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  1. For the dimensions I would have to take some measurements on the weekend when I'm at the hangar. But I don't think they are critical. Here is what Klaus did. Here's a Long-EZ example that's nice but fairly labor-intensive.
  2. Klaus Savier (who first put wing fences on an EZ) wrote an article about them. It must have been in the CSA newsletter? My memory is his fences were pretty small. Here is what I did on my VariEze. In the time since this picture I've replaced them with white plastic.
  3. slk23

    PCB Panels/Placards

    That technique is used and if you do a web search you'll find examples. Another good place to learn about PCB front panels is the modwiggler website (devoted to DIY synthesizers).
  4. slk23

    PCB Panels/Placards

    I'm putting a few layers of matte clear coat on the panels, especially the switch panel. So far the most vulnerable area appears to be at the edges; the black paint can chip there. Hopefully the clear coat will minimize that.
  5. I used a PCB company to make a switch panel and some placards for my airplane. They came out really well for cheap. A fair amount of time learning the software (Fusion 360 and KiCad) and designing on my side but developing new skills is part of the fun 😊
  6. Jon, I was replying to the two posts just preceding mine which discussed fillers. I also specifically referred to using the UScomposites epoxy with micro-balloons. I think the context was clear. For purposes other than filling/contouring I always use E-Z Poxy.
  7. Kent, Yes, I do sometimes have to idle for quite awhile. Why you are so skeptical? This VariEze has a Lycoming O-235. Weight and balance would not be pretty with a starter, as much as I'd like one. But I've come to appreciate hand-propping because I am immediately made aware of leaking valves, etc. It's also satisfying to develop the skills involved. More pix to follow.
  8. Amazon photos changed the file type. Will convert and repost. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m only a couple hundred hours in so what the heck 😕 Other canard drivers have reported improved ground cooling with a smaller gap. I’m hopeful. An oil flow test showed significant airflow separation with the old cowling shape. The new shape will definitely improve that; we’ll see if it leads to airspeed improvements. And yes, I do hand prop like all self-respecting VariEze pilots.
  9. I think most people are replacing their vacuum-powered instruments with electric versions, or better yet a full EFIS.
  10. Can anyone tell me how to make the attached photos display inline?
  11. This covid-lockdown project has been going on for awhile; I hope to get the airplane flying again in the next couple months. The goals: Better ground cowling by reducing the distance between the cowling trailing edge and the prop from 4" to <1". Less airflow separation (drag) due to more gentle contours, especially at the lower trailing edge. Increase groundspeed (how fast it looks like it's going while parked). 2020-11-15_16-53-12_743.heic 2020-11-28_17-15-55_839.heic 2020-12-05_16-26-13_975.heic 2020-12-05_18-29-25_959.heic 2021-01-10_17-20-00_996.heic
  12. On my VariEze I installed a push-pull cable (custom length, ordered from Aircraft Spruce) for the throttle. I left the bicycle cables for the mixture and carb heat. At the control quadrant (which is designed to use the bicycle cables) I made a throttle lever and sandwiched it in-between the existing spools (for Mixture, etc.).
  13. I'm planning on making molds from my current, somewhat heavy engine cowlings and making new ones with carbon fiber. Does anyone have advice on the number of plies of 5.7 oz. CF cloth are needed to get sufficient strength? I'm using the U.S. Composites 635 epoxy. Three plies would seem enough, but I'll go with two if I can. TIA.

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