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Wicks Aircraft #2

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Dear Cozy Builders,


For those of you that were following the discussions regarding Wicks Aircraft no longer being an authorized supplier for the Cozy, my last report informed you that this was due to Wicks decision not to honor the agreement that was made between Nat Puffer and all his suppliers prior to the sale of Aircraft Spruce. Over the past couple of weeks Wicks Aircraft reconsidered their decision and I am glad to report that Wicks has now agreed to the License agreement on the Cozy, which was in essence the same agreement that was in place (on the handshake) between Nat Puffer / Aircraft Spruce / Wicks Aircraft since 1982. Wicks can now once again be listed as an approved supplier. Nat will continue to provide builders support and produce the Cozy newsletter through his agreement with Aircraft Spruce. Aircraft Spruce looks forward to continuing to work with Nat and Wicks in supporting the needs of Cozy builders everywhere.


A Cozy Mark IV builder has compiled all of the Cozy newsletters covering the Cozy Mark III and the Cozy Mark IV through NL #83 on one CD an is making them available to builders through Aircraft Spruce. We have them instock at $20 ea. under our part number 01-00569. Let us know anytime Aircraft Spruce and be of service on anything that you need for your Cozy project.




Jim Irwin

President, Aircraft Spruce

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Would that be the same as me compiling all my old QST or National Rifleman magazines and selling them on CD? Wouldn't these be copyrighted?


Or maybe I missinterpet? Was the Cozy IV builder contracted to ASSC to compile the newsletters (which I presume ASSC owns now) and make the CDs?

Mike LaFLeur - Cozy MkIV #1155

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I think it was quite considerate of you to write in to us (Builders) and keep us up to date.


I also think it is a "Bold Company" that makes this kind of decision. I assume you must agree competition is a good thing. With continued good customer support, Your Customers will continue to return. I for one think that having a representative attend & monitor this Forum is another example of your commitment and desire to offer Your Customers quality service. Everyone knows you have to be BOLD to read through some of the... .uh.... stuff, here in the forum


Thanks again for filling us in on "What has been going on".


I look forward to placing my "First Order" soon.





I am Building a Jo-Z IV StarShip.


What Do YOU Want?

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Hi Jim,


I have a suggestion for helping us customers here in the SE USA to buy materials from your GA location.


As we have come to find out, there is an additional $20 per box (hazmat)charge for shipping MGS (and probably other) epoxy resin. In order to find out how many gallons fit into a box, you have to place an order and see what the shipping department says as to cost. Is there any way we can get the cost for shipping before we order (including hazmat charges)?

Also, MGS 285 is in short supply in GA and more is expected in about a month and a half. If we want to buy from you until then, it will have to come from CA, which adds more to the shipping. (Do you see where I'm going with this?)

I am not sure how many, but there are quite a few builders here in Florida and I think I can speak for most of them when I say that we would rather not pay for shipping from California (on anything). I was speaking to one of your sales reps and it appears most of the GA location gets it's stock from CA. Logistically, that's not very cost effective, especially when there is a MGS epoxy plant IN Georgia. (Ask Tangee, I talked to her about it)


Just tryin' to help out.


So, how 'bout it? Can you hook a "brutha" up?



Ready for Chapters 10-14

Lotsa Moxey, NO Epoxy..:cool: :cool:

Back to building... #618 Cozy MK IV


My Cozy web pages, courtesy: Rick Maddy... :cool: WN9G :rolleyes:

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I'll second what Joe had to say here.


Direct communication will help all of us.


Jim. We have a builder here on the forum who's having real problems with his first order and is anxious to get started. He's been told it will take 3 weeks to get what I believe is a replacement shipment.


These days practically ANYTHING can be got almost ANYWHERE overnight.

Can you do something to help him?

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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i some how got a ph# and called it at 720 am and she had my add,ph and name. now that was wird,but cool. orded #ch4 and 286[fast]and she knowted so were short on the glass so added 4 yards and get this , she had a hasmat and ups to the door COD 680.00 or so.left that morning and be here tue or wen so :mad::confused::D :D .

when it comes time for gages can i do it or do i need a ap?

Steve M. Parkins

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> ... and she had my add,ph and name. now that was wird,but cool.




When you bought your plans (if you got them from Nat), contact information (from your license agreement) was forwarded to both Wicks and AS. I got 2003 catalogs from each of them, about 10 days after I picked up up my plans.



COZY MkIV #1254

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