ... my in cowl exhausts are 2" away from the prop and nailed it within the first hour, then I learned about the clocking.
  2. Also, should you feel a bout of insomnia coming up, read www.cozybuilders.org/mail_list/topics96/epoxy_info.txt look for Nov 1996 to about 6 Jan 1997
  3. I don't age, but my friends are not doing as well!
  4. ZUCZZ

    Racing a Cozy

    Jannie did a lot of looking and poking and such and did not come up with a definitive answer. We recon that the most likely cause was that we went up to 7500 from 6500 to see if there was more tailwind. Then we did not richen the mixture when we descended. That would make sense in that the vibration went away. Later one sparkplug on the #6 showed it was on its way out ... #6 was also burning pretty black. regards
  5. Rego Burger experienced this at Port Alfred, South Africa. An unfortunate sequence of bad decisions made him overrun the end of the runway, struck two trees and flipped it. He had no known reinforcing to the canopy. He's nearly done rebuilding the plane.
  6. It's all very important when you sit or tinker about in the hangar ... that plane must look fast when it's standing still! Sometimes I go to the hangar, pull the plane out some into the sune (so that the colour shows) and just sit there looking at it. It's the only time that I can see the superb lines and beauty ... from inside it's really just cumfy seat facing a bunch of instruments and a fantastic view. And yes, I love mine most!
  7. ZUCZZ

    Racing a Cozy

    And when we parked we noted the streaking created by the vortex generators
  8. ZUCZZ

    Racing a Cozy

    Right Fellers & Girrrls, Here is the promised report! The Ultimate Air Race (the trial run :-) ) held last Saturday at Rustenburg Airfield (FARG - 3700'), was an Unlimited All Comers WOT (Wide Open Throttle) Event. Fastest planes went first and when all the pistons 7 turbines were on the ground the Jets took to the sky! Everything from KR to Cub, Cherokee to Cirrus, Impala, L29, Hunter right up to Boeing 737 had entered. Some Citations & Kingairs had entered but commitments kept them from participating. The procedure was that you took off on 34 and kept it low while you build up speed. Then you did a wide turn and returned to start your race as you went over the clubhouse. Anyway Jannie's Cozy clocked about 185 Kt as we passed the line and climbed out some to clear the ridge. Weather data from the net showed that we'd have a minimal quartering tailwind at 6500', this proved correct and soon we were averaging 200 to 205 kt. The 301 Nm race is quite relaxing really, since you MUST use your GPS and that allows you time to look out for other traffic and concentrate on the engine and trim management. Just when we were starting to thing that we did have a good chance really ... there was this vibration. Really a vibration ... Jannie looks at me with the same size eyes and asks if I feel it too. Yes, it was thus not a figment of his imagination and he started elimination checks. Throttle down vibration goes away to smooth a 2100 rpm. No, its not the mags, no pieces have fallen off that we can see. So that was that, we throttled back and declared that we are withdrawing from the race, returning to the field at a sedate 176 Kt at 2100 rpm :-) After 40 minutes we had had an average speed of 200 kt (remember we had to climb over the ridge) which would have put us in contention for the second place. This (2nd) was achieved by the GP4 with 195 Hp at 188.97 kt and 833.2 kg, the winner was a Glasair iii at 216 kt and 998 Kg First RV home was 175.4 Kt and 681 Kg. That was for the FAI category 1B, under 1000Kg MTOW. HA, but they are all 2 seaters! A great and fun day! Then the Jets did their race thing, starting with the Boeing, same course, same rules. Anyway, I don't want to bore you all with more of the same ... you can read all the banter and see the photos on AvCom, you'll have to register - free. http://www.avcom.co.za/phpBB3/index.php Story etc under Events in General (think you can see this without registering) Photos in the Photography section (go figure!) under "Seen at FARG" here are some links from Facebook: In this clip you see Chris & Jannie @ the Cozy, waiting for the arrival of the Hunter, http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Van-Hoof/1113444908#/home.php?ref=home The second clip is of the Boeing 737 coming over the startline ... that got the people off their patios and to the airport :-) http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Van-Hoof/1113444908#/home.php?ref=home Enjoy! Lastly and Thank You to Jannie Versfeld for inviting me into the Navigator seat!
  9. ZUCZZ

    Racing a Cozy

    Gone racing ... will let you all know on Monday!
  10. ZUCZZ

    Racing a Cozy

    Did too, thanks for the prompt!
  11. ZUCZZ

    Racing a Cozy

    Hello??? You all back & recovered from Osh? cvh
  12. ZUCZZ

    Racing a Cozy

    Hi Folks, Just a short note to tell you all that Jannie Versfeld has entered his mighty Cozy Mk IV.540 (ZU-DAR) in South Africa's Unlimited Air Race. The race is a closed course and is done using a running start, then you return at higher (just not lower) than your departure alitude. (Faster planes go first) He's hoping to do well and test runs have shown 200kt at WOT, how can we increase this? OK, since then we polished, sealed gaps and are trying to move the CofG back some ... (how much could we gain by the CofG movement? would you think?) (It's too late to diet, so the weight is going to be reduced in the plane ) Jannie's plane is fitted with VG's ... how much could we gain on top end if these were removed? Question, what is the fastest manner of doing a 180 deg turn. To us it feels like 60 degree bank and getting as close to the turning point in the apex of the turn... Any tips or tricks appreciated! Please tell us your opinions!
  13. Thanks for sharing your photos!

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