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  1. slk23

    lights on a Vari

    Regardless of the original intention, the lower winglet serves almost no aerodynamic purpose, as you acknowledge. It does, however, provide physical protection from a wing strike. So I stand by my statement that its purpose (now) is the latter. If you're not worried about hitting the wingtip then remove the lower winglet as many have done (speaking about the VariEze only). By the way, assuming that data was available at the time, it seems likely Burt knew that the lower winglet wouldn't contribute much aerodynamically in normal operations.
  2. slk23

    lights on a Vari

    Wingtip protection is the purpose of the lower winglet on the VariEze. It contributes little, if anything, to aerodynamics. The larger lower winglet on the Long-EZ is a different story.
  3. slk23

    lights on a Vari

    Looks exactly like mine. I still haven't found plans for it. I wonder if it was a Ken Brock part?
  4. slk23

    lights on a Vari

    I got a long length of aluminum tubing from Aircraft Spruce. I think it was 1/4" diameter and I measured the distance from the aileron corner to the wingtip to determine the length of tubing needed. I filed small teeth on one end of the tube. I don't remember which side I drilled from but the length of the tube made it pretty easy to sight down and aim where it needed to go. In the corner of the aileron cove I removed a 1"x1" (approx.) piece from the vertical shear web to gain access to the foam core. After the cove-to-tip hole was done I drilled from the wing root to the cove corner, following the vertical shear web just inside the wing foam. The VariEze project I bought already had the flip-down landing light installed. I don't know where that design came from (Debbie Iwatate?) but it works well. The lever can be seen next to the nose gear crank:

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